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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Book Review: The Ghost Bird Book 9-12: The Healing Power of Sugar/ First Kiss/ Black and Green/ Love's Cruel Redemption

The Healing Power of Sugar

Luke is acting strange and Sang tries her best to spend time with him if he’s in the same boat with their plans. Sang also finds a new complication with the school ’s guidance counselor.

The focus of the book is on Luke. It was a drag to start reading it since I am not a fan of Luke. And it’s been too long since the last time I read the last installment. But as the story progressed...Boom! I’m caught up in their own world where time slows down. You have no choice but to abandon everything and you live and breathe with them as time becomes irrelevant. I am hypnotized again to join the long, sweet ride. It did help that our internet was down for three days now and I was able to progress with reading it. I realized I was enjoying it again during the Thanksgiving party. I also can’t wait for development with Kota. The groundworks are now being laid for Kota and Mr. Blackbourne since they are the only two left that Sang has yet to kiss. I have a love and hate relationship with the teachers and I feel hostile again with Mr. Blackbourne. It might be with the Mister title. And for some reason, Mr. Grey (Fifty Shades) kept popping on my head because Sang is so obedient with him. Although I’m not a fan of Luke I liked the plot twist in terms of external conflict. I did have a theory before but the ending killed that theory. With the internal conflict, we see jealousies now from other boys to one another. North to Luke. Kota to Luke. Luke to Kota. (?) God.  I love and hate you Sang. Overall, a filler book. The conflict with Mr. Hendricks and Volto was such a mess. The introductions to Academy is imminent. I’m liking these meetings at every end of the book. I’m not sure if I already pointed that out.   

First Kiss

They celebrated Christmas and Sang finally gets introduced to Academy during camping event. Sang now tries to convince Kota to join their decision. Sang also realizes that her past has hurt her more than she has realized.

I know this is still the second book review but as early as now I'm going to say that this is my favorite book among the fours books I've catch up on. The Sound of Snowfall excerpt is actually part of this book. And I want to just freeze the time with Sang and the boys being happy and worry-free. (So over the drama). There was so much fun and important developments happened in this book. There's Christmas, exchange gifts ( I really looked forward to the gifts lol), finally meeting the Academy, camping with the Academy and the KISSES!!!!! There's a crossover too with Scarab Series. I just feel so much hurt for Kota though.

Anyway, the author had created another reason yet again on the reason for the reverse harem element. If you are not a fan of reverse harem it made sense. For us fans, I'm secretly pissed as know we are being lead to this. But I am convinced and impressed too with having to pass it as natural as possible. A foolproof reverse harem.

This book reminds me of how I love this series. They are outside the school and its drama. Everything is new and exciting. It's a breath of fresh air.

Black and Green

The book shows backstories of the two leaders Mr. Blackbourne and Dr. Green but we get to see the POV from Dr. Green only. A new complication with Sang's family begins.

Having just said the last book was the best ever and then poof! We are back to reality. Back in the school drama again.  The same thing of various non stop kissing one from another. More jealousy. The slow burn of the problem is depressing. It's going to be tough to top the last book.  But overall I'm happy how the ending saved the story. I suddenly loved this character we are not supposed to love at all. I'm ready to jump the cliff now if it that conflict did not end. I can really feel the despair. 

I love the play of words of the title. The book also serves a background story of Mr. Blackbourne and Dr. Green. You get to understand more about how the Academy works. But I don't really buy it. Not entirely convinced on how the two managed to be the youngest ever to graduate from Academy.

Why do get a nagging feeling that the author is a guy? I wanted to be mum on this but some of the stuff is not realistic from point of view of a woman. She always put her phone inside her bra and she's not always wearing baggy tops. It would be too obvious especially if she's in school uniform. And when they at one of the guy's houses she has to wear an oversized top where there is an illusion of not wearing bottoms. It's like this is a guy fantasy. Maybe I'm just overthinking it and girls do put their phones in their bra all the time and are not aware of lampshading effects.

Love's Cruel Redemption

Basically Nathan's book. Nathan and Sang were "caught" by Kota's family. They are now faced with repercussions on what will happen if others outside their circle discover their set-up. Nathan asks for help from the other Ghost Bird team.

The boredom from the last book continues to this one.  All about problems and consequences. All the good stuff happened in the first two books and nothing was left to make the remaining two exciting...One character is being framed as Volto. It's too easy if the character is indeed Volto. I will not be surprised if it's just the author duping as and I suddenly have an idea of it might be now. OMG.

And to continue my theory of the author's gender. She took off her shirt to stop bleeding. I'm like...If I'm so wrong with this one...Sorry! 

I will probably not read Scarab again and I'll put on hold Meeting Sang POVs of the other boys.  I am just ready to move on to another series now. I love The Academy but the slow burn and filler type are taking a toll on me. I also have a theory that CL Stone may create book spin-off or just a novella about the very first ghost bird team when they're younger. 

Looking back, Sang's character is very problematic to me now. We are being conditioned to think that this is the only development for her character. But in order for this to work, she's isolating herself with other people and just centering on the guys. It just doesn't sit well on me. I am used to the girl being pursued by the guys. Reverse harem novels first set this path that the heroine may be interested with all...but in this case, she's breathing just them in her life. She's not letting others in. They spoil her and as much as she wants to be independent she's very dependent on them on everything. Maybe I do really need a breather to compare other books.

I normally don't start a new book until I blog about the last one I read since my feelings and memories will be more into the last book I've read. But the problem is I read a non-reverse harem book which is Cassandra Clare's Queen of Air and Darkness. It's hard to blog about the 4 books I've read ages ago and I know I forgot a lot of important details now. Sorry!

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