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Animal Jungle

By ayreesa

"Animal Jungle" 1 volume-complete by Nana Shiiba

Sumi's mom decides to have a trial family with her boyfriend who has three sons. The art is beautiful but I feel like the cover is way cuter than it is. Too bad it's only a oneshot but on a bright side, there's three more in the collection which are not reverse harem. But I'm not too sure since I'm only up to second only. I want to read third and fourth stories and the reverse Animal Jungle!

Shounen Harem

By ayreesa

"Shounen Harem" ("Boy's Harem") 3 volumes- complete by Aya Oda

Suzu has two bishie bodyguards because her life is endangered as the new heiress of their clan. For her own safety she vowed to give her powers to whoever guy she chooses to marry.

The title is a dead giveaway. There's even a definition of boy's harem. I'm not sure if it's originally in the manga or just added by the scanlator. I'm also curious to know more about the harem and its' future members. This is from the same creator of "Boy's Kingdom".


By ayreesa

"Cy-Believers" 4 volumes-ongoing by Shioko Mizuki

As a new student Rui plans on joining school clubs but her bully fiance is the destroying all the clubs. Thus with some of the students they form an unstoppable club called "Computer Believers".
Just like "Love Master A", I saw a review describing this as a reverse harem. The preview is too vague to tell if it is, but if you want to check it it's on GoComi .

Give Me Love!

By ayreesa

"'Ai Wo Chodai" ( "Give Me Love") 2 volumes- ongoing by Kazumi Ooya
Marumie switch careers from local news to comic act to follow the man she fell in love with. This is the first josei reverse harem that I've read. The josei reverse harem for live action (if the term is applicable) that I've seen are "Lunch Queen" and " Himitsu no Hanazono". This is the same mangaka of "Yume Chu", but the mature theme and scenes are evident in the first chapter alone.

Freshest News: Neo Angelique

By ayreesa

The 30th and last issue of "Neo Angelique" manga by Mika Kajiyama went in print in Asuka magazine last August 23.

Polls: Reverse Harem Olympics

Beijing Olympics 2008 ends today. China got the most number of gold medals while USA got the highest medal count. Inspired by this event I ran a limited one week polls for your favorite sporty manga in reverse harem-style. The gold goes to Hana Kimi, 32 votes (track and field), silver goes to Crimson Hero, 17 votes (volleyball) and the bronze goes to Uwasa No Midori-kun, 15 votes (soccer). Special mention to S.P.Y. 14 votes (swimming), Girl Got Game/Power!! 13 votes (basketball), My Heavenly Hockey Club 8 votes (hockey) and Princess Army Wedding Combat 1 vote (judo). Although some are still ongoing this is just a friendly competition all in the spirit of shojo. Thanks again for voting.

Zero Count

"Zero Count" by Hiromu Mutou 2 volumes- complete

Tokieda Nao learns that that she has been set up for marriage as payment for her father's debt. She leaves her all-girl school and transfers to her fiance's school to call of the wedding. But she has to search for him first based from the 5 clues given by her father amongst the formerly all-boy school.
I was thinking the art looked so familiar and then I saw in the mangaka's rants mentioning her other manga "Never Give Up". The heroine kept on repeating the hints over and over again. Recaps are a must in animes but for mangas I think it is if it's being published in a magazines. But reading this manga straight with redundant lines is irritating especially if it's only 2 volumes. The story reminds me of "Meine Liebe" manga about a student looking for her brother.

Hadaka no Ouji-sama ~ Love Kingdom

By ayreesa

"Hadaka no Ouji-sama ~Love Kingdom~" ("Naked Prince-Sama") 2 volumes- ongoing by Komomo Yamada

Nanako is an orphan who grew up in a temple. Then one day her dad's friend invites her to move to Tokyo. There she meets her fiance and two more candidates. Just when I was starting to think there must be something more behind the story, I realized I was on the last page of the 4th chapter... Thanks to Ashley for recommending this.

Freshest News: Hana Yori Dango

By ayreesa

The casting for the Korean "Hana Yori Dango" has been extended. No one has been confirmed yet for any role and SS501's frontman Kim Hyun Joong as Hanazawa Rui was also debunked. But the drama's producers said that 80% of current popular idols in Korea have auditioned for parts. The official announcement of the cast is tentatively scheduled on August 28. The drama will air this January 2009.

source: coolsmurf

Unsorted: Dyosa

By ayreesa

"Dyosa" ("Goddess") is the newest "fantaserye" (fantasy series) in the Philippines and it premiers tonight. When Josephine turns 18, she learns that she's the chosen one to bring back the balance of good and evil. She becomes the goddess of the earth, water and heaven in centaur, siren and half-bird forms. I'm not a big fan of our own soaps because of formulaic and long-drawn storytelling. But when I saw the teasers of the guys who are all in love with the heroine, I felt like I'm Kirimi of Ouran. It's so reverse harem! It's also a surprise for me as Philippine TV networks always build a 'love team' of a girl and boy. Too bad it's likely I won't be able to follow it not unless someone upload it which is also seldom.

The enemy who falls in love with the goddess.

The bestfriend who's secretly in love with the goddess.

The mortal who's in love with a godess.

The Student Council President is a Maid!

"Kaichou wa Maid-sama!" ("The Student Council President is a Maid!" or "My Sweet Kaichou") 6 volumes- ongoing by Hiro Fujiwara

Ayuzawa Misaki is the first female student council president of the former all-boy Seika Highschool. She rules with an iron fist to protect and increase the 20% female population. After a long day lording over her classmates she serves as part-time waitress in a maid cafe. But one day the most popular boy Usui discovers her secret after-school activities.

The story is surprisingly tame and boring at times for its' moe-ness. The cute art and promising romance is the only thing that's piquing my interest. I'm thinking this will end up as not a reverse harem since the story is about Misaki and Usui. But I'll give extra credits to the three idiots (A, B and C) who earned a lot of cameos and the Ayuzawa Club.

Polls: Favorite Heroines

By ayreesa

For our Miss Popularity the winner is the lovable Haruhi of Ouran High School Host Club (190 votes)! The second and third runner ups are gentle Tohru of Fruits Basket (93 votes) and shrewd Shurei of Saiunkoku Monogatari (77 votes). Tied in fourth spot are shy Kahoko of La Corda d'Oro (67 votes) and anti-social Sunako of The Wallflower (68 votes). The newest reverse harem princess Angelique of Neo-Angelique Abyss (37 votes) ranked fifth.
The boisterous Himeno of Pretear (34 votes) came sixth. Also tied in seventh are maidens from another world Miaka of Fushigi Yugi (22 votes) and Akane of Harukanaru Toki No Naka de- Hachiyo Sho (21 votes). The bottom four who each garnered single digit are from Neoromance: Nozome of Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3 (9 votes), Ange of Beloved Angelique (8 votes), Angelique Limoges of Angelique (6 votes) and Angelique of White Wing Memoirs (4 votes).
I only included the most widely accepted reverse harem animes. I'll include all the titles ne…