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Happy 4th year anniversary

from Ouji to Majou to Himegimi to.

That's 400,000+ visits in 4 years. Thank you so much!

News Roundup : Directors Cut

Blood C director reacts to criticism. From ANN.

BOF director will also direct the Korean Hana Kimi. From Vikii.

SKK director bags the "New Director of the Year" at 47th BaekSang Award while Park Yoochun took the Male Newcomer Award. From SKK FB.

SKK also won Best Hallyu Drama at the Seoul Drama Awards 2011 while Park Yoochun won the Netizen Popularity Award and Best Hallyu Drama Actor. From JYJ3.

Polls: Starry Sky

The winner for the Starry Sky polls is Tohzuki (Cancer) and Tsukiko. I'm sorry I'm stuck at episode 3. T.T Thanks to the record breaking 837 participants beating Ouran's total of 543! Here's the breakdown:

Cancer 170 (20%)
Scorpio 154 (18%)
Capricorn 151 (18%)
Pisces 56 (6%)
Aries 54 (6%)
Aquarius 45 (5%)
Leo 44 (5%)
Libra 37 (4%)
Gemini 36 (4%)
Taurus 27 (3%)
Virgo 25 (2%)
Ophiuchus 23 (2%)
Sagittarius 15 (1%)

A.N. JELL official wallies

Birthday Wallie

Wallies are up from from September 15th to 22nd at Starry Sky portal. If you would like to see the tweet translations of their birthday greetings check ponytale.

Freshest News: A.N. JELL debut

The fictional A.N.JELL band will make their debut on October 5 with the release of the cds. More info from Tokyohive.

Happy Bday to me!

It's my special day today! Enjoy the wallie from Happy Cafe!

Also follow me on twitter. I'll try to be more active there. :)

Freshest News: Ikemen Desu Ne Play

Ikemen Desu Ne will be adapted into a stage play with with a different cast. It will run from October 8-20. More info from tokyohive. Official site here.

UPDATE 11/6: changed picture

Hello September

From Hisaya Nakajo