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News Round Up: Dance with Devils trailer and more!

Here's the ad from Dance with Devils. More info on ANN

It turns out Yamamoto Kaji first started pursuing Horikita Maki in Atashinchi no Danchi. He asked for her number and she gave him instead the number for the agency. More info on unleashthegeek of Yamamoto's perseverance. 

Burn Your Fat With Me, moetivational fitness app is getting an English version. From: Crunchyroll.

News Round Up: KamiKiss 2 new OADs and new musical, Akagami OAD and more!

There will be two more OADs from "Kamisama Hajimemashita". The first episode is "Kamisama, Hanayome ni Naru" ("The God Becomes a Bride") and will ship out in April 20 next year, while the second episode, "Kamisama, Mukae ni Iku" (I'll Meet Up with God")  will ship out in August 19 next year.  
There will also be a second musical, "Kamisama Hajimemashita The Musical 2016". It will run from January 15 to 21. More info on ANN

"Akagami no Shirayuki-hime" ("Snow White with the Red Hair") will have an OAD with three chapters that will not be included in the ongoing anime series. The first chapter is about Shirayuki and Zen's date in the castle town, the second chapter is about Prince Raji as a child while the third chapter is about how Zen, Mitushide and Kiki first met. The OAD will ship out in January 5 of next year. More info on ANN.

Miki Aihara' manga, "Go-ji karu Ku-ji made" ("From 5…

Manga Review: Nise no Chigiri

Nise no Chigiri ("Marriage Vows") - 4 volumes (completed) story by: Kanshuu Idea Factory and art by Shushushu Sakurai

Mana time-travels back to Sengoku era and meets historical figure, General Kenshin and his ninjas who I think are fictitious.

Freshest News: Code Realize to be animated and Diabolik Lovers sequel 2nd PV

Otome visual novel, Code: Realize~Sousei no Himegimi~, will be animated as announced in the Otomate Party 2015. More info on Crunchyroll.

Here's the 2nd PV from Diablik Lovers featuring the Mukami brothers. From MAL.

Summer Mobile Wallies

From Ozmafia!!

From Diabolik Lovers. Check out the rest of the wallies after the jump.

Freshest News: Norn 9 anime site opens, DiaLov S2 PV and more!

The website and twitter for the upcoming anime adapatation of otome, Norn 9: Norn + Nonet, is officially open. The staff and cast have also been announced. Taken via breadmasterlee's RT. 

Watch the first PV from Diabolik Lovers More, Blood featuring the Sakamaki brothers. There will be another PV which will focus on Mukami brothers. More info on ANN.

The makers of Uta Prince no Sama launches a website for project, "Theater Shining". The site teases a "movie" and that the 11 idols will split into four teams. More info on ANN.

Check out the video from Hakuouki SSL. Taken from official site.

This week's contest is, "What's your dream Honeymoon?" The contest ends on August 20 at 10am PDT. Head over to Idea Factory's FB to join.

UPDATE 1 8/17: Added Norn official title

News Round Up: DiaLov &DwD airing dates, unconfirmed RH Kdramas and more!

Diabolik Lovers More, Blood will air on September 23. From official twitter account.

Dance with Devils will be out on October. From official twitter page.

Check out the full cast and PV for the stageplay adaptation of La Corda which runs on September 4 to 13. More info and check out bigger pictures on ANN.  Above photo is from official twitter account.

For this week, the contest is 'Your Dream Wedding'. Just post 200 words or less in the official FB page. Deadline is on August 13, 10AM PDT. Contest is open worldwide. I'm sorry I wasn't able to post last week's contest! 

Idea Factory also partnered with Gloczus to port the game on Android and iOS devices in English on August. More info on ANN.

To Be Continued, an upcoming Korean web drama, is "about girl who crosses paths with a male idol group who suddenly find themselves back in the past, right before their big debut." It features a real-life upcoming boy band group and slated for 12 episodes starting A…

Anime Review: Uta Prince No Sama Maji Love Revolutions

Uta Prince No Sama Maji Love Revolutions - 13 episodes

Quartet has been chosen to open the most prestigious, SSS. Starish also hopes to becomes a part of and it will be divided into a cross-units to deem themselves worthy of entering the contest. Nanami will also work with Quartet in producing new songs.

Hello August

Download the wallie at Hisaya Nakajo's site. Up until August 31 only.