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Anime Review: Kiskis! My Boyfriends are Mint Candies!

Kiskis! My Boyfriend are Mint Candies!- 4 episodes

Tang Tang meet guys who each represent a flavor of mint candies. It has a catchy, cute opening. At first there's a different feel on it which I can't pinpoint. And then I realized that they are talking in Chinese! This is my first completed Chinese animation. Well since it was way too easy to finish it. It's 5-minute ONA for 4 episodes. I think this premiered last June 4. But the first Chinese animation I watched is still currently airing (unconfirmed reverse harem), Phantom in the Twilight, which is a collaboration between Japan and China. Oh back to back Chinese reviews after The Flame's Daughter. Is China going to be booming with reverse harem now?

News Round Up: Meiji Tokyo Renka anime visuals and more!

Here is the visual for the upcoming TV adaptation of Meiji Tokyo Renka. It is set to premiere on January 2019. More information on CR.

Check out the second key visual of Yume 100.More information on ANN.

Polls: Prince of Stride, Dance with Devils and Kiss Him Not Me

Sorry for the super late post of the poll results. Here are all three (Prince of Stride, Dance with Devils and Kiss Him Not Me) in one go. But sadly, I lost the polls results for Kencho Bancho Otome and Norn 9 so I will have to re-do them. I also found out just now that Blogger removed the polls feature. -_- Should we sill continue polls? I also updated the pictures of the couple for Code: Realize

Prince of Stride: Riku and Nana

Riku Yagami   13 (32%) Takeru Fujiwara   12 (30%) Hozumi Kohinata   1 (2%) Heath Hasekura   3 (7%) Kyōsuke Kuga   10 (25%) Ayumu Kadowaki   1 (2%)
Votes so far: 40
Poll closed 

Drama Review: The Flame's Daughter

The Flame's Daughter- 52 episodes 
Lie Ruge is the only daughter of the head of prestigious martial arts group, Flaming Hills.  But the martial world is on the precipice of conflicts after a long period of peace and Lie Ruge is right in the middle of it. Together with first love, Zhang Feng; the enigmatic man who claims to love her, Yin Xue and ever dependable friend who secretly loves her, Yu Zihan.

News: Bakumatsu anime and Fushigi Yugi stageplay

Otome game, Bakumatsu, gets a sci-fi action-adventure adaptation. In the app, a woman from modern day Japan slips back to Edo and meets 12 rivals samurai. The anime adaptation will have an original story:  "The reigning shogun is said to possess a legendary treasure known as the "Jishingi" that gives him the ability to manipulate the flow of time. Samurai warrior Takasugi Shinsaku and his allies lead a coup to capture this treasure, but their efforts are thwarted, and they find themselves transported to an alternate time-line where the country is ruled by a sinister, masked shogun known as Mugensai." It will air on October 4. More information on CR and ANN. This is an unconfirmed reverse harem.

Here is the cast of "Fushigi Yugi ~Ao no Sho~" (Fushigi Yugi ~ Blue Chapter) which will run from October 13-21. This is the sequel to the 2016 stageplay, "Fushigi Yugi ~ Ake no Sho~" (Fushigi Yugi Vermillion Chapter). More information on ANN.

News Round Up: B-PROJECT season 2 visual and airdate, TATBILB trailer and more!

Here's the first key visual for the second season of B-PROJECT ~Zechhou*Emotion~. It will premier on January 1, 2019. More information on CR

Check out the full trailer of To All The Boys I've Loved Before.

Hello August!