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Hana Ni Nare

By ayreesa
Hana ni Nare ("Become a Flower") by Miyaki Riko 16 volumes-complete

Momo moves in as a maid to two brothers after her grandmother, her only family, passed away. Momo's an awkward teenager. What she doesn't know is that she's starting to emit a fragrance that's attractive to men. She then learns that she's a hana-bito, a human flower.

This is from the same mangaka of "Love Monster". One after another, literally all the handsome guys are all over her body. She's not a helpless heroine. She's a very willing victim. The story could get away with senseless ecchi stuff after all the story is about pheromones.

Thanks to the anonymous visitor for the tip.

Nadeshiko Club

By ayreesa

"Nadeshiko Club" by Miku Sakamoto 7 volumes-complete

Reo was dumped by her boyfriend because she doesn't know any household chores. She joins the Home Ec Club to learn sewing, manners, cooking etc. It is composed of 4 eccentric but handsome students. Don't let the cover fool you. The art is actually nice but the SD form are plain. The heroine looks like Sunako of "Yamato Nadeshiko Shiche Henge" when she's in her beautiful form. Her love interest will be the guy that I least expected. It has both boring and engaging moments. Hopefully there'll be more of the latter. It's like "Beauty Pop" where each of the guy is expert on something.

Neo Angelique Abyss

I've decided to write episode reviews for "Neo Angelique Abyss" since it's currently airing in Japan (and Singapore). It's 3 weeks overdue because I can't decide if I'll blog every episode or wait for the series to end. Spoilers are inevitable so just highlight the text after the summary. I won't be covering "Vampire Knight" since it's not a reverse harem in the manga but who knows....and someone left a comment that "Special A" isn't a reverse harem either. But I'm watching both. "Neo Angelique" is a spin-off so it doesn't follow the continuity of "Angelique" series.

Phase 1: The Miracle Girl

Angelique is being recruited by Lord Nyx to protect Arcadia from Tanatos. Apparently, she has the power to purify. She also meets another purifier, red-haired Rayne. Then suddenly Tanatos attacks the academy. She used her powers and annihilates the plant-like monsters. She learns that she is the only female pu…

Freshest News: X-Men

Sketches from the upcoming "X-Men: Misfits" shojo were unveiled in the New York Com Con by Del Rey publisher, Middaugh. The story is re-invented by spouses: Raina Telgemeier and Dave Roma and the characters are given a total makeover by Anzu.

Kitty Pryde

Iceman and Nightcrawler


"Instead of the co-ed version of Professor Xavier's Academy for Gifted Children, Telgemeier, Roman and Anzu's version puts the focus squarely on Kitty, who is the only girl student invited to attend the exclusive school for mutants. Think 'Hana Kimi' and 'Ouran High School Host Club' except all her male classmates know Kitty's a girl from the get-go. In a relationship never, ever imagined in the Marvel Universe, Ice Man is Kitty's aloof love interest, and Nightcrawler is her goth guy classmate, who is also the first to befriend her. 'Anzu's version of Beast shows how far we've re-imagined the basic premise of the X-Men story,' said Middaugh as he …

Yume Chu

By ayreesa

"Yume Chu" ("Dream Kiss") Ooya Kazumi 4 volumes-complete

Azuki has great luck in discovering idols (like Crash & Penguin Revolution) but she totally suck in finding love. She met her ideal guy but she's in a dilemma. He's one of the candidates of talent search called "Romeo Gakuen". She can either help him became a big star or crush his dreams for a normal relationship.
I enjoyed reading it that I was wanting for more. I wished the story was longer. I'm screaming for a sequel. I'd like to see what will happen with the rival to the heroine's heart. The art and facial features are beautiful but the mangaka drew Azuki's heeled feet horribly!

Rockin' Heaven

By ayreesa

"Rockin' Heaven" by Mayu Sakai 6 volumes-ongoing

Sawa chose Amawa Gakuen because of their cute uniforms. But she founds out that it was only that same school year that they opened the school for girls. And she happens to be in section 1-G or as what the other students call as the garbage class. The art is beautiful and her classmates are cute especially...(you'll know who). The things he does for her is ssso sweet. Look out for the signs. Some are subtle and some are oh-so-obvious.

