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Happy Halloween!

By ayreesa

By ayreesa

From "Ouran High School Host Club" and "The Wallflower"

Not a Reverse Harem 1.5

In relation to this post.

"Blood+" 50 episodes

Saya is the last trump against the vampires but she doesn't have any memories of her past. The title encompasses what this poignant story is all about: family, life and death. Bloodline. Blood thicker than water. Bloodthirsty. Bloodshed. While it's not a full-blown reverse harem, I find the love angles even more bittersweet. Exasperating at times and yet bittersweet still.

Okay so it's a supernatural anime but I just don't get how they resolved the language barriers through magic realism. The clash between red against blue reminds me of "Death Note" and then...colas. There'll be a live action version but based on the movie "Blood: The Last Vampire" with "My Sassy Girl" lead actress as Saya.

Saiunkoku Monogatari Special

By ayreesa

Interview with the seiyuus of Shurei and Ryuki shown between episodes 17 and 18 from the first season. They did a short skit too. Shame on me for learning about this just now. You can live without this but you'll watch it anyway ayt? The second episode isn't available yet. Now everytime I think of Ryuki the voice actor pops in my head. >.<

Tokyo Crazy Paradise

"Tokyo Crazy Paradise" by Yoshiki Nakamura 19 volumes

Tsukasa was raised as a boy for her own protection by her police parents. But when her parents died she impulsively brought her brothers to the aid of her Yakuza classmate, Ryuji Shirogami, of all people and becomes forever indebted to him. The story has a good start but becomes boring with some fillers and then picks up to an adrenaline-pumping scenes one after another. There are a lot of characters that I wished were excluded to concentrate on developing the important ones like Akira etc. This can be a great anime to watch with all the gangster action interwoven seamlessly with romance and comedy. The ecchi is essential to the story too. LOL! The time is 2020 in Tokyo, but the fashion and hairtsyles are so eighties. Girls in gender-bender roles are always politically speaking as less endowed but after seeing Tsukasa...I'm taking back my words.

Not A Reverse Harem 2

Guys falling in love with the female protagonist? Check!
Gender Bender? Check!
But wait this is a boy that magically turns into a girl! This would also be a reverse harem if not for that one crucial detail.

By ayreesa

Ranma 1/2- Ranma's father promised his mother that he'll be raised as "man amongst men". But while training, Ranma fell on the Spring of Drowned Girl. From then on Ranma becomes a girl when doused with cold water. His curse can be reversed temporarily by hot water. He got his fair share of harem and reverse harem, but Ranma had a lot more of unwanted male pursuers in the manga than in the anime.

By ayreesa

Tenhsi na Konamaiki or Cheeky Angel- Megumi wished to become "man among men" but the genie pretended to misheard it as "woman among women". He will revert back to his original form only after 10 years and so before that time arrives he have to endure against the advances of raging adolescent boys.

Thanks to Tartza for the recommendation. …

My Fantasy Harem 2

These are the always-laidback-but-dead-serious-when-they-mean-business types. They also understate their bishonen-ness by wearing glasses, hat and mask. Beneath the looks they're strategists and always act as a mentor or leader.

By ayreesa
Kakashi Hatake from Naruto
When will we ever see his face?
Hobbies: Reading adult novels and being fashionably late
Powers: Sharingan, Thousand Years of Death, Chidori, summoning dogs and my favorite Kakashi harem erm clones

By ayreesa

Kisuke Uruhara from Bleach
What happened to him in the past?
Hobbies: Shopkeeping, making secret underground tunnels
Powers: As Founder of Shinigami Research Institute he's a genius with inventions that were almost always outlawed. Zanpakuto: Benihime, bankai is still unknown.

By ayreesa

Bekko from Zombie Loan
My jaw dropped when I saw his makeover at the finale and it run for like under 10 seconds.
Hobbies: Greedy manager of Z-Loan, giving donations to zombie's families and planning trips to promote team…

Girl Got Game

Power!! (Girl Got Game) 10 volumes by Shizuro Seino

Kyo Aizawa was conned by her own father into entering school as male student just to play bastketball. Think "Hana Kimi" in a parallel universe. There are a lot of funny situations but then again so does the so-so moments. I don't find this romantic at all because Aizawa tends to get beaten up including on supposedly sweet scenes. It doesn't help that the art is shonen-esque looking either. Read this only after you forget the aftertaste of "Hana Kimi" or vice versa.

