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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hwang Ji Ni

Hwang Ji Ni 24 episodes

The drama is based on popular gisaeng in Korea's history. The story is about a girl who enters the gisaeng for her fascination with dancing not knowing that when she grows up she can only give her heart to her craft.This is not a straight reverse harem but the story is also about the men in her life. There's the fourth minor guy not included in the picture above. The one sitting on the floor is Jang Geun Sak of You're Beautiful. He looks like a baby here. 

This is one long heavy tragedy. Prepare your tissues as I've cried a lot of times. Your heart will develop addiction with pain. lol. It will also keep you in your toes as you will never guess of what will happen next with her dedication to dancing and her next antics. In the end there's really no villains just a story jampacked with confused characters. The actress Ha Ji Won is so versatile. She played both younger and older versions of her role. The dances and the clothes are mesmerizing to watch. I found out about this drama when I looked up for the word gisaengs while watching Sungkyunkwan Scandal.

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