Angelique: Twin Collection

"Angelique: Twin Collection" OVA 8 episodes

It's an 8-episode OVA with a music video of a bishie for opening and ending. Some of the clips are in YT except the MV's for Marcel, Zephel, Sei-Lan, Ernst and Mel. They all sounded the same to me. I guess I"ll have to listen to all the songs in a non-stop loop for me to distinguish the melodies. It doesn't help that "Vampire Knight" theme is stucked in my head. Offhand I could easily remember Arios' mafia-looking video and Olivie's dance moves.
Here's the list of the seiyus. You can close your eyes while you listen and imagine that it's their other character roles singing:

1. Atsushi Kisaichi as Timka / Izumi Sano from "Hana Kimi" drama cd - Sorry I'm not familiar with the animes he've played.

2. Fumihiko Tachiki as Victor/ Kenpachi Zaraki of "Bleach", Yoshio Ohtori of "Ouran High School Host Club"

3.Hideyuki Tanaka as Clavis/ Shawlong Qufang of &q…

Beloved Angelique~ Special Omake~Chibi Character Adventure

By ayreesa

This is supposedly a part of "Kokoro no Mezameru Toki". The guardians goes off to an adventure. This is too adorable!!! Dozing Clovis is so kawaii! Kya! Kya! Kya!

By ayreesa

No subs for this. These are the other 9 bishies in "Angelique". Like a reserve for the team lol! I don't know the names of the others though and I'm not sure if this is from "Kagayaki no Ashita".

Harukanaru Toki ni Naka de 3 ~Onsen Chibi Special

By ayreesa

By ayreesa

"Harukanaru Toki ni Naka de 3~ Onsen Chibi Special" 1 episode

This is a special from "Harukanaru Toki No Naka de 3 ~ Kurenai no Tsuki". Nozomi and the guardians are relaxing in an onsen. Super kawaii overload! Kyaaa!

Angelique: White Wing Memoirs

By ayreesa

"Angelique: Shiroi Tsubasa no Memoire" ("Angelique: White Wing Memoirs") OVA 2 episodes

Angelique Collet, a queen of a new universe, meets the reincarnation of Arios who has lost his memories. Very vague right? I thought if I completed the prequel I would have a background for this. It's only after watching "Beloved Angelique ~ When Hearts Awaken" that it made a bit of sense. So I rewatched it. The timeline of "White Wing Memoirs" is between the "Angelique Prequel" and "Beloved Angelique~WHA". They would recognize Arios in the latter OVA but his past as explained by the Queen of the Holy Beast made me more confused. The additional characters from the game: Charlie, Timka, Victor, Sei-Lan, Ernst and Mel, are introduced in this anime.

The anime picks up after the end of 'Tenkuu no Requiem' game. The cosmos of Angelique Limoges are under the attack of Arcadia headed by Arios' alter-ego, Emperor Leviat…

Beloved Angel Angelique ~ When Hearts Awaken

By ayreesa

"Koi Suru Tenshi Angelique ~ Kokoro no Mezameru Toki" ("Beloved Angel Angelique ~ When Hearts Awaken" 13 episodes

Ange is a rural girl prophesied as the Legendary Etoile. As the Etoile she must save the universe of the Holy Beast with the help of Queen Angelique and the guardians. If you don't have any experience with "Angelique" game, the story is clearer among the rest of the animes. With the previous "Angelique" OVAs, I was filled with a lot of questions. You'll get to understand more the guardians as they share their feelings and past.

These guardians seems to take interest whoever is the flavor of the moment. And I thought Angelique is the apple of their eyes and now it's Ange! Hmmp! I guess since Angelique was chosen as the queen she can't marry and she'll be a spinster. And whatever happened to Oscar and Angelique angle? As I've said I have a lot of hanging issues. It's deja vu when Oscar calls Ang…

Onsen de Aimashou

By ayreesa

"Onsen de Aimashou" or "Onsen de Aimashiyou" by Chiaki Karasawa 2 volumes

Due to a series of unfortunate events Koshiyo ended up going alone to Kasuiro Onsen. The Kasurio Onsen is ran by squabbling siblings and served by an all-male staff. The first 2 chapters are fast paced since it'll be just two volumes. The surprise element is an easy guess.

Thanks to the anonymous visitor for the tip.

