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Book Review: The Scarab Beetle Series # 3 Fake

The Scarab Beetle Series # 3 Fake by CL Stone

Kayli and the Academy boys are thrown into the middle of groups fighting over control of an underground phone network. Their group is the key into unlocking it. Watch out for spoilers and little girls are not allowed, 'kayyy?

Polls: Bonjour Koiaji Patisserie couple

The winner for who should Sayuri choose in Bonjour Koiaji Patisserie, is the classmate, Ryou! Ryou won over the three teachers but his feat is nothing to boast about since there were only 173 people who voted. This may be the lowest turnaround in recent years but it's not actually the lowest. We had 91 votes for  Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3, 124 votes for Beloved Angelique, 129 votes for Harukanaru Toki de Hachiyo Sho, 134 votes for Hiiro no Kakera and 153 votes for Pretear, Here's the breakdown of the votes.
Ryou 121 (69%) Mitsuki 33 (19%) Gilbert 11 (6%) Yoshinosuke 8 (4%)

Polls: Akatsuki no Yona couple

And the winner for the Akatuski no Yona poll of "Who should Yona choose" is of course Hak! He garnered 81% with 376 votes with Shin-Ah trailing behind with 61 votes and Soo-Won and Jae Ha tied at third place with 63 and 61 votes respectively. I was expecting that the other guys would have a chance of fighting against the main guy, but clearly Hak is a formidable foe. Thanks for the 461 people who joined the polls! Here are the official tally of scores:
Hak 376 (81%)
Shin-Ah 91 (19%)
Jae Ha 63 (13%)
Soo Won 61 (13%)
Yun 55 (11%)
Kija 49 (10%)
Zeno 35 (7%)

P.S. I had a serious case of amnesia! I was already finished with the post but for some reason I forgot to publish it. BKP poll is coming up next!

Freshest News: Hakuouki SSL drama visuals, La Corda stageplay visuals and more!

The website for the upcoming Hakuouki ~ Sweet School Life drama is now open.  

Check out the first three character visuals from the upcoming La Corda d'Oro~ Blue Sky musical. From: Natalie.  

Join this week's contest of Idea Factory for Amnesia. Deadline is on July 30 10am PDT. It's open worldwide!

Read the interview of Julietta Suzuki, creator of Kamisama Kiss, at the Anime Expo 2015 on ANN

Happy Birthday Yuma!

Check out wallies for Iphone formats too from DiaLover blog.

Freshest News: Dance with Devils PV and Amnesia contest

Check out the newest PV of Dance with Devils. The anime will air this fall. More info on ANN.

Idea Factory International will be giving away prizes every Friday until the release of Amnesia: Memories on August 25. This week's contest is Amnesia: Memories Contest which ends on July 23 12pm PDT. The contest is open worldwide. Join via Idea Factory Facebook page.  

Freshest News: Fruits Basket another sequel, La Corda stageplay cast and more!

Natsuki Takaya will launch "Fruits Basket another" sequel on the free Hanalala online every Friday starting September 4. The manga takes place after Tohru graduates high school and will feature a new heroine. Sawa. Tohru, Yuki and Kyo will not appear in the series. The sequel is planned for two to three volumes. Takaya also drew new covers for the original manga. Get the deets on ANN. (First, Fushigi Yugi, then Boys Over Flowers and now, Fruits Basket! wee~)

Here's the cast of the upcoming La Corda d'Oro Blue Sky musical. More info from Crunchyroll. Pics taken from official site.

Watch the two commercials for Akagami no Shirayuki-hime. Read the translations on ANN.

Read the five questions answered by Julietta Suzuki for Shoujo Beat's anniversary. Head over at OfficialShoujoBeat.

Book Reviews: House of Korba and The Other Side of Envy

House of Korba- Sang and the Academy boys prepares for homecoming with bomb threats and a fire-starter on the side. The book also focuses on Silas' troubles with his family. Will they finally catch who's making the bomb threats and the arsonist?

The Other Side of Envy - Sang has learned the existence of the Bird and an imminent meeting with Academy looms. She needs to know where the boys stand and to make sure that they're united in bringing her in. And to ensure that, she starts with Gabriel. Meanwhile, Mr. Hendricks is more persistent than ever in targeting Sang.
Spoilers ahead...

Summer Reverse Harem 2015

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime on July 6 | Official site

Meiji Tokyo Renka anime movie on July 18| Official site

To Be Continued web kdrama on August 18.

 Kamisama Hajimemashita OAD part 1 on August 20| Official site

The Scarab Beetle Series Book # 4 Accessory on August 25 | Official site| Pre-order at Reverse Harem Garden store

 A Secret Proposal (Falling for Sakura Book # 2) on August 28| Official site

8/10 UPDATE 1: added To Be Continued

Freshest News: Uta Pri officially gets 4th season, Snow White is split into 2 seasons and more!

After ending the third season with "To be continued", it's confirmed. Uta Prince no Sama will be getting a fourth season as announced on the official website. From: ANN

Snow White with the Red Hair (Akagami no Shirayuki-hime) will have two seasons or split cours. The second season will air next year. The anime premiered last night. Check out the second PV. More info on ANN.

Here's the PV for otome, Hana Yori Dango ~ F4 to First Kiss. The app from Voltage will feature an original story line and lets users to fall in love with one of the F4. More info on ANN.

Amnesia: Memories has now an official date of release which is on August 26. From: Crunchyroll

Check out after the jump of the shikishi of mangakas from reverse harem titles for Shoujo Beat's 10th Anniversary. From: Shoujo Beat twitter

Happy Fourth of July and July wallies

Happy Fourth of July from Kuro to Kin no Hirakanai Kagi

Get the July wallie for Hana Kimi before July 31.

Head over to Shoujo Beat for mobile and desktop wallies of Kiss of the Rose Princess to commemorate its' 10th anniversary. (Okay, this was technically a June wallie XD)