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Sunday, June 18, 2017

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Before Tamahome and Miaka, there was Takiko and Rimudo. Set in the Taisho era, Takiko, is the first priestess to enter the book of Universe of Four Gods. She searches for the guardians to save the country of Hokkan from destruction.
This is a prequel to Fushigi Yugi, if you haven't read both. Click here for Fushigi Yugi review. First things first, it's not a reverse harem. There was a slightest hint of love triangle but it never happened. The picture above are a mix of guardians and villains etc.

The general tone of the story is optimistic. It gives you hope even though the not so secret ending is just too sad. But to be fair the story was less painful as I would have expected. But the pain still outweighs the good things.

I'm so conceited in saying my tastes have changed. I didn't try to think from Watase's point of view. She also said that she has changed. Even in her art style. And I loved how Genbu's story has shown maturity and the art is so refreshing and beautiful. There are many scenes which would really look captivating in animation. My favorite scenes would be Takiko and Rimudo pivotal scene and Soruen's shining moment. I always forget that Watase has a shonen manga and the action scenes here are so cool which you will not normally see in shoujo mangas. And as usual Watase, drew such beautiful villains. We want an anime of this, please!!!

The guardians are entirely different with Suzaku's,  They have different powers, personalities, circumstances and plot twists, My favorite twist of all is Rimudo's and it really sets the mood of the story. But unlike in Konan, the people of Genbu generally hate  the guardians. We get to see their point of view too when they visit Konan, which reminds me of the time when Suzaku and guardians travels to Hokkan. The prequel reminds me of Legend of Korra to Avatar. It shows reverse parallelisms. We also see a much, much younger version of Taiitsukun. It was unexpected. 

The story also has an environmental theme. As it becomes evident and with the looming end, the story shifts to to a gloomy atmosphere. Or it's just me talking since I'm so afraid of weather conditions and environmental crisis we have right now. It hits a spot on me. Let's all do our part to help Mother Earth. Even the smallest thing counts. 

I can't help but be sad that only Tamahome and Miaka had the normal happy ending out of the four priestesses. You know what I mean? Something tangible. I also thought Genbu Kaiden will be long-winded like its predecessor or successor? Which is which? Lol. It ended after 12 volumes while Fushigi Yugi: The Mysterious Play ended with 18 volumes. As I have mentioned time and again, I could not find closure with Fushigi Yugi, which led to reverse harem. But after reading the manga The Mysterious Play and Genbu Kaiden, I can finally say I have closure. But wait, Byakko manga will now start and will be out on August. And we all know how it ends too. Oh my god Watase, why you do this to us??? Just kidding, I'm grateful that she has expanded the Fushigi Yugi Universe. I never imagined these possibilities 17 years ago. (Geesh! I'm so ancient!)


There's also a oneshot available, Fushigi Yugi: Byakko Ibun. But for some weird reason, the character is from a different beast god! We don't know yet what their connections will be with Byakko guardians but I'm guessing that they will be a formidable and powerful duo in the upcoming Byakko series. I will not dabble much but in that span of a very short manga, it shown many deaths.

I feel like there are Easter eggs in Genbu Kaiden that are relevant to Fushigi Yugi but I don't know how to explain it and to back it up. But I'm guessing there will be more in Byakko. Will it be a reverse harem or not? I'm guessing it won't be. And most importantly, will this be Taiitsukun most beautiful form?

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