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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Aries!

From Starry Sky. Up until April 25. I just realized that the gray desktop wallpaper is actually good for the eyes. 

I've also created YA-RH or RH-YA shelf (which is which?) in Goodreads. You can find the link in the Currently Watching/Planning to Read etc tab above. These are all from your recommendations and other titles I've stumbled upon. Feel free to also add me in goodreads!

Unconfirmed and Upcoming TV shows

Four Sons One Daughter  - The first title that I saw before is Four Guys One Girl, so I thought at first that it's a reverse harem. It's a family variety/reality show. But later on youngest member has been replaced by Kim Woo Bin of Heirs. It's currently airing in Korea. Anyone watching this? More info from soompi.

The Records of a Night Watchman - It's an upcoming fantasy ghostbusting sageuk featuring flower boys I mean flower bodyguards..I meant bodyguards! I hope it's a reverse harem. It will be broadcasted on the latter half of the year in Korea. From dramabeans.  

One of the Boys - This is the first time that I received a recommendation from a person that I've least expected from ..my husband! He saw a trailer in our local TV channel and told me about. Well it figures since he's with me who's breathing reverse harem 24/7. It's about a tomboyish girl living with half-Filipino men. I think this is the first reverse harem in co-habitation set up that we have in the Philippines. You can check out their Facebook account.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Book Review: Spearwood Academy

Spearwood Academy  Volume 1 (ep. 1-5) by A.S. Oren - ongoing

Spearwood Academy has always been an all-boys school for dragon shapeshifters, until along came Avalon.  The first female student and dragon shapeshifter... in centuries.

First a backstory, I don't normally use reverse harem hashtag when I tweet my blog posts. So I did and stumbled a tweet from A.S. Oren and filed the book under my reading list. Days before this, I was engrossed with Maze Runner Trilogy, not a reverse harem romance story but the set up of the first book is about 50 boys, one girl and one maze. Around the same time, I also received recommendations for two reverse harem English young adult books. I'm such a big fan of YA books. Between reverse harem and non-reverse harem Hollywood TV series, animes and Asian dramas, I also alternately read YA fantasy and YA dystopia genres. This sudden turn of related events was making me excited and I about to post a generic post about YA reverse harem when I received a message from the author right after I followed her. She's giving me a free copy for a review!

This is the first time I get to read something in exchange for a review. I was worried what if I don't like it at all. I'm not sure how to handle it. I started reading the book and find the background story intriguing. Then the heroine was introduced and I was suddenly caught off guard with the burst of emotions. In teenage speak..the feels! It was laid down at the start that Avalon is a big fan of Harry Potter so there's a lot of parallelisms and references. It got me at Ravenclaw remark. But as the world of the dragon shapeshifters is revealed, it is grand, meticulously detailed and magical on it's own right. I can see this as a TV series. Even thought it is being marketed as reverse harem, the storytelling doesn't feel like a hard sell. I'm mesmerized with the the fantasy elements and every now and then I forget that it has reverse harem factors that remembering about is like an awesome perk. This is also the first time I get to try to imagine this many guys in real life. Bishonen stereotyping is a must in a reverse harem and I enjoyed trying to guess which character fits the bill. But still I was surprised with how one of the characters fared and I was like how could I have missed the signs! There's so many possibilities of who she might end up with and I'm really excited on where it will go. I also liked that Avalon's personality is strong but at the same time not immune to the charms of hot boys. 

Sorry for the long backstory earlier. As I mentioned, it was supposed to be a separate entry. But bottomline is I'm absolutely thrilled that my love for reverse harem and young adult has intertwined. I hope, no, I predict that this will be the next trend in both genres.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Manga Review: Chiyahoya Shite Yo!

Chiyahoya Shite Yo! - oneshot art and story by Sumire Momoi

Meguru is living her dreamy life in Hoshikuzu Private Academy with population of 99.9% hot boys and 0.01% girl. With the exception of Ouran, reverse harem titles doesn't blatantly mention that they're indeed a reverse harem and acts innocently oblivious with the set up. Not only does this manga breaks the unspoken rule, it also glorifies it like a rabid fangirl like us would in real life. This oneshot is spot on with what we have been dreaming. 

On a side note, I think I'm partial to all-boys school device. You see, I studied at an all-girls school from elementary until highschool. And then there's this nearby all-boys highschool. Very Hana Kimi right??? But after I left for college, the all-boys school started accepting female students! See it does happen in real life. Anyway, all's well ends well as I eventually married my husband who's actually from that all-boys school.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Anime Review: Brothers Conlflict Special

Brothers Conflict Special - 1 episode

Emi receives a magical lamp from her father. She rubs the lamp and waits with the six brothers for the genie to appear. What would they wish for? It's a short episode packed with fun and fanservice. I have this longing in the core of my being for a second season. Please, please make it happen!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

News Round Up

Wow! There's a lot of exciting news for today!

Kamigami no Asobi RPG game.

Arcana Famiglia live-action.

Brothers Conlflict fighting game

A new game that lets you date the sub-characters of Starry Sky and Seishun Hajimemashita.

 Miracle Train drama cd, entitled Miracle Prince.

Pero Pero Danshi parody of Arcana Famiglia.

Oz Kindergarten version for Ozmafia

Happy April Fool's Day! All these and a lot more can be found on breadmasterlee.

Also updated White Day and Valentine's Day with Ozmafia.


Starish and Quartet Night became deformed gods found in a Japanes snack.

Otomate  became a department store and in one the section is the sadistic brothers as doctors for a blood drive.

 More April Fool's art from Diabolik Lover's official twitter account.

Amnesia characters wearing clothes from the Otomate Department Store.

Kamigami no Asobi has limited one-day butler cafe, Cafe Kamigami no Sono.

More pics and info from Crunchyroll. I just love how otomes goes all-out for this day.


Reverse Harem Garden is now 6 years, 6 months and 6 days old! And speaking of number of the beast, here's Takuma from Hiiro no Kakera. Nope, this is not an April Fool's post.

Hello April

from Hana Kimi