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Fall Reverse Harem Shows

Yumeiro Pattissierie SP Professional to air on October 3 and it will be simulcasted 0n Crunchyroll. It deviates from the manga storyline and happens 2 years after. More info from ANN and hashihime.

Hakuouki Hekketsuroku to air on October 2. It's the new Meiji era and the Shinsengumi are in their western clothes. It will also be simulcasted in Nico Nico Douga. More info from ANN and hashihime.

Starry Skies is to stream for free in this December. Tsusiko is the first girl to enroll in the all-boy astronomy school. From hashishime.

Technically a summer show Sungkyunkwan is slated for 20 episodes. From dramabeans.

Gdgd Dogs

GDGD-DOGS by Ema Tooyama

Tezuma enrolls in a manga school but her secret has been discovered by three other students. Chapter 0 scan is out.

Yumeiro Patissierie

Yumeiro Patissierie 'Dream Colored Pastry Chef' 50 episodes

Ichigo doesn't have any talents save for incredible stomach and tongue for sweets which earned her an invitation to study baking. She gets teamed up with the Sweet Princes, buddied with a Sweet Fairy and battled out on cookoffs! I mentioned it before that I can't cook but I love to bake. I'm mesmerized with the visual creations that makes me crave for desserts! The anime is mainly a cooking series with reverse harem on the side. It also reminded me of Shugo Chara with the chibi spirits. I love the voice of Caramel! She reminds me of Su of Shugo Chara. Su would totally be friends with her and she's into baking too! The news before is that there will be a sequel with Ichigo as grown woman but at the season's finale teasers shows them as highschool students. I also love how they infuse Paris! It's one of my favorite city! Strawberry fraisier and famboise, happy happy macaron, happiness made go!

Kaichou Wa Maid- Sama!

Kaichou Wa Maid Sama (The Student Council President is a Maid) 26 episodes

Ayuzawa Misaki is the first female student council president of the former all-boy Seika Highschool. She rules with an iron fist to protect and increase the 20% female population. After a long day lording over her classmates she serves as part-time waitress in a maid cafe. But one day the most popular boy Usui discovers her secret after-school activities.
I read the manga before and I didn't consider it really a 100% reverse harem. The summary above is taken from my manga entry 2 years ago. When I found about it being animated I had doubts if it will still have a reverse harem element. I haven't read the manga again since I posted about it but in the manga the stupid trio didn't have a name and the characters that are interested with Ayuzawa have not yet appeared or may not be in the manga at all. The anime turned out to be sweeter and funnier! The story is anything goes that happens in the …

Three years!

Wow! I can't believe it's three years already since I started this blog and I've written more than 500 posts and received almost 300,000 hits. No one joined the contest though D: It's okay haha you can still send it anytime so I can share it here. Thanks to all the old and new fans of this site and for sharing my love for reverse harem. Here's some sweets from Seiyuu Ka!

Sangkyunkwan Scandal Novel

BM translates some parts of the novel. The original really lives up to the it's title. It's very scandalous not fit for TV! And not for underaged readers lol. I hope the publishers release an English version. (update I'm removing her link due to possible licensing issues just google it :D )

Greetings: Happy Chuseok

Handwritten message and translations from the cast of Sungkyunkwan Scandal at tohosomnia. The drama will also be continuously rerun today September 23 from 11:50 am to 8pm. It will also include cast interviews, on-site sketches, and some alternative scenes. From dkpopnews.

Freshest Update: Ouran's final chapter

Ouran graces Lala's cover on it's final chapter. Taken from Omari's Sister's

Freshest News: Vitamin X OVA

Dengeki Online reported that there will be an OVA adaptation of the otome game Vitamin X. More info from MAL. It's about a highschool teacher who has to help the B6 or baka 6 to pass university exams.

Opening credits of the otome. Taken from Vitamin X website.

Freshest News: Hana Kimi extras

Hana Kimi will be back on "Hana Kimi: Afterschool"which is a compilation all the extra stories. Taken from Omari's Sister's

Happy Labor Day and Happy Bday to moi!

From Happy Cafe!

Freshest News: Alice manga to end & in several languages

In commemoration of the ending of "Heart no Kuni No Alice" manga on Avarus' October issue, Quinrose featured all editions in several languages. From ANN.

Freshest Update: Ouran Favorite Covers

Ranking of favorite covers from Ouran featured at the second to the last chapterbefore it ends. From omaris-sisters. Click on the pic for hi-res.

Fall Animes

Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan airs on October.

Yumeiro Patissierie Professionl airs October 3.

Two sequels for fall!

Polls: FY Couple

The pair of lovers Miaka and Tamahome won last month's poll for 'Who should Miaka choose?' Before I discovered reverse harem I was a fan of the two for the longest time. I feel nostalgic right now remembering the drama and hardships they went through. Thanks for the 222 peeps who participated!
Tamahome 101 (45%)
Hotohori 65 (29%)
Tasuki 22 (9%)
Nuriko 20 (9%)
Chichiri 9 (4%)
Mitsukake 3 (1%)
Chiriko 2 (0%)