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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Anime Review: Diabolik Lovers

Diabolik Lovers -  12 episodes

Yui was sent off by her father to live in a mansion with six sadistic vampire brothers. The operative word is "sadistic". Little girls please watch this when you're older, 'kay? I love the overall gothic feel of the anime. From the beautiful character designs, the red-purplish palettes down to the little details like the clock in the episode title cards. But as for the storyline, it creep me out at first but as it progress it becomes repetitive. Each of the brother had their several turns of of harassment and of sucking her blood. I get it that it's going to have a lot of fan service since it's a vampire story after all. I was just not expecting non-stop fetish scenes. And that's for a 12-episode anime running for 15 minutes each (inclusive of 1 recap ep). If you were Yui, it would feel like 300 Shades of Gray (or in this case red), 360 degrees and 24/7 with the six Samaki brothers. At first, I find myself drawn to the mysterious Subaru. But towards the end, I switched to Ayato who I dismissed as annoying at the start. 

There were a lot of unanswered questions in my head about the background of the characters. I searched the otome wikis and found out how really dysfunctional their family is. I wish they could have highlighted it more to justify why they're twisted like that. To sum it up, you're aware it's ridiculous but you can't help yourself either not to give in to your dark desires.


  1. I honestly hate the whole vampire thing but...SHUU!!! :) <33

  2. too rapey and all the dudes look and act the same. blah.

  3. I personal enjoyed this show and disagreed with the comments but everyone has a different optino

  4. I just finishedthe season and at first pulls you in but I was kind disappointed.. Just had to many questions and the plot and characters were not fully develope. Plusthe main ccharacter annoyed me 80% of the time

  5. the main character was soooo annoying. it could've been so much better but it was too short, and they should've made the MC have a stronger and smarter personality so it would've been more interesting. and they also should've made the characters... i dunno', develop more, i guess. there were many flaws in this anime but i really liked the art and ayato so... oh well :-) and the mysteriousness of the story intrigues me and it made me want to find out more and more about it and made me want to figure out the why's and how's. overall, it wasn't really worth it to be honest.

  6. When is the next season of that anime? OwO

    1. The OAD will be out on Feb 26, 2015.


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