Beauty Pop

"Beauty Pop" by Kiyoko Aria 6 volumes

Kiri Koshiba has the talent for hairstyling. But she's nonchalant about it much to the chagrin of the "Scissors Project" members who dreams of becoming the number 1 in the field of beauty-making in Japan. I was hooked at the start but became bored with it because the romance never bloomed and the magic of the makeover contests eventually faded. I like the cutout designs in the covers with the small scissors. I'm not yet done with "Beauty Pop Stage 2" which is the continuation from Volume 7-10. I hope the romance factor will be addressed.


By ayreesa

"Maniattemasu" ("No Thanks!") by Ai Morinaga 2 volumes

Homare becomes a maid to Mr. Ichinokura and his three sons to work off her parents' debts. This is an earlier work of Ai Morinaga of 'My Heavenly Hockey Club'. The guys looks the same as MHHC except for the 'ugly duckling' heroine who looks out of place. I was inwardly groaning when I saw that it's another maid story, but it's actually funny and different. Opposed to the traditional reverse harems, Homare is very aggressive with her feelings and her harem are not a bit interested at all. Ouch!

Hana Adaptations

Before the jdorama and TWdrama live action versions of popular "Hana Kimi" and "Hana Yori Dango" mangas, there were :

By ayreesa

"Tou Tou Ai Shang Ni" ( "In Love" or "Summer I Love You" or "Secretly Loving You") 30 episodes Broadcast Date: 2002 in Taiwan

Loosely based on "Hanazakari no Kimitachi e" about a girl pretending as a boy to be closer to the guy. It's a co-ed school and the guy's forte is playing the piano instead of high jump.


By ayreesa

"Hana Yori Dango" Movie Broadcast Date: 1995 in Japan

Domyouji in circa nineties fashion.


Romantic Princess

By ayreesa

"Gong Zhu Xiao Meo" ("Romantic Princess") based on manga "Romance Godan Katsuyou" ("Four Steps to Romance") by Kazuko Fujita 13 episodes

Xiao Mei is a hardworking girl who dreams of getting rich. Like a fairy tale, the pauper turns into princess when she was discovered as the long-lost granddaughter of the billionaire Emp. But being a heiress is not romantic at all. She has to thwart the schemes of her grandfather and the 4 successors.

I like the opening song "Xin Wo" sang by Fahrenheit (w/ members Cai & Jin) and S.H.E (w/Ella from "Hana Kimi"). I've been singing this and even dancing (!) with made up lyrics for days now like "shining shiny". I also like the montage taken from various scenes of the series. And I have a burning question, what's with the bear mascot in a suit???

The script for the twists are well-written and logical. But the pacing is such a drag that I can only watch 1 episode…


By ayreesa

"Crash!" by Yuka Fujiwara 2 volumes- ongoing

Hana is a great asset to their talent agency as she has a nose for a potential star. She is then on a lookout for their next big star to launch in time for their anniversary. Her talent and job is similar to the heroine of "Penguin Revolution".

Harem Lodge

By ayreesa

"Harem Lodge" by Shizuki Fujisawa 2 volumes

As per her father's will, Midori has to live under the care of Tetsuya until she turns 20. She founds out he lives in a boy's lodge and he is actually her fiancee! Cute art and funny start from the first two chapters. But i'm not sure if it qualifies as reverse harem since some of the guys are far from bishies eewww!

Love Master A

By ayreesa

"Love Master A" by Kyoko Hashimoto 2 volumes

Aria transferred schools to leave her past as "The Lovemaster". But her ironic reputation preceded her and she becomes the president of the school council cum dating service. I read in some review that described this as a reverse harem. Check the teaser of a few pages of the manga from Gocomi site.

Happy Cafe

By ayreesa

"Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume" ("Happy Cafe") by Matsuzuki Kou 9 volumes- ongoing

Uru works at the bakeshop/cafe to be independent and to bring happiness to the customers. The heroine isn't beautiful but a kooky character. This is just a reverse harem candidate but I just find this too cute to pass. My sweet tooth was aching after I read this.

Freshest News: X-men meets Fruits Basket

By ayreesa

pic taken from Xmen Evolutions cartoons

Del Rey and Marvel collaborates to create a shojo "X-Men: The Manga". It's Kitty Pryde, the lone girl in the all-boys Xavier Institute, torn between the Hellfire Club and the school misfits that we now know as X-men. It will come in English manga format, read from left to right, this Spring of 2009. This is not an April Fool's joke. But yeah it's not a fresh news.