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Oukan Latte Art

Oukan Latte Art (" Crown Latte Art") by Nagisa Odagiri - 1 volume

Ristu tries to convinces the troublemaker in her school to be a waiter of the cafe she's planning to reopen. Chapter 1 is now available. Pic above is a wallie too.

Wallpapers and Upcoming, Unconfirmed Reverse Harems

Starry Sky limited wallpaper until February 4 at honeybee to commemorate the new drama cd.

Some wallies to watch out for that looks like reverse harem.

Mairu no Bicchi by Zakuri Sato - MU summary

Misupuri by Madoka Seizuki - MU summary  (note to myself: this is not yet in MAL)

             Alice Binetsu 38°C by Ayumi Kokoro-  MU summary  (not yet in MAL)

Kou Himetachi no Sengoku by  Kaori Akatsuki (not yet in MAL)

Hana ni Kedamono  by Miwako Sugiyama MU summary (not yet in MAL)

      Majyo Rin by Setsuko Yoneyama not a wallie but check the Mu summary
 and character wallies from Bothers Conflict by Atsuko Kasane (not yet in MAL) after the jump.

Hwang Ji Ni

Hwang Ji Ni 24 episodes

The drama is based on popular gisaeng in Korea's history. The story is about a girl who enters the gisaeng for her fascination with dancing not knowing that when she grows up she can only give her heart to her craft.This is not a straight reverse harem but the story is also about the men in her life. There's the fourth minor guy not included in the picture above. The one sitting on the floor is Jang Geun Sak of You're Beautiful. He looks like a baby here. 
This is one long heavy tragedy. Prepare your tissues as I've cried a lot of times. Your heart will develop addiction with pain. lol. It will also keep you in your toes as you will never guess of what will happen next with her dedication to dancing and her next antics. In the end there's really no villains just a story jampacked with confused characters. The actress Ha Ji Won is so versatile. She played both younger and older versions of her role. The dances and the clothes are mesmerizing to…

Freshest News: YumePati & Ooku won awards, Lotte no Omocha trailer

Okay I lied. These are not really fresh news. I've been very busy again and when I was free I was not in the mood to blog or read mangas lately but I've been watching reverse harem kdramas. Sorry for the long overdue posts.

Two related titles to reverse harem won on the 56th Shogakukan Manga Award. Yumeiro Patissierie won for the Children's Category while Ooku: The Inner Chamber won in the Girl's Category. From ANN.

I mentioned Lotte No Omocha before as a boy who is taken to be part of a harem. Based on the trailer I think it's going to be just harem minus the reverse. From ANN.

Manga Review: Ooku: The Inner Chamber

"Ooku: The Inner Chambers" by Fumi Yoshinaga 6 volumes- ongoing
An epidemic wiped out almost the male population reversing the roles of women and men of feudal Japan including the royal family. The shogun is now a woman and in keeping with tradition she also has a thousand of men in her harem or Ooku. Although the title and the basic premise is about a reverse harem  it's actually not. It's a saga of the origin and the effect of a disease that affected the country but more specifically the lives of the characters of succeeding generations in the story. Well I've only read just up to the second volume but as far as the story goes it really it's on a different league of it's own. Aside from originality of the theme, I was hooked at the flow of the storytelling of each of the arcs. The characters are all alive with their emotions. I would definitely look out for the other volumes.

Freshest Buzz: Ophiuchus the 13th Constellation

The 13th zodiac/constellation, Ophiuchus has created a buzz that displaces everyone's zodiac signs. Now I've been Leo all along? This was caused by the tilting of our planet over the course of millions of years. But fret not this will not affect astrology and horoscopes. This is being used by astronomers for constellations.  But sadly Pluto is still not a planet. lol. More info from IBTimes. This hoopla actually had a good side on it. It answered my question to why do I sometime see 13 characters in Starry Sky and why the13th and last episode is entitled with the infamous Zodiac. Turns out Shiki Kagurazaka is the 13th secret sign of Starry Sky! Enjoy the wallies.

