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Neo Romance • à la mode 3

By ayreesa

Here's the promo video (click the top right button) from Neo Angelique.


Merry Christmas!

By ayreesa

Trivia: The 2nd episode of OHSHC is actually Christmas in the manga.

By ayreesa

Sorry no updates for now, I've been very busy this Christmas. Enjoy the holidays!


"Five" by Furukawa Shiori 7 volumes-ongoing

Hina is the first girl who made it into the special class filled with nerds, geeks and the five bishies. She becomes the "princess" among the five guys. It' s like "Ouran High School Host Club" with anything goes story in each chapter but not as funnier. Well, I hope it picks up. It even used similar devices like hosting, lightning phobia and a lot more. The art is like a cross between "Lovely Complex" and "Hot Gimmick" and has a contemporary feel on it.

Freshest News: Hana Yori Dango Special (Manga)

By ayreesa

"Ore no Hanashi o Shiyō ka?", a two-installment special of "Hana Yori Dango", will be in print starting this January. The 70-page story highlights Hanazawa Rui in a lead role.

source: ANN

Freshest News: Neo Angelique Abyss

By ayreesa

"Neo Angelique Abyss", the fifth installment of "Angelique" anime series, will premier on Japanese boobtubes this April. It is based upon the game to which the female player together with the four male Orb Hunters fights the demonlike Tanatos. Kairi Yua, the artist of "Saiunkoku Monogatari", also designed all the characters in all the "Angelique" game franchise.

Source: ANN

Diamond Head

"Daiamondo Heddo" ("Diamond Head") by Misushiro Setona 5 volumes

Nanao is a transfer student in Mehabia Catholic School. There she meets the Judicature Club, a club that conduct hearings and issue verdicts on students' disputes. The story is well written with mystery, comedy, romance and a heartbreaking drama. =( The art seems inconsistent with the characters looking weird at times or maybe that's the point that I missed.