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500,000 hits

Thank you for the half a million hits! Here's some baked goodies from Seiyuu Ka!

Dangerous Share

Dangerous Share - art by Fujko Kosumi story by Ren Sumizome

Ringo will live with her childhood friends at the pretense of getting help for her studies. But she actually wants to find the culprit of a crime. Chapter 1 is finally out! I love the cover art but the pages inside are not at par. I also love the dark premise of the story. More chapters please.

Freshest News: UtaPri season 2 in spring

The second season of Uta no Prince-sama - Maji Love 1000% is slated for an April airing. From ANN.

To The Beautiful You 9-min. trailer

Here's a very long trailer from To The Beautiful You. The drama premiers tomorrow, August 15 and it will also be available in Dramacrazy and Viki (for North America). From ANN.

Brothers Conflict

Brother Conflict - 7 volumes (complete) art by Udajo and story by Atsuko Kanase

Ema's father remarries and she moves into the Sunrise  Residence filled with spanking new 11 brothers. I've been looking for this since I first saw this from Lijakaca's blog. Finally, I had the time to scour for it again and found translations and it wasn't enough so I've had to read the summaries. It's a light novel turned to otome game. What makes it set up apart from the usual stepbrother fanfare is the sheer number of brothers (brace yourself for more surprises) and the choice of medium. It was tricky at first to know who's who and I had to look at their pictures for reference. But as the story progress the novel form is exactly perfect to build up all the characters. All the stock characters are well-represented too. The glasses guy, the playboy, the twins etc. I also love it that despite the eye candy art and stereotype characters, there's internal conflicts which is …

Birthday Wallie

Up at Starry Sky until Aug. 19.

Tsubame-chan Chi no Kateinai Renai

Tsubame-chan Chi no Kateinai Renai - oneshot by En Hanaya

Takeda Yoh grew up as if she was siblings with her 3 brothers but just like the other reverse harem plot you can just guess what happens next. Cute art and quick read. Quick post for me too.

Freshest News: Black Bird manga to end; Hakuouki collabs

Black Bird manga to end but with no official date yet. More info from ANN.

Hakuouki collaborations with Visa (from ANN) and Sanrio (from Hakuouki LJ).

TTBY and Ooku teasers

To The Beautiful You Teaser 4

Teaser from Ōoku: ~Eien~ Emonnosuke-Tsunayoshi Hen.The movie will premier on December 22. More info from ANN.

Otomate phone wallies

In celebration of reaching 5k followers for @Otomate_App in twitter, Otomate released Android and IOS wallies including Hakuouki and Amnesia. Get it from Ponytale.

Upcoming: Amnesia otome to be animated

It was announced in Otomate's event that Idea factory's otome game, "Amnesia", will get an anime adaptation. From ANN and MAL.

In the morning of August 1st, a girl wakes up to find she has lost all the memory before the day. A boy appears in front of her and tells her that he is a spirit Orion and he comes to help her collect the memory. One day, she receives a phone call from an unknown man. He says he is her lover. She struggles not to let him notice that she doesn't remember him but...

Official Wallies

From To The Beautiful You and Hakuoki Rreimeiroku DS

Hello August

from Hana Kimi