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Peter Panda

"Peter Panda" by Yeri Na 4 volumes-complete

Rui finds a panda who transforms to Peter. Peter looks like her would-be-ideal-man. I've been looking for this scans for the longest time but too bad the scanlators dropped the project.

Ren- Ai Shijo Shugi

Ren- Ai Shijo Shugi (Love Supreme Principle) by Kanan Minami 8 volumes - complete

Seri meets Tamaki, someone from her karate days, in the singles party. What started out as being his toy will end up a relationship filled with trials. This is intended for mature audience only. It reminds me of 'Haoi Airen' with the heroine being 'attacked' by different guys but the the difference is they're all in highschool (!). The smut scenes are literally repetitive and it's an endless let's trap-fest the heroine and maybe one for the hero too. The conflicts get a notch higher (or sicker) as ths story progress. The hero and heroine has a serious case of amnesia that they can easlily forgive and/or forget. I think the only consolation that I can think of is that at least the mangaka has improved as I've already read one of her more recent work before which is 'Honey x Honey Drops'.

Freshest News: Shugo Chara Party and Tamra the Island in Japan

The new 'Shugo Chara Party!' will be a mixture of anime sorts and live-action segments. There will be new characters as well. More info from ANN.

Tamna the Island or Tamra the Island will also air in Japan starting October 26. More info from dramabeans.

Freshest News: Shugo Chara Party Anime, NY Bestsellers

Shugo Chara Party will premier on October 3. More info from ANN.

According to New York Times, X-men Misfits ranks 6th under paperback graphic books on it's first week. For mangas Vampire Knight Vol 7 ranks 7th, Fruits Basket Vol. 23 ranks fourth and Black Bird Vol. 1 ranks sixth. More info from nytimes.

Witch Yoo Hee

'Witch Yoo Hee' (' Witch Amusement" or ' A Witch in Love') - 16 episodes

Yoo Hee has her own fairy grandmother in the form of Moo Ryong to help her in the love department. But she ain't no princess. She's famous for being a witch and she forced Moo Ryong, a college dropout, aspiring chef and housekeeper, into a contract to pay his debts. The opening of the drama was like ripped by 'The Proposal'. The staff are scrambling as news spread that the witch has arrived. She walks in with her severe clothes and hairstyle and icy air. It was so addicting to watch, I only started watching this last week, but I'm disappointed with the last few episodes. It's not heavy drama and kept me amused. The main characters remind me of Taiga and Ryuuji of Toradora. The guys cook and clean and very protective of the girls. While the girl are such a brat and violent. To be fair, she had chemistry with all the three guys at the first half of the story. Aside…

Freshest News: Kaichou wa Maid-sama! green-lit for anime

Lala magazine will announce on Monday that there will be an anime for Kaichou wa Maid-sama! more info from ANN.

Pretty in Pink

I think someone mixed up the pictures and descriptions of these two in MU. Also both mangas are showing the same mangakas. I've only confirmed it today when I saw Emi's review on 'Bokura no Pink' that these are two entirely different mangas. What are the odds of two reverse harems with similar titles? I've also accidentally discovered other mangas by confusing the titles. I've read 'Red Lion' thinking it was 'Red River' and then mistooked 'Penguin Revolution' for 'Penguin Brothers'. Anyway here's the differences with the two mangas..I think.

Bokura no Pink by Ayano Saijo - A girl being recruited in the Hero's Club. Now under CURRENTLY READING

Boku no Pink - from Mangaabyss: Three hot men and I'm supposed to become their Mama? Filed under COMPLETED

I am a Piano

I am a Piano by Asumiko Nakamura - oneshot

It's a journey of a piano represented by a girl. It's just 8 pages and yet it draws lengthy reviews from readers. Although I've read it like under 5 or 10 minutes it took me more than a few days to decide if anthropomorphic characters count for reverse harem. Just read it and be captivated as well. Thanks to Tartza for the tip!

Girls's Bestfriends

Okay this is so not a reverse harem anime or manga. The musical clips and MVs are superficial girls who wants diamonds and money and material and surrounded by men.

Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefers Blondes

Material Girl by Madonna

Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rogue

The Fear by Lily Allen

Bishies Wallies

Pick your five~!

