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Neo Angelique Abyss Phase 8

By ayreesa

Phase 8: Jinx

The episode starts with a flashback from Eren's past and his jealousy towards Rayne. Then the orb bunters goes to Wharton Times to attend the Consortium's announcement of anti-Tanatos artifact. They bump into Benedict who's covering the event. Meanwhile, JD and Nyx are hiding from someone or something.

Erenfried unveils the Jinx and it's power. But the demonstration attracts Tanatos and orb hunters defend the people from it. Nyx collapses from whatever it is that is trying to consume him. The incident led Rayne to confront Eren's superior, Dr. Yorgo, who turns out to be Rayne's brother. Rayne reveals that he has the artifact immersed in him.


This episode is fast paced compared to the last one. But the slow build up and revelation of the backgrounds and the conflicts of each characters are hinting that the series will end with a cliffhanger just like the previous Angeliques. There's only 5 more episodes left to compress everythin…

Hoosamguk Gokyo

By ayreesa

"Hoosamguk Goryo" ("Hoosamguk High") 10 volumes-complete by Mi Ri Hwang

Alice wants to prove to her grandfather that she's fit to be the successor of Han Gan. She goes undercover to meet the husband candidates and adds her own prospects along the way. This is from the same mangaka of "Boarding House of Hunks". I'm not sure which of the two is her earlier work, but "Hoosamguk Gokyo"'s art is better. The story had references with Korea's royal history. The scans are more than halfway complete. I find the pacing a bit stretched. The candidates started at equal footing, I even guessed the wrong guy. I think she'll end up with the guy who's always in the cover with the heroine.

Neo Angelique Abyss Phase 7

By ayreesa

Phase 7: The Seed of Happiness

JD collapses and they uncover his true identity. Angelique and Hyuga travels to Coz to search for a cure. They met the villagers who adopted JD. The two of them returns to the Silent Sun with the knowledge on how to bring JD back.

The obvious has become a reality, yes JD and Jet are artifacts. Technically, 2 bishies less. I think the dragon's descendants are from Mel's clan. So there might be a connection between the previous Angelique animes and this one. Maybe the artifacts were created by Zephel? I'm not satisfied with how he casually regains consciousness, I thought the blue orb was like his power cell or something. And I'm thinking it's driving away from romance theme and gearing to "we are BFF". *sulks*

Candy Candy

By ayreesa

"Candy is a very nice, warm-hearted and cheerful girl. Many people like her or love her because of her kind personality.When she was a little child, she lived in an orphanage. There she met a handsome mysterious boy on a hill behind her home. This "prince on the hill" becomes an important person in her life.... She lived in the orphanage until she is adopted by a very influential big clan. Candy is a very good friend of the teenagers Annie, Archie, Stear and Anthony. Though she and Terence love each other very much, she leaves him because another girl, who is hopelessly in love with him, needs him more.Finally she devotes herself to Albert, a handsome young man and a very good friend of her. " --from Anime News Network "Candy Candy is primarily a love story. Candy's first love was a character named Anthony Brown, but the series is remembered by the majority of fans as a result of her heartbreaking separation from her true love and soulmate, Terre…

Princess Army Wedding Combat

"Princess Army Wedding Combat" OVA 2 episodes

Aida's the only girl in the siblings and the judo club/team (?) Things got shaken up when her childhood friend returns and asks for her hand in marriage. This is based on "Princess Army" manga. I read some reviews that it didn't give the manga justice. But from someone who hasn't read the manga like me, the OVA is like a teaser. It's a cliffhanger story that makes me want to try out the manga. But not right now. The chibi humor is fun and some tolerable ecchi. This anime aired in 1992 so the quality is vintage looking.

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Neo Angelique Abyss Phase 6

By ayreesa

Phase 6: Pilgrimage to the Sacred Capital

At the Sacred City, Angelique and her party are greeted by an army of bishies Silver Knights and its' commander, Dion. She alone was presented to the leader of the organization, Lord Mathias. He explains to her the root of Tanatos which is Erebros and her importance as the Queen's egg.
On her way to Nyx and company, Angelique was ambushed by Roche. René, a probationary Knight, rescues her and a chase ensues. Rene brings her to the Silver Tree which symbolizes the life of Arcadia. Before they leave Celestizamu, Mathias tries to persuade Angelique to stay in the city under the protection of Silver Knights.

The pics and infos are taken from the NAA site too bad the character descriptions are in Japanese :S Guess who's the youngest and which two guys shares the same age? I really thought Nyx was in his mid-thirties.

