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Help! (Vintage Wallies)

Got these wallies from Emily's Random Shoujo Manga I dunno the titles cuz haven't found the time to search for it. Just remembered to post these when I read Ikumi Kudo's Kin No Angel. If you know the titles let me know. BTW some of you may already know but some of the images that I post here are wallie size.

UPDATE August 3 - I was able to find the wallpaper links from Betsuma and with some help of babel identified almost all the pics and added a couple more. Now, must start reading.

UPDATE August 4 - Found more wallies from other manga mag's site

by Miyuki Kitagawa

by Takumi Ishida

Chocolate BF by Ikumi Kudo

Love Catalogue by Masami Nagata

Bara to Sumire to by Ikumi Kudou

Tokyo Style Bakudan by Natsume Hirose

Sakura Ryou March by Karuho Shiina

Akuma de Sourou by Mitsuba Takanashi

by Aya Oda


by Tomome Nagae

Ren- Ai Shijo Shugi by Kanan Minami (FILED UNDER COMPLETED MANGAS)

Freshest News: Fruits Basket manga

The final 'Fruits Basket', volume 23, is in top 150 of US bestselling books from July 13-19. 'Fruits Basket' currently holds the highest ranking for a manga for Volume 16 from #122 to #15 back in April 15. More info from ANN.

Kin No Angel

Kin No Angel ("Golden Angel") by Kudou Ikumi - 1 volume

Kogane's grandma died and then suddenly someone from her grandma's past shows up with a will and a proposal. Thanks to Ashley for the tip!

Related: Ristorante Paradiso

Ristorante Paradiso- 11 episodes

Nicoletta confronts her runaway mom and finds her in a cafe by the corner in Rome, Casetta Dell'orso. It may be reverse harem at first when she becomes the female apprentice among the bespectacled gentlemen staff. But as each of the characters's backstory are explained, it becomes less and less of a reverse harem. It may be for some people who prefers May-December romance. Overall, it's a breath of new air for the usual animes. It's like a slice -of-life and food. The Italian cuisines are delectable and the setting is so romantic.

Reverse Harem Pics ~ Butlers Edition

Reverse harem looking pics from mangas that are still ongoing. Both butler-themed stories don't look reverse harem as of now but the mangakas are famous for their other reverse harem works.

Tsukushite Agemasu by Rei Toma

Mei chan no Shitsuji by Riko Miyagi

Hoshiiro no Okurimomo

Hoshiiro no Okurimomo ('Star Colored Gift') by Rei Toma

Ai is afraid of change and what the future awaits for her and her childhood friends. It's the 1st oneshot among the three stories by Rei Toma. It's her usual trademark art, kisses and sweet short stories. But I found the first story too serious, the second so-so and third one the best. The title has a ps2 otome version of the same name too.

Freshest News: Hakuoki Anime

Idea Factory's otomate 'Hakuoki Shinsengumi Kitan' will be adapted into anime. More info from ANN. Click on the pics above for hi-res.

Freshest News: Star's Lover in Japan

'Star's Lover' is going to be shown in August at Japan's national broadcast from cable airing. It has been dubbed second Winter Sonata and are getting a lot of hype and raking in marketing profits. I have yet to finish this. More info from dramabeans.

Atashinchi no Danshi

Atashinchi no Danshi ("The Guys in my House") 11 episodes

Chisato agrees to a marriage to pay off her father's debts. Of course the catch will be out soon after and it comes with six adopted sons. It's from the same people behind "Hana Kimi" and features the same stars Horikita Maki, Yamamoto Yusuke and Okada Yoshinori. I totally enjoyed the former drama and this one pales in comparison. It started off as weird, then got bored at the middle and when I finally was in the mood to finish the last half and inspite of the initial disappointment it left me with feel-good vibes. It's a reverse harem alright but with more emphasis with the relationship of family. The brothers had chemistry but the eldest totally look out of place, by the way he's also in 'Himitsu no Hanazono'. And these brothers spends waaay too much time in the sauna.

Freshest News: "Tamna the Island"

The stills looks reverse harem. This is from the upcoming drama "Tamna the Island" produced by Group 8 who brought "Boy Before Flowers". More info from dramabeans.


"Saver" by Eun-Young Lee (13 volumes- ongoing)

Lena Ha strives best to gain acceptance from her dad for not becoming the 'son'. When everything is falling her apart she wakes up in a different time and place where she is referred to as the prophesied child. She disguised as a boy while she travel the war-torn kingdoms. It reminds me of 'Red River ' minus the smut and Basara because of the gender bender factor. It's a serious read but very engaging and it's only halfway done.

Someone suggested this back in December, also Tipzky via MAL last February and recently from Keisha and someone in Skribit. Thanks for the tips and only read this just now. Gomen!

Freshest News: Twilight Graphic Novel

"Twilight" will be be made into a graphic novel with art by Korean artist, Young Kim and Meyer herself is involved in the project. More info here. If it will also have guys falling for her and with a Korean-touch then we might have this filed under reverse harem manhwa.


Stray Love Hearts or S.L.H by Aya Shouoto 3 volumes-ongoing

Kozue Hiyoki transfers to S-Hall to look for the person who "stole" her heart. It's from the same mangaka of "Barajou No Kiss". Same amazing art and magical elements. Another manga to watch out for. Thanks to an anonymous visitor and Ashley <3 for the tip!

Related Freshest News

Not really reverse harem news but some stuff that caught my eye.

The reverse harem looking picture from "Unstoppable High Kick" which includes Kim Bum. The drama turned movie will have a second season. The plot doesn't look like reverse harem. More info from dramabeans.

I've been thinking a lot of bishie-filled animes such as "Prince of Tennis" would have been a good reverse harem. If you're a fan you can live up your fantasies by playing the otome version. More info from Liajaka. The live action features Hongo Kanata of "Himistu no Hanazono" and Shirota Yu of "Hana Kimi".

Gu Hye-Sun's holds an art exhibit and 2 F4 attends to support her. More info from K-popped!

Reverse Harem Turned BL

Orange Planet

I thought it was a reverse harem until one errant bishie wanders off well to another bishie. Like the case of "Orange Planet". (Thanks to Keisha btw for the tip) "The Gentlemen's Alliance" almost didn't make it. "Milk Crown" fell short as well because of the BL. Anyway I'm not sure how "Billion Princess" will fare.

"Billion Princess" by Yu Jia Yan 3 volumes- ongoing

Bai Yao's dad heads a recording company but an accident transforms her from 'Billion Princess' to an aspiring manager who will start from zilch. It has a "Skip Beat" feel on it. Thanks to an anonymous visitor for the tip :)


Ardour by Wu Rou Xuan 10 volumes-ongoing

Ardour is the most popular boy band and Lian, an aspiring fashion student, doesn't even know or heard about them. The story scanlated so far is still at it's early stages. Let's wait for the threads and romance to unravel. Thanks Amel for the tip!


AAA by Haruka Fukushima 4 volumes-complete

Ogota Aoi is the president of the elite school AAA. Her first love might be the leader of the next-door school CCC which is a school full of delinquents. I'm kind of disppointed with what's happening in the story so far because I really liked the mangaka's sweet "Orange Planet". It has bits of gender bender and what's up with the heroine who's always running away from the scene.

Happy Summer

I don't think there's any new reverse harem anime for this summer. If there is lemme know. We do have the Chinese drama "Liu Xing Yu" or "Let's Go Watch Meteor Shower" around August. Enjoy the weekend and Happy Fourth of July!