Haoi Airen

Midnight Children

Black Bird

Freshest News: X-Men Misfits

"X-Men Misfits" will be released this August 11. Raina Telgemeier and Dave Roman will have a book-signing on August 28 in New York. Log on to your facebook and click here.

Upcoming Mangas

*upcoming mangas- waiting to be scanlated ~_~

Hiiro no Kakera by Fujiko Kosumi (otome)

Will O'Wisp by Saika Onodera (otome) -- UPDATED now under currently reading

Kanuchi - Shiroki Tsubasa no Shou by Mitsuro Saiga (otome)

Vitamin Z by Kazuhiko Mishima (otome)

Fine! by Noriko Ootani

summary from jshoujo- She is about to start her high school life in Tokyo but she loses her money and her house! She ends up living in a male dormitory!

Ore-Sama Kingdom by Chitose Yagame

summary from BU: The story centers on Nonoha Nonohara, a young manga artist who just enrolled in a new school. She finds herself surrounded by a group of three "super-cute" guys.

5toki kara 9toki made by Miki Aihara

summary from jshoujo- An english teacher and her love relationships with the three men.

Issho ni Neyouyo by Shigeru Takeu

Related: Faster than a Kiss and Hana to Akuma

I'm not sure how to tag this two yet but the bishies are in favor with to the hero rather than to the heroine. And they're both sweet.

Plus the set up is eerily similar:
1. The main heroes are adult types who tries to have a distance between them (no touchy-touchy) and the much younger heroine.
2. Guy #2- The heroes' playboy bestfriend
3. Guy #3-Rival who's the same age as the heroine
4. Other guys who tries to get the attention of the main hero by going after the heroine
5. Harmless characters eg. butler and brother

"Faster than a Kiss" - Fumino, 16 years old, is dubbed as the leader of the delinquent girls of their class while Kazuma, 24 year old, is their plain looking homeroom teacher. And they're actually married! Thanks to Nicole via skribit.

"Hana To Akuma" - Vivi is a 200-year old demon who raised a human baby out of a whim . He named her Hana who is now 14-years old.

Freshest News: Crunchyroll adds HanaSeisho

Crunchyroll will start airing Hanasakeru Seishounen to US and Canada this Sunday (Aug 2). More info from CR. Taken via ANN.

Freshest News: BBF cast attends SS501 concert

Kim Bum, Lee Min Ho and Go Hye-Sun attends the Kim Hyun Joong's "SS501 1st Asia Tour Concert in Seoul, Persona". More info and pics at dramabeans.

Romansu Godan Katsuyou

Romansu Godan Katsuyou ("Four Steps to Romance") - by Kazuko Fujita

Mugiko dreams of becoming rich and her dreams came true when she finds out that she's the granddaughter of a rich family. I know a lot of people have been looking for this since the live version "Romantic Princess" aired. Finally there's some couple of chapters scanlated.

Polls: Beautiful Boys

Bishonens are beautiful boys and these breed of boys here are literally beautiful. They're categorized as such because of the cross-dressing, flamboyance, androgynous look, genetics quirk or magical transformation. So far this beauty pageant erm I mean polls has most number of contenders, 26 bishies or bi-shonens. I'm not going to elaborate on each characters because of too many spoilers, so skip the slideshow if you havn't seen/read all of these yet. Thanks for participating! Here's the scores:

1. Momiji- Fruits Basket - 96 votes
Nagahiko- Shugo Chara - 96 votes
2. Yuki- The Wallflower - 59 votes
3. Hotohori- Fushigi Yugi - 55 votes
4. Ritsu - Fruits Basket - 52 votes
5. Ryou - Penguin Revolution - 49 votes
6. Kijin- Saiunkoku Monogatari - 43 votes
Nuriko - Fushigi Yugi - 43 votes
7. Ayame - Fruits Basket -39 votes
8. Oscar-Hana Kimi -35 votes
9. Maora - The Gentlemen's Alliance- 31 votes
10. Kei-Pretear - 29 votes
11. Rimudo-Fushigi Yugi Genbu Kaiden - 27 votes
12. Izumi-T…