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Trick or Treat!

By ayreesa

"Ouran High School Host Club" as "Alice in Wonderland"

By ayreesa

"Honey Hunt" as "Snow White"

Reverse Harem Runway

(L-R) Cosplay as your favorite heroine from Haruka, Neo Angelique Abyss, Saiunkoku Monogatari, Heart no Kuni, The Gentlemen's Alliance, La Corda d'Oro, Ouran High School Host Club and Hana Kimi

Images from COS

Freshest News: Fruits Basket Stage Play

By ayreesa

Natsuki Takaya's shojo romance manga Fruits Baskte will get its first stage play — by a theatrical troupe that happens to be all-male. Gekidan Studio Life is aiming to open the production in The Galaxy Theater in Tokyo on February 25 for a two-week run. In an attempt to cast unknown actors looking for their professional stage debuts, the theatrical company has been holding auditions from October 1 to November 28. "Healthy males 23 years old or younger" can audition, although a guardian's permission is required for minors.


Upcoming Mangas

Possible reverse harems mangas released this year.

By ayreesa

Amai Yatsura by Kazuma Ooya of "Yume Chu"

By ayreesa

Ubukawa - Hajimete no Kare by Nao Doumoto - UPDATE filed under currently reading

By ayreesa

Monochrome Shounenshoujo by Ryoko Fukuyama (is the long haired one a boy or a girl?) UPDATE: SHE'S A GIRL >.<
By ayreesa

"Petit Four" by Peko Momoiro-based from otome (FILED UNDER READING)

By ayreesa

"Yotteke! Oto Komura" by Momoko Koda "about a male-hating girl who is dumped in an all-male town to find a fiancé." --ANN UPDATE filed under currently reading

By ayreesa

"Puri x Puri - Himegimi wa Oujisama" by Miki Kiritani- girl becomes a "male" member of all-boys idol, ZAST

"Yoru Cafe" -ABout a widow left to manage the cafe filled with bishies. UPDATE filed under currently reading

By ayreesa

"Xmen Misfits" to be released on April 7, 2009. UPDATE filed under currently reading

Barajou no Kiss

By ayreesa

"Barajou no Kiss" ("Kiss of the Rose Maiden") ongoing by Aya Shuouto

Agnes Yamamoto is afraid of lightning, thunder and her father's last words to never, ever remove the rose choker or else a punishment will befall her. I won't spoil of you what the first consequence is since only the first chapter is available, but the turn of events is surprising and very promising. This one has the flower theme too. Two anonymous visitors recommended this title. Thanks!

United Nations Day

from Ouran High School Host Club

How do you say reverse harem in your country? I don't think there is a translation in Filipino.

Hiatari Ryoko

By ayreesa

"Hiatari Ryoko" ("Sunlight All Around") 48 episodes-complete

Ksaumi moved in to her aunt to be closer to her school. She finds out that she'll be sharing the roof with four male tenants who are also students of Myōjō High School. It aired in 1987 to 1988 based on the manga that ran in in 1980 to 1981 by Mitsuri Adachi. It's an earlier form of reverse harem about a girl living in a house with boys. Contemporary examples are "Fruits Basket" and "The Wallflower ". It's also a sporty mix of high jump, tennis, baseball and cheering. There 's also an animated film "Hiatari Ryoko! Yume no Naka ni Kimi ga Ita" and a live action drama that was cut short in 1982.

