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Wallpapers: Upcoming and Monthly

Upcoming: Kazoku Switch by Torika Chiya. I can't find a summary for this.

Official wallie for April from Hisaya Nakajo

Happy Easter!

From You're Beautiful

Birthday Wallies

March and April birthday wallies available until April 26th at honeybee. Taken via ponytalelalaparadise.

Freshest News: Asuko March Presscon

The upcoming drama "Asuko March!" held its' presscon. The lead heroine is going to be with 27 boys in her class. More info from tokyohive.

Also here's the official poster and an extended trailer.

from d-addicts

Fighting Japan 2

More artworks from Hakusensha mangakas. Taken from Omari's Sisters. Here some of the messages featuring their reverse harem works. Too bad we don't have the translations.

from Hatori of Ouran

from Takaya of Fruits Basket

from Nakajo of Hana Kimi

from Minami of Seiyuu Ka!

from Kanechiku of Haruka

Freshest News: Haruka 2 Stage Play

Haruka 2 out on June. From official site via Angemedia LJ.


Here's a wallie from 'Seiyuu-Ka!' in commemoration of reaching a hundred followers on google. Special mention to jHella for being the 100th follower. Thank you and to the other 99 peeps as well :) Sorry I can't mention all of your names. If you would like to add 'Reverse Harem Garden' on google friend connect or reader go to the very bottom of the page and look for soul friends.


Aruitou by Nanaji Nagamu More info from Jshoujo.
Update 2: Found a wallie version from Margaret site.

Freshest News: Blood C

Clamp will make it's own anime and film version of Blood+. Blood+ plus Clamp = Blood C. From ANN.

UPDATE: Official site here.

Polls: Shugo Chara Couple

The winner for who should Amu-chan choose from Shugo Chara bishies is Ikuto. He leads almost 300+ votes againts all the Guardians! Thanks for the 404 peeps who voted.

Ikuto 324 (80%)
Nagihiko 29 (7%)
Tadase 20 (4%)
Kukai 24 (5%)
Kairi 7 (1%)

Happy April's Fool

Enjoy the wallie from Hakuouki. This is not a joke. It's an old official wallie..drawn with the left hand. LOL.