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Related Anime Review: Sweet Punishment

Sweet Punishment (Amai Chōbatsu: Watashi wa Kanshu Senyō Pet)- 13 episodes based on web manga by Sho Izumi

The story is set in 2038. Hina Saotome 3077 was framed and was sent to an all-male prison. She is placed under the supervision of prison guard, Aki Myojin, who she must obey...absolutely. Warning for adults only! 

UPDATE 2/5/2020:
I already mentioned this before that I'll be transferring adult-themed reviews to Patreon. They will under the tag "adult-themed".

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News Round Up: new Fruits Basket anime, Meiji Tokyo Renka PV and more!

Fruits Basket will get a new anime and will cover the whole manga. The anime covered six volumes only while the manga ran for 23 volumes. It will have a new cast and staff and will air on 2019. More information on ANN. Check out the interview of manga, Natuski Takaya on ANN.  

Here's Meiji Tokyo Renka's promotional video and key visual. More information on ANN.

Wallflower of the Month: Kristina

For years, I've always thought of how should we call ourselves as reverse harem fans. I think I found the perfect stan name and it was right under our 'nose' all this time. WALLFLOWERS! I got the idea while coming up with tiers for Patreon. But months before I came up with Wallflower of the Month reward, I was in touch with Kristina who was checking with the reverse harem shows she's trying to cosplay and complete before she turns 40. It never crossed my mind that someone would cosplay all the reverse harem shows and I just think it's so cool! So I asked her if I can feature her after she has completed her reverse harem cosplay quest. By the way, she excluded reverse harem which are in OVA formats only. And now here goes to our very first Wallflower of the Month!  Check out the interview and her cosplay photos below.

New Round Up: Top Management kdrama and cast of second stageplay of Yume 100

Top Management is the first kdrama on YouTube Originals. It is based on internet novel and started airing last October 31. The first 3 episodes are free on Youtube. In an entertainment company, a new manager has the ability to see the future, and thanks to that ability she brings success to the business. The 4 boys are part of the group S.O.U.L. [Sound Of Ultra Light] and they are going to debut with the help of this manager. From Kpopmap
Here is the cast of he second stageplay adaptation of Yume 100. It will have two different performances. "Side Kiel" which will run from January 31 to February 3 and "Side Avi" which will run from February 7 to 11. More information on ANN.
I've updated Fall Reverse Harem 2018 with Top Management and Happy Halloween with TABILB.

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Hello November!

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Happy Halloween!

Here's the round up of Halloween treats and events from reverse harem anime, mangas and dramas;  otome games and other related titles.

アンケート1位のリクエストにモモエさん持たしました…💕たくさんもらえたらまた頑張りますー — 相原実貴@5→9連載中!!◆ホットギミック映画化2019◆ (@mikiaihara) October 31, 2018

From 5 to 9

鷺澤 累(CV.櫻井孝宏)#ニルアド — 【公式】ニル・アドミラリの天秤 (@nilad_otomate) October 31, 2018

From Nil Admirari. Check the rest of the messages on Twitter Media.