Girls dressing up as guy among a group of guys are easy target for reverse harems. In the ending of "Girl Got Game" the guys even joked Aizawa that she has her own harem. But I made up some personal rules before labeling it as reverse harem. Her real identity should be exposed to the major male characters involved and the guys who fell for her male alter-ego should also continue with their feelings. Without closure who knows if they …

Penguin Revolution

Penguin Kakumei (Penguin Revolution) 5 volumes-ongoing by Sakura Tsukuba
status: currently reading

Another gender bender story but this time it takes you to the fascinating world of show business. I love the flow of story so far. Fujimaru always had the ability to literally see the talent of aspiring and established actors. But as much as she wants to pursue a practical dream of becoming a public official she's being seduced towards the backstage. The idols starts as penguins and work their ways up to crows and if they're really good they can become one of the coveted 10 Peacocks (Like 10 Ranks of Espada in Bleach the higher the number the better). So that's the peacocks, crows, penguins... Do the math. That's how much nosebleed you'll get in the future volumes hihihi But as early as now it's as wholesome as "Fruits Basket".

I was already halfway when I realized that I've read the wrong manga! I was actually looking for one of my reverse harem can…


MeruPuri or MeruPuri: Meruhen Purinsu (MeruPuri: Marchen Prince) 4 volumes by Matsuri Hino

Airi is set to finding her fated person. She even had her dreamy marriage life all mapped out. Then her big plans gets disrupted by a shotacon~magical boy. Talk about shojo in reverse in contrast to popular shojo sub-genres: lolicon and magical girlfriend.

The storyline had a lot of potential but sadly, it was wasted with half-baked conflicts. It became a romance for romance's sake. Kissing should be considered a crime here. I don't mind (x10) the excessive mushiness but the story could have been better. The art, the boys and the frivoulous court clothes were all lovely.

This is the first manga that I've completed. I've finished "Hot Gimmick" earlier but I'm still waiting for the translation of the couple of volumes I've skipped.

Hua Yang Shao Nian Sha or Hana Kimi

Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu 15 episodes based on Nakajo Hisaya's manga, "Hana Kimi"

Hana Kimi vs Hana Kimi

From what I've read in the reviews before I believe this is more faithful to the manga which is about a girl disguising as a boy in an all-boys school. But I confess I prefer the jdorama "Hana Kimi". Probably because the Taiwanese drama is the first adaptation and the jdorama had the advantage of improving or for better term, improvising the material. I'm biased that I got tired with the pacing. I really should read the manga. Bottomline, if you want to watch both then watch this first.

Yi Quan or Sano's character is more expressive with his feelings but was not given justice by the acting. I know they're all in their twenties but he's the least believable high school student.

Ella who plays Rui Xi is much more convincing to pass as a boy than her Japanese counterpart. She always make this weird, ungraceful faces to make her less of a …

Hot Gimmick

Hot Gimmick 12 volumes by Miki Aihara

Hatsume lives with her family in a housing complex filled with gossipmonger tenants. Life gets tougher as the naive and shy girl is overwhelmed with the neighborhood boys' attention. The mangaka exhausted all the typical complications in each guy who is interested in her. The story is predictable yet the repackaged result was so addictive that I can't put the manga down or rather I can't tore myself away from the mouse. It lived up with it's unusual title. I had mixed emotions to which guy she should choose! The art is beautifully done but without color I sometimes get interchangeably confused with Azusa and Ryouki without his glasses. But I'd really love to see this on live action over anime. "Hot Gimmick" will also remind you of a certain Asian drama. But even if it materializes to TV, it may suffer censorship or even heavy storyline changes as this is intended for older audience. (almost all the main characters ar…


Angelique OVA-3 episodes Broadcast Date: Mar 17, 2004 to Mar 23, 2005

From the same creators of "La Corda d'Oro" and "Harukanaru Toki no Naka de", "Angelique" is the most successful adventure dating game by Neoromance that spawned animes, mangas, novels and spin-offs. It is also considered as the very first otome game. The queen candidates, Angelique and Rosalia, are given a comsos to cultivate with the help of the uber-handsome guardians. I guess to truly understand and appreciate this you should be familiar with the game to which I'm not (I stopped playing a long, long time ago). This is a prequel to the game so you'll be left hanging.