Angelique 16 166 cm
Rayne 18 181 cm
Nyx 26 179 cm
JD 20 195 cm
Hyuga 22 186 c…

Freshest News: Crimson Hero

By ayreesa
" The beginning of Crimson Hero's final story arc... will run in the July issue of BessatsuMargaret shōjo manga magazine, which will ship on June 13. The magazine is promising that Mitsuba Takanashi will start the anticipated ending for the Crimson Hero volleyball manga after 12 compiled volumes. Viz Media has published eight of those volumes in North America so far after the title ran in the premiere issue of Shojo Beatmagazine. " source: ANN
pic from denkaworld

Boarding House of Hunks

"Muljoeun Hasukjib" ("Boarding House of Hunks") by Mi Ri Hwang 17 volumes-complete

Jae Yoo is the adamant of getting into a boarding house filled with hunks ever since she was rejected by a guy. But she's at odds with the landlady's son who happens to be a witness of that fateful night. Is it just a coincidence or what, almost all the manwhas I've seen have similar art. The heroine looks beautiful in the cover only. I'm not yet sure where the story will go.

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Happy Mom's Day

By ayreesa

Haruhi's and Tohru's moms in heaven.

Neo Angelique Abyss Phase 5

By ayreesa

Phase 5: A Trip of Determination

They became popular after Bernard's report in the papers. Thus, Angelique receives an invitation from the Organization. On their way, they dropped by at the Melrose Girl's School and a small village. Their popularity is evident as they drew a crowd from both places. One of the child villager ask for Angelique's help to cure her mom who was attacked by a Tanatos. Angelique is unable to do so as she succumbs to pressures from the great expectations from her. She find strength after revealing her memories of her parents with the Orb hunters. The next day she was able to cure the sick woman. They continued travelling until they reach the sacred capital, Celestizamu. Hyuga excuses himself from entering. Two characters appears and observes them from afar.

The term 'orb hunter' is used. Shouldn't it be Tanatos-hunters as they don't hunt orbs? I noticed this Angelique series has more daring fanservice. Hyuga looks l…

Freshest News: Hana Yori Dango

The official trailer of "Hana Yori Dango Final". Opening on June 28,2008 in Japan. (Don't forget to pause the imeem player)

By ayreesa
The promo picture of Korean "Hana Yori Dango". No casting info yet. Coming this fall.

Freshest News: The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross

By ayreesa

Arina Tanemura completes her estimated 10th volume of "The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross" on July issue of Ribon magazine (released on June). She will also simultaneously debut her newest manga, 52-page "Mistress Fortune". This is a first for a mangaka to finish and start two mangas at a same issue.

Source: ANN

Boy's Kingdom

By ayreesa

"Boy's Kingdom" by Aya Oda 1 volume -complete

Himeno transfers to a school formerly exclusive for boys. She has to deal the unruly boys and the Hallelujah Student Council. The heroine looks ordinary and the president looks weird with his undone shirt buttons. I find the manga serious. If you want a light and funny story with a girl classmate in all-boy school, try "Rockin Heaven'" or "Dear School Gang Leader". This oneshot has a prequel which I haven't read yet.

Idol Paradise

By ayreesa

"Idol Paradise" by Miyabi Asami 1 volume-complete

Takaishi is the newest member of the boy idol group, Gold. But their fans and including the group doesn't know that he's really a girl. It's like "Cinderella Boy" and both are oneshots. This is actually a first half of a twinbill manga but the scans are not yet complete.

Reverse Harem Pictures

It's a hit or miss sometimes. Here are some mangas that I've finished reading and are NOT reverse harem.

By ayreesa

"Milk Crown" and "Milk Crown H"- It started out as reverse harem though. BTW thanks to Evangaline+Angel.

By ayreesa

"Princess Hanaka" - The other three are villains.

By ayreesa

"Wolves' Paradise" - A oneshot, girl being targeted by the student council.

By ayreesa

"Zettai Kareshi" (Absolute Boyfriend") Two are robots :P BTW I'm watching the live drama.

By ayreesa
"Tenshi No Kiss" ("Forbidden Dance" or "Angel's Kiss")- A girl in an all-male dance troupe whose members are mostly unnamed.

Neo Angelique Abyss Phase 4

By ayreesa

Phase 4: The Black Attack

Roche, the photographer, tips off Bernard about the Queen's Egg. Eren gives orders to Jet to collect and retrieve the "Original". Meanwhile, The orb hunters are engaged in a cooking showdown.

Bernard visits the Silent Sun to write about Angelique in the papers. They realized that Angelique went out alone (w/ Erwin of course) and tried to find her. In the forest, they had an encounter with Jet.


The paparazzi is named as Roche and a new character is introduced, Bernard the journalist. While Roche is more after the money, Bernard is after the truth. The differences in the characters of the orb-hunters are also defined especially in their tastes in cooking. Nyx is the playful leader. Rayne is the hot-headed guy. Hyuga is cold but has a soft spot for Angelique. And JD is the cheerful referree. I wonder what's JD's specialty dish. Angelique is lucky to have all those guys cook for her. I was wondering how does their powers…