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Upcoming: Sungkyunkwan Scandal

Sungkyunkwan Scandal, historical Korean drama about a girl who enters school pretending as boy in place of her sick brother and becomes part of the "Joesan-era F4 guys". The drama will air in September but the heroine has already stepped down from the role. The main guy is: Mickey Yoo Chun with Yoo Ah In and Song Joong Ki. More info from allkpop and dramabeans from here and here.

Yotteke! Otoko Mura

Yotteke! Otoko Mura (Come on Otoko Village!) by Momoko Koda 1 volume-complete

Otome hates boys but her father dumps her to Otoko Mura which consists of 98% male population to find a fiance. I think there would be just limited male characters for this to qualify as reverse harem but the premise is so reverse harem.

Reimei No Arcana

Reimei No Arcana ("Dawn of the Arcana") by Rei Toma 4 volumes-ongoing

Nakaba was sent off to Belquat for a political marriage. It doesn't help that her haircolor and sub-human friend are subject to ridicule and animosity. Compared to her other works I find this lacking her usual charm maybe we'll have to give it more time to build up after all it's not a one-shot. Her art style is still superb. We'll have to wait to see too if it becomes a reverse harem.

Yo-Jin-Bo : The Bodyguards

Yo-Jin-Bo: The Bodyguards (PC game)

Sayori finds a pendant and dreams of its' previous owner. Then she finds herself as that girl from a different time to undo what has been done with the help of the bodyguards. I finally played otome! Yay for me! It's English format and the company who made it is sadly already closed. I find it slow at first and I was not used to limited and repetitive expressions for the characters but as the game goes on I get the hang of it. There's also a lot of references to popular culture from Pokemon to Back to the Future. I finished with Bo. I was actually aiming for Yo and Jin but I died after a wrong decision. I then decided to take Bo and got stuck with him in the end. Lol! I havn't played out all the other endings yet.

Freshest News: Sengoku Angelique Project with Manga

According to B's Log magazine Sengoku Angelique project is being made and with a manga version too. It combines characters from Angelique and historical characters from Japan's sengoku (warring period) characters. More info from ANN.

Stand Up!!

Stand Up!! by Kyoko Kumagai

Hinako and her childhood friends were called by the principal due to a mysterious writing on the wall. I saw this earlier while I was still at the office. I can't read it at that time. lol. Also thanks too to the tip via skribit I had feeling someone will recommend it.

Ayakashi Tennen Beans

Ayakashi Tennen Beans by Sachi Minami 1 volume- complete

Miya plans to be Toujou's girlfriend within a year but her childhood friends are not helping her at all. Truth is she and her friends are harboring a dark secret. Their secret is kickass. Only one chapter available. Sad. Thanks to anonymous tip via skribit.

Happy Children's Day

from Boys Before Flowers

Dreamin' Sun

Yumemiru Taiyou (Dreamin' Sun) by Ichigo Takano 6 volumes-ongoing

Shimana ran away from home and met a guy in the parks who offers her a place to rent but with three conditions. The set up is kinda like Fruit Basket. The banner above is cute but the art is kinda weird at times especially the "old man" faces.

Polls: La Corda Couple

The winning duet is Kahoko and Tsukimori! It's no surprise that Tsukimori will win since I think the anime is partial to him although Kahoko never chooses anyone. I didn't expect Hihara to be in second while my favorite Yunoki only placed third. *sniffs* But thanks for the 387 people who joined! La Corda d'Oro is originally a 5-member harem but with the additon of characters in Secondo Passo it's now become seven. Here's the rankings from primo to last.

Len Tsukimori 178 (45%)
Kazuki Hihara 90 (23%)
Azuma Yunoki 36 (9%)
Ryotaro Tsuchiura 27 (6%)
Aoi Kaii 20 (5%)
Kiriya Etou 20 (5%)
Keiichi Shimizu 16 (4%)

Tamago no Hi

Tamago no Hi (Day of the Egg) by Bohra Naono 3 volumes-complete

The atmospheric barrier of Earth is diminishing so they have to infuse eggs to humans and transforms them into Gaitos. Although there is a shoujo element it's also fused with bloody scenes. I'm also not used to the art style. Thanks to anonymous tip via skribit.