Angelique: Shiroi Tsubasa no Memoire (Angelique: White Wing Memoirs) OVA 2 episodes Mar 25, 2000 to Jun 27, 2000 Angelique: Seichi yori Ai o Komete (Angelique ~From the Sanctuary with Love) OVA-3 episodes Jan 25, 2001 to Jun 27, 2001 Angelique Twin Collection OVA- 8 episodes Mar 27, 2002 to Jun 25, 2…

Legend of Basara

Legend of Basara- 13 episodes- based on the manga "Basara" by Yumi Tamura

The story is set in the future that resembles the Dark Ages. It is about Sasara, a girl who just wanted to protect her village from those who are in power. Sasara will learn the dangers and cruelties of fightings and amidst that, she will find her love. Beware, this is not your usual romance fare as this is also an action-adventure anime. The quality of animation in the nineties doesn't quite give you the futuristic feel. But nevertheless, the twists are like from a soap opera executed effortlessly. Just expect the unexpected. This one would leave you wanting for more. Seriously, I'm having second thoughts in this anime to which is better: to give spoilers or to be very vague.

Lady Georgie

Redi Jōjī (Lady Georgie) - 45 episodes based on the manga, "Georgie" written by Mann Izawa and drawn by Yumiko Iragashi status: dropped

Georgie learns that she is an adopted daughter and that both her brothers have fallen in love with her. She flee Australia to look for her real father and her lost love in England. I've only seen a couple of episodes of the dubbed version in our local channel I guess around 5 years ago. It was a jolt in my head when I suddenly remembered the story and I have to look up for the title as I've forgotten it. This might be one of the earliest form of reverse harem. The manga debuted in 1982 while the anime aired the following year.

Not a Reverse Harem

The protagonist is a female? Check!
The supporting cast are predominantly males? Check!
Romance? None!
Almost a reverse harem, but not a chance. Here are some of the successful titles that didn't bank on the universal theme of love.

By ayreesa

1. Gokusen- (abbreviation of Gokudo no Sensei,which means Gangster Teacher)

Yamaguchi, a Yakuza heiress, fulfills her dream and becomes a teacher to delinquent highschool boys. Though there are some characters who are in love with Yamaguchi in Kozueko Morimoto's manga, it wasn't distorted in the anime and the live series at all. I was disappointed with the doomed 'Shinkumi' pair that I didn't even finished the anime and the drama. I'm now trying to finish the anime and then maybe the dramedy.

By ayreesa

2. Azumi

Azumi is raised with her childhoods friends to become assassins. It is based on Yu Koyama's manga, but the original storyline are girls being trained to become killers. Being a slasher noir slash historica…

My Fantasy Harem

By ayreesa

As for the moment these are my dream team. They're all from reverse harem series. Their character descriptions are in white since some are spoilers.
1.Senya- His real name is Sa Sakujun from "Saiunkoku Monogatari". He's pure evil but for the first time he had a reason to live when he falls in love with Shuurei. And in own twisted way, he will die for Shuurei as well. I want to see him again in season 2.
2.Ryuuki- The emperor from "Saiunkoku Monogatari". He's childish and spoiled but he's very perspective and responsible. He's very cute when he acts crazy and bold over Shuurei.
3.Rimudo- One of the celestial guardians in "Fushigi Yugi Genbu Kaiden". He transforms to Uruki, as a woman to control the wind. He's very protective to Takiko not just because he's a guardian to a priestess, but because he is just a man and she is a woman. I can sense another ill-fated lovers. :)
4.Shin- The Plant Leafe Knight from "Pretear&qu…