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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Crimson Hero

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By ayreesa

"Beniiro Hero" ("Crimson Hero") by Takanashi Mitsuba 12 volumes-ongoing

Volleyball is everything for Nobara that she'd rather be dorm maid than inherit the ryotei or restaurant. This is a half reverse harem because at the start she's serving the top 4 players of the boys' volleyball team and as the manga progresses she was was able to form her own female volleyball team. "Crimson Hero" has a winning combination of comedy, volleyball action and romance. The art is beautiful too. The heroine is tomboyish but a real beauty. I've put off writing it since it's not a full reverse harem but all I can remember is that I enjoyed it. I've read the latest chapter, and it's looks like there's a new set of reverse harem.


  1. ouhhhh!!!!!!
    I have read this manga too
    but did't think that you would write about it someday...
    the setting seemed pretty good
    ...and I totally hope more harem in it's new chapters...!

  2. I've read this last year and I wished I've written it when it was still fresh from my memory hehe

  3. Ahhhh! I <3 <3 <3 Crimson Hero!! It's like one of the only few mangas that I actually read. :)


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