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Happy Thanksgiving

from Storm Lover

xxx- Over Flowers

Yoko Kamio's "Hana Yori Dango" manga has captured the world that it had spawned Japanese, Taiwanese and Korean live action dramas. It was also copied by Chinese and now it will soon-to-be adapted into an American drama too. 
She might have not expected that it will also start the foursome trend in Korean dramas (you can check out out dramabeans for more info) and variations of the monicker with totally different storylines.

Boys Over Flowers - The one that started it all in Korea.

A Gentleman's Dignity - Amidst the foursome and flower boys trend this drama upgraded their own and marketed the foursome as F40. Yup, flower boys in their forties.

Grandpa Over Flowers -  It doesn't end there. The title gets an extra, extra upgrade. Move over F4 and F40, it's the Grandpa Over Flowers. It's a reality show of grandpas traveling in different countries.

Noonas Over Flowers - After the success of, Grandpa Over Flowers, the genders are reversed and we get the spin-…

BroCon Polls: Who Should Ema choose?

And the winner for the the Brother Conflicts polls in who should Ema choose is Natsume with 227 votes! BroCon beat Starry Sky record of 837 voters with 900! Maybe we're over-reading the lines but doesn't it look like Ema has feelings for Natsume that she doesn't want to admit or maybe she hasn't realized it yet. I'm surprised that Juli beat 7 brothers. Way to go you ladies man, I mean ladies squirrel. Thank you for ALL those who joined! Here's the brothers arranged popularity and not by ages.
Natsume 227 (25%)
Tsubaki 128 (14%)
Futo  102 (11%)
Yusuke  100 (11%)
Iori  97 (10%)
Subaru 60 (6%)
Juli  50 (5%)
Louis 41 (4%)
Azusa 38 (4%)
Kaname    16 (1%)
Masaomi  15 (1%)
Ukyo  13 (1%)
Hikaru 9 (1%)
Wataru  4 (0%)

Manga Review: Perfect Rose

Perfect Rose by Natsumi Oouchi 3 volumes- complete

Hina is the morality officer in an all-girl school, Matsubase Academy. She especially disapproves the 4 bishies from their next-door all-boy school, Minamidate High School. But it was announced that the Minamidate will be closed. Suddenly the four hot guys are after the plain-looking Hina.
The first scanlated chapter is just recently released and it's hot right on the heels of me reading Esoragoto Note. This is an earlier work of the mangaka who brought Esoragoto Note and Himegimi no Aikon. The guys also have some background in beauty. Yay, more bishies to add to my Reverse Harem Salon.

Happy Birthday Scorpio

From Starry Sky up until Nov. 9.

Manga Review: Esoragoto Note

Esoragoto Note 5 chapters by Natsumi Oouchi -completed
Ririko has a rare disease that caused her to be hospitalized for 10 years and to be expressionless. The only things that seems to keep her going are her friends in the hospital and a notebook of things to do when she gets better. 
One word that comes to my mind is delicate. The art is lovely but the story itself seems to snap out at any moment. Like it's hanging on a balance. I find this half empty instead of half full. I think it will depend on the reader's perspective. My hubby finds the movie Life of Pi as a story of hope but I find it quite depressing. And mind you, I'm a very optimistic person. Anyway, it was also a coincidence that I got to read a Halloween-themed manga a few days after Halloween.  This is also from the same mangaka of  Himegimi no Aikon. Her art style is so different now compared to her earlier work.

Meiji Tokyo Renka gets animated and other news round up

The English mystery otome game, Nicole, is now out. More info from otome-jikan.

Erik Thomas gets bumped up from Liam's lackey to the role of F4 Chase. Filming starts on Nov. 7. From BBF official FB.

The same cast of the La Corda 3 otome and drama cd will return for the anime adaptation. From ANN.

Here's the teaser of Thrice Married Woman. There's the ex-husband, the new husband and no news yet of the third husband. More info from dramabeans. The drama will start airing on November 9.

Shouoto Aya's manga, Momochi-san Chi No Ayakashi Ouji gets a picture drama. The main guy is voiced by KENN who also voiced Futo of Brothers Conflict. I like the last part of the news that a picture drama often leads to an anime. More info from crunchyroll.

Otome game, Meiji Tokyo Renka will be adapted to anime. More info from MAL. Synopsis from vndb:
"Ayazuki Mei (our heroine) was pulled thrown into Meiji era by some strange magic. Fujita Gorou found her loitering around the Rokumeika…