Freshest News: Star's Lover Cast

By ayreesa

Lee Ma Ri is a famous actress that is actively pursued by four men. The four men come from different backgrounds and have different aspirations. One is a literature graduate student who dreams of becoming a writer (Yoo Ji Tae), another is a famous photographer (Choi Phillip), the third is the heir to a major chaebol family (Ki Tae Young), and the last man chasing after Ma Ri is a young executive who works at a media corporation (Lee Ki Woo). from dramawiki

Shooting began last month in Japan and is set to air this December in Korea. The drama was first called "Lovers in Asuka". Then it was changed to "Oh My Goddess" and finally to "Star's Lover". This is also Yoo Ji Tae first TV role after nine years since "Love Story" which was also with Choi Ji Woo.

source: dramabeans

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"Shugo Chara"

By ayreesa

"Shugo Chara" ("Character Eggs") 51 episodes- complete

Amu is the cool and spicy transferee in Seiyo Elementary. But beneath her image is a confused and shy girl. One day she discovers three eggs or charas which will be her would-be characters when she grows up. Then she meets the Guardians who has also has charas who aims to protect students' dreams from becoming X-eggs.

I don't usually enjoy watching kiddie animes well except for 'Cardcaptor Sakura' and 'Alice Academy'. And now I can add "Shugo Chara". It's very relaxing to watch and it really does take away all of my negative energy. I also liked the cute yet cool animation and characters. It's not trying too hard to be icky girly cute. It's a long series but it never felt like it's a chore to watch. I looked forward to watching the the new charas, transformations and the combinations. Admit it you also make the 'My Heart Unlock' and 'Open…

Related Readings: Twilight

By ayreesa
Japanese Cover Version

"Twillight" by Stephenie Meyer

I'm sorry if I'm in a semi-hiatus state for about a couple of weeks now because I've been SO obsessed over U.S. bestseller "Twilight" sagas. The story begins with Bella moving in to Forks. She becomes dazzled and soon falls in love with a boy in her school who's actually a vampire. This is like my most favorite book series ever! I've read everything including "Midnight Sun" and outtakes that I'm about to reread it from book one again, which proves how obsessed I am considering I don't have the patience to rewatch or reread stuff. I can't seem to satiate my thirst for anything related to "Twilight". The soundtrack, the movie etc. From the time I wake up till I sleep. I'm afraid I'll scream like a crazed fangirl in the movie house. "I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him!"

There is also another reason why I'm recomme…

Freshest News: "Makino" of "Boys Over Flowers"

By ayreesa

The Korean version of "Hana Yori Dango" is titled "Boys Over Flowers" and to play the role of Makino is Goo Hye Sun as Yeon Woo.
"Hye Sun plsud Yeon Woo (Makino) who is a swimmer in a school that does not even have a swimming team. Her family operates a dry-cleaning shop which is situated just besides the legendary “Shin Hwa College”, opened only for nobles. During a trip to the college to deliver some laundry, Yeon Woo meets the four male lead and their story begins from there. Director Jeon Ki Sang explained Goo Hye Sun was chosen eventually because she fits Tsukushi’s image well, and acknowledges that the public had tossed her name around a lot as a prospective Makino when the drama was first announced. She was in fact one of the front-runners in the numerous polls." source: coolsmurf

Neo Angelique Abyss ~ Second Age

By ayreesa

Neo Angelique Abyss ~ Second Age 13 episodes

Six months after the burning of Silent Sun, Angelique finally wakes up. She must find a way to fight Erebros and save Arcadia especially Nyx. I stopped the episodic recap when the subbed version of episode 3 was delayed. It was better I guess to watch this straight to finish since it's very gloomy and depressing. The comic relief and fanservices are down to almost nothing. The bishies are the only thing that's making me watch this. Neoromance really have a thing for anti-hero/ villain and of course the obvious happy ending where she doesn't end up with someone. For the second season, the phases are replaced by acts and Angelique changed costume for a supposed fighting form. I wouldn't be a surprised if there will be a special or OVA.

Freshest News: The Korean F4

By ayreesa

Finally the cast of the Korean Hana Yori Dango.

(from left to right)

Lee Min Ho as Gun Jun-pyo (Domyouji Tsukasa)
Kim Hyun-joong as Yoon Ji-hoo (Hanazawa Rui)
Kim Bum as So Yi-jung (Nishikada Soujiro)
Kim Joon as Song Woo-bin (Mimasaka Akira)

more info heresource:dramabeans