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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Anime Review: Uta Prince No Sama Maji Love Revolutions

Uta Prince No Sama Maji Love Revolutions - 13 episodes

Quartet has been chosen to open the most prestigious, SSS. Starish also hopes to becomes a part of and it will be divided into a cross-units to deem themselves worthy of entering the contest. Nanami will also work with Quartet in producing new songs.

When news broke out that the third season will be entitled Maji Love Revolutions, everybody was wondering why it wasn't named, Uta Prince 3000%. Now I know why, it would be too hard to live up with the pressure. My feelings for Uta-Pri seem like a see-saw. I didn't like the first season. Then surprisingly, I enjoyed the second season and now I'm back to being disappointed again. 

I don't have anything against boy bands but I gravitate more to girl groups like 2NE1 and After School. While everyone was crazy with Backtstreet Boys, N'Sync etc. in higshchool (Warning! generation gap alert!); I was into Spice Girls and All Saints. But Uta Pri has its' appeals that draws you in even if you're not a boy band fan. With all the cd merchandise, they've released it's no surprise that there'll be a lot of songs per episode. I liked the acapella opening of Quartet, it's so powerful. But I find their final performance very anti-climactic against Starish's 'Revolution'. Their song becomes the  highlight compared to "Revolution" which has been playing nonstop through the series. Starish's main song doesn't feel new or exciting at the point where it suppose to matter. I can't critique much of the songs since I'm not a music expert. But I can't help but notice that sometimes the melodies all sound the same? I was also hoping that Starish will be selfish or be super jealous that she's working with Quartet. I decided that my favorite Quartet is Camus, but this is purely based on looks alone. For Starish, it's Ren. I tend to like guys with long mane in Uta Pri. But my favorite in terms of personality is missing, Satsuki. I was expecting they'll let Natsuki brought him one during his troubles in the stageplay. 

Uta Prince has the flair for being outrageous but Ai's true identity was so out of the blue just like Cecil's curse. Is it just my pregnant hormones talking but I'm really irritated with Shining's over-the-top personality. (Yep, baby #4...another boy on the way haha) I wasn't irritated with him before. 

Despite being a very dragging sequel, the ending was surprising and it sure makes you excited and optimistic for the upcoming fourth season especially with the  battle's verdict left hanging in the open. One of the new addition though looks like cut-out straight from Diabolik Lovers anime. 


  1. I'm just hoping that Haruka will actually end up with somebody. I'm only waiting for that and that's why I've been watching it, but if they don't show that she ends up with one of them, i will be actually pissed. I hope she chooses Tokiya.

  2. I liked the first and second season but this season i wasn't really into it :(

  3. I don't think she will end with anyone because in otome games you can chose who she ends with but in anime its too difficult to show it unless they are bothered to make endings for each boys.

    I usually go read fanfictions if im not satisfied hahaha


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