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Happy Birthday Gemini

Dang I missed this again.

Brocon PV

Here' the PV from the upcoming anime,Brothers Conflict. The anime will air on July 2. From ANN.

Happy Father's Day

Wednesday Wallies: Brocon Mobile Wallies

Mobile wallies from Brothers Conflict. More wallies after the jump.

Upcoming: Diabolik Lovers PV and Juuzaengi ~Engetsu Sangokuden~ to be animated

Diabolik Lovers anime PV. The anime is due on fall. More info from ANN and official Site.

Otome visual novel 'Juuzaengi ~Engetsu Sangokuden~' will be animated. From MAL news. Here's the synopsis:

The Juuza. That is the name given to those of the 13th Zodiac: the cat people. Seen as a vulgar and contemptuous race, they live a life of seclusion away from human eyes. However, as the end of the Han Dynasty draws near, the rise of the Yellow Scarves has thrown the land of the Three Kingdoms into turmoil. As armies converge, a young Juuza woman named Kan'u and her village are forced out of their peaceful lives as Sousou and his punitive force press their way into the village.

Polls : Amnesia couple

I need to get my eyes checked. All the while I was sad thinking that the highest vote I got for a character was in thirties. Then I started looking for Ukyou pics thinking he was the one who won. When I checked the numbers again lo and behold there were actually 404 voters and it was Shin who won. I was looking at the percentages!
My first impression for the anime is that Shin is the main man among the bishies. Then later on I though fangirls will be crazy over questionable,shady characters like Ikki and Toma. Then along came Ukyou. In the end it was a race between Shin and Ukyou. I had to add Orion since I read somewhere that he'll be much older in the upcoming game. I wonder if he'll be the sixth wheel. Thanks for voting. Here's the rundown of your votes:
Shin 139 (34%) Ukyou 117 (28%) Toma 63 (15%) Ikki 39 (9%) Kent 31 (7%) Orion 15 (3%)

Summer Reverse Harem

"Brothers Conflict" anime on July | official site

"Kamisama, Suterareru" and "Kamisama, Onsen ni Iku" bundled with manga on August 20.

"Hakuōki: Daichishō Kyoto Ranbu" movie on August 24| official site 

News Round Up: Trick or Alice to be animated, otome with BL ending and Grandpa Over Flowers

An DerCen will also animate adults-only visual novel "Trick or Alice". More info from MAL news. Wallie taken from official game site.
Gree's new mobile otome game, Zombie Panic~ Hikareau Yoru~, offers an alternative BL ending. The male character will also choose another male chracter over the heroine. More info from Crunchyroll.

Move over F4 and F40. There's now Grandpa Over Flowers! Nope, not a reverse harem but it's no-brainer which show inspired the cute concept. More info from dramabeans.