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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Anime Review: Bonjour Koiaji Pâtisserie

Bonjour Koiaji Pâtisserie (Sweet Love Pâtisserie) -24 episodes

Sayuri enters the Fleurir Confectionary School through a scholarship. The school has a very strict code against romantic relationships between teachers and students especially with the presence of very attractive teachers. 

Before I watched the show, I think I saw two people in my timeline referring to Sayuri's hairstyle as a combination of all the heroines of DiaLov, BroCon and UtaPri. I couldn't agree more! There are also a lot of similarities to Yumeiro Pâtisserie. Aside from the same theme of baking, there's maros or like food spirits but they're invisible to them and with very few interactions. I also feel that the three main students and teacher from YumePati get reversed and become the three teachers and a student. The trio also shares the same specialties in chocolate, French and Japanese sweets. 

The ONA format suits the show perfectly because the plot is just so-so. At first, I kind of wished it was a full series because I was fairly enjoying it but the ending was just a turn-off for me. The tournament was reminiscent on how Arcana Famiglia skipped the battles. Maybe it was meant to be explored in the game. I've watched the show with an open mind given that's it's meant to promote the mobile game. But the climax of a supposedly sweet anime left a bitter aftertaste that I can't help be critical of the plot holes afterwards. 

The makers were from the same team who created my favorite fashion dress up flash game, Pupegirl. Some of you might still remember my avatar. Sadly, it has already closed. I'm really eyeing all the fashion items they're wearing. From the accessories down to the shoes and stockings. I'm like this is so Pupe! I particularly loved Ran's purple 80's earrings and the headmistress' outfit. I'm also no animation quality expert but don't they look distorted at times? 

I thought the main guy was the classmate, but towards the end, I was surprised that it wasn't him after all. I missed all the hints. But sadly, I couldn't connect to the guys at all, so no favorite bishie for me. The last time I couldn't pick a favorite guy was in Hiiro no Kakera. Bottom line, if you want to watch a baking/reverse harem in one sitting, watch this. But if you have the all the time in the world, go watch, Yumeiro Pâtisserie. 

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