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Birthday Wallie

Freshest News: Hakuouki OVA, English otome and Vit X OP

Here's the cover and some screenshot of Hakuouki's upcoming OVA Sekkaroku Vol.1. From LJ.

Also answer the Hakuouki special edition survey from Akysys. Available until July 29.

Vitamin X opening streamed. From ANN.

Polls: Most Anticipated RH titles for Summer 2011

The winner for the anime category is the movie "Heart no Kuni no Alice " with 156 votes while for live action it's jdrama, "Ouran High School Host Club" with 172 votes. Here's the breakdown of the hot summer lineup:

Heart no Kuni no Alice 156 (53%)
Uta Prince no Sama 62 (21%)
Blood C 34 (11%)
Hakuouki OVA 30 (10%)
Vitamin X 7 (2%)
Vote on this poll 289

Live Action
Ouran High School Host Club 172 (69%)
Hana Kimi (kdrama) 27 (10%)
Extravagant Challenge 21 (8%)
Ikemen Desu Ne 15 (6%)
Hana Kimi (jdrama) 13 (5%)
Vote on this poll 248

"Blood C" and "Extravagant Challenge" are unconfirmed reverse harems. Also, "Extravagant Challenge" and the Korean "Hana Kimi' may not air this season. Let's wait and see if they can all match the hype. Enjoy the wallie from "Crash!"

Freshest News: Hiiro no Kakera animated, English Hakuouki game

The otome, "Hiiro no Kakera" gets animated. There's also a manga adaptation of it. More info from ANN.

Another Idea Factory otome, Hakuouki, will be released by Aksys in English," Hakuouki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom". The PSP and PNS versions will be available on 2012. from Siliconera.

Happy 4th of July

from Black Bird

Freshest News: Utapri and Blood C English stream, Blood C trailer and SaiMono to end

Nico Nico will stream Blood- C and Uta No Prince Sama a day after it airs in Japan. It will be in English and available at United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. More info from ANN.

Blood C's official site streams it's 3rd trailer. From ANN.

The light novels "The Story of Saiunkoku" will end after 8 years and 18 volumes. From ANN.

Hana Kimi Trailer

Hana Kimi trailer from tokyohive. The drama premiers on July 10.