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The Kirimi Effect

The scene that started my quest to debauchery. :) I've added the vid in the intro tab. But I can't resist to post it here too.

Unconfirmed: Ti Amo Chocolate

Look what I found another Coffee Prince clone. (Not that I'm complaining)  It's a Taiwanese drama, Ti Amo Chocolate starring Vaness Wu. Check the dramawiki synopsis.

Unconfirmed: K anime / Upcoming: Beautiful You kdrama

There's a new anime project entitled "K". Saw it from Danny Choo's Instagram. Poster looks reverse harem-ish. Check the official site.
Beautiful You is set for August running a Wednesday and Thursday slots on SBS.

Tenka Ichi!!

Tenka Ichii!! by Pinku Aomata

Tora feels out of place in her highschool with her manly name and rigid dojo upbringing. But she'll find her self more out of place when she slips back into the warring states period. Maybe she'll fit in as she disguises herself a man. Okay so I just based this from the few free pages of  Jmanga preview. Based on the preview too I can say it's PG 18 but I'm not sure with the pages ahead. I really want to read this.I love the word timeslip. Gonna create "timeslip" tag for Fushigi Yugi etc. This will be applicable too to parallel universes, different worlds and dimensions.Also, I spy the obligatory twins in the cover.

Brave 10

Brave 10 - 12 episodes

The miko Izanami is being chased by assassins. She seeks help from the warlord Sanada who's gathering 10 warriors called Sanada's Braves. It's based on historical characters of the warring Sengoku era. Of course with a supernatural and gender (some of the characters were made into female) twists.
Priestess. Check. Guardians. Check. Bishies. Hmm Check. Romance. Hmmm Check. Reverse harem hmmm no but if you want a shonen version of Neo Angelique meets Haruka meets Hakuouki. Then go watch this. Basically, it's let's-feature-a-guardian-per-episode so we don't get to see the whole gang together and they're all scattered and all. I would have loved it if they had more interaction and more fights. Their powers are cool too. Maybe they're saving that for a second season. It's also going to be adapted into a stage play as reported in ANN.

Happy Mom's Day!

Happy Mother's Day from the okasa of the host club. Lol!

More official wallies from OHSHC after the jump!

Bday Wallie

Happy Bday Taurus! Wallie is up from May 14 to May 21 at Honeybee.

Hello May