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Happy Birthday Aries

Uhhm up until today only at Starry Sky.

Freshest News: Hakuouki movie and English otome

The first part of the all-new, two-part movie, "Hakuōki: Daichishō Kyoto Ranbu (Hakuōki: Chapter 1 Kyoto Dance" will premier on August 24 in Japan. More info from ANN and official site.

Aksys will also bring the visual novel "Hakuouki: Memories of the Shinsengumi" in US. No official date yet and it will be in Nintendo 3Ds system. More info from Aksys and official site

Flower Boy Next Door

Flower Boy Next Door - 16 episodes

Go Dok-mi is a shut in or a modern-da Rapunzel who finds herself surrounded by nosy, goodlooking flower boy neighbors. This is the third of TVN's 'Oh Boy' Flower Boy series after Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and Shut up Flower Boy Band. TVN is really milking the power of the reverse harem flower boy concept. The teasers, the title, the storyline and everything is screaming 100% reverse harem but it's actually not! This is the first time a drama really went all out with packaging itself as reverse harem. 
The characters are all very creatively-inclined. We've got an editor, game developer, webtoon artists and a chef. I like how they inject all their nuances as recurring themes all throughout the series. The poetry, the webtoons, post it notes, game board, cooking class etc..heck I even love the mall owner's fashion. But with all it's artistry I didn't find any romantic chemistry at all even with the two leading men. Zilch. W…


Amnesia - 12 episodes

A girl wakes up on August 1 with no memories and she meets a guy claiming to be her boyfriend and a floating fairy that only she can see. 
Okay so the girl is a pushover, but I like the idea that we can relate to the character at a first person point of view as we really have no idea where the story is going to. Everything is a clean slate. And it's so weird that they never mentioned her name or did I just miss it? I was caught off guard with the how the reverse harem element was played and the relevance of the date. They've given some tiny hints about it. I also love how the characters shined in their own right and for the first time I equally love all of them in their dark and sometimes twisted ways. If It was me I would be really confused  to which route I would choose. I find the plot and the characterization cleverly written but in the end it was it's own downfall. All the build up and then it abruptly ends. It's good that there's still…

Round Up of Everything!

Upcoming: Brothers Conflict will air in July. From Cr. Here's the look of the anime's character designs from official site.

Upcoming: Neoromance will also release a manga version of the otome, Geten no Hana. It's set on the warring-state era of Japan. From otome-jikan.

Miscellaneous: Check out April Fool's day treats from different otomes from breadmasterlee.

Mystery Picture: Margaret's all-star cast wallie? Been seeing a lot of all-star casts wallies from different magazines lately.
Uncofirmed: RDG: Red Data Girl - The poster and the opening is hinting reverse harem. But reverse harem or not, the anime has got me hooked. 

Miscellaneous: Boys Over Flowers' Lee Min Ho + You're Beautiful's Park Shin Hye= Heirs kdrama

Uta no Prince-sama - Maji Love 2000% Trailer

Check out the trailer of Uta no Prince-sama - Maji Love 2000%. The anime will premier on April 3.

Hello April!

Happy April's Fool

Happy April Fools from Ukyo, the Joker route of Amensia. More wallies from the upcoming game, Amnesia Crowd after the jump.

Happy Easter

from Tamago no Hi or Day of the you know why lol