Capricorn Wallpaper

Click for hi-res wallie. Get buttons, icons at Starry Sky until January 19.

Not-so-Fresh-but-a-BIG-news: FruBa Hollywood Movie

I can't believe I only stumbled about this now. Joshua Long the producer of "Cowboy Bebop" movie is planning on creating "Fruits Basket" Hollywood movie. You can listen it here. Start at 20:15. Long says that they're close to signing a writer and he's been planning this since "Cowboy Bebop". Then I skipped to 56:37 and he mentions that they'll focus on the love story and delve to the mythology. He adds that it will be a great challenge and that fans will love it.

FYGK Trivia Quiz and Wallies

There's a trivia quiz at Yuu Watase's site (in Japanese) where you can get wallies. Here's the goodies! I have so many wallies from mangas, animes and otomes that I might post them in batches the future. :) I also updated the wallpaper tag with all the pics that are actually official wallpapers and wallpaper sizes too.

Yumeiro Pâtissière SP Professional

Yumeiro Pâtissière SP Professional- 13 episodes
Ichigo and the Sweet Princes returns to Japan after training in Paris. Then Ichigo with her new group was tasked by Henri-Sensei to open a shop. They're now highschool kids and there's also a romance angle. It has lost it's touch of excitement like as how we watched the cookoffs from the first season. I thought it will have a great twist being a 13 episode special but it ended weakly. The opening is so Lady Gaga with the cute spirits. There's also a new spirit who bungles up Japanese words and she mentioned two popular sayings which are also reverse harem titles: Hana Yori Dango and Yamato Nadeshiki.

Hakuouki Hekketsuroku

Hakuouki Hekketsuroku- 10 episodes
The Shinsengumis decided to shed off their traditional garb to lighter clothes to match the Westerns. But their cause seems to be the losing side. If you would like a quick history trip where the otomes are based such as this then please visit Lijakaca's article about it. This is a tragically tragic tragedy. It was so painful to watch. One after another... Alas for a brief second we saw the kiss then we see the famous shot of their backs. I know they're based on real people and history and all but how could they have ended it there? I have this theory that the most popular love stories is when it ends (again) "tragically" and I know Hakuouki will not lose it's popularity but this is too depressing. Even the pic above is gloomy. Also I'm not sure if I missed it but whatever happened to Saito and Shinpanchi? I need to watch SSL to wash off this sad aftertaste.


And the winner for Angelique polls is Zephel and Angelique or Angelique or Ange? Sorry for not clarifying which Angelique. I've actually intended this for the very first Queen. I'll probably run this again after I'm done with all the polls. Thanks for 196 people who joined. Here's the tally of your votes!

Zephel 50 (25%)
Clavis 39 (19%)
Oscar 34 (17%)
Randy 32 (16%)
Lumiale 13 (6%)
Julious 9 (4%)
Luva 8 (4%)
Olivie 6 (3%)
Marcel 5 (2%)

Freshest News: SKSS at KBS awards

The Jalgeum Quartet each won the awards for KBS awards. Song Joon Ki was also one of the hosts of the night. Lol bromance garnered a couple award too.
Drama Series, Actress: Park Min-young (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)
Newcomer Award, Actor: Park Yoo-chun (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)
Popularity Award: Song Joong-ki (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)
Netizens’ Award: Park Yoo-chun (Sungkyunkwan Scandal), Park Min-young
(Sungkyunkwan Scandal)
Best Couple: Song Joong-ki & Yoo Ah-in (Sungkyunkwan
) Park Yoo-chun & Park Min-young (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)

from dramabean group pic from facebook

JYJ singing the OST, yes with Yoochun!

Couples Awards!

Happy New Year

New Year messages from Lala and Lala Dx mangakas. Taken from Omari's Sister's. I'm on limited net use since we celebrated the New Year from out of town. I'm gonna update later or maybe tomorrow for more New Year greetings and the works.

from Starry Sky

from Idea Factory for Hakuouki

from Yuu Watase

from Matsuhiro Hino

from Sugiyama Miwako

from Mizuki Shioko

from Ichiwa Shou