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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Book Review: Spearwood Academy Volume 2

Spearwood Academy Volume 2 Episodes 6-10 by A. S. Oren

Avalon gets through her first test in Spearwood Academy with flying colors...in gold scales to be exact. She's learning a lot of new things about herself, the boys, the school, the shapeshifters and that everybody is not what they appear to be. But there's still a lot of questions unanswered and more questions are being unraveled as the academy seems to have bigger plans for her. Warning! Spoilers ahead. 

This was given for free in exchange for a review. I am new to the episode approach to a book. I think this approach is feasible for the author especially since she self-publishes her work. Another advantage is that the writer can play by ear and make changes depending on whose characters are popular. One drawback though is that it's been a while since I first read the novel and I have to reread it from the start. I hate to admit it that I've already forgotten which is which and I need to reread it form the start to jog my memory. It works in mangas because it's visual. Also another issue that I've come to realize with mangas versus books is that it's hard to track the keep track of the boys in text-only literature like Brothers Conflict novel and other reverse harem novels. I have to keep looking back at the picture or character sheetlist for reference. 

But turns out rereading the book was a great excuse. Reading it nonstop from volume one to two was one enjoyable ride! The inner circle has gotten bigger, yes more boys in her harem. I'm still curious why they suddenly banded together as it was not answered yet. In the second volume, we get to know more of the boys and their personalities. But believe me it's far from over as there are still new boys making appearances in the second volume. I'm enjoying the nuances of their personalities translating to how they speak or relate to each other. Like Mirren, he said that he doesn't like her version now. Does that mean he currently "likes" her if she's back in her old self? The development of  Dante's and Paden's characters has also sparked my interest to them. They're not superficial as I thought they were. Okay, in the last volume it was Kearn and Mirren who captured my attention, but now it's Dante and Paden. I still like Mirren though but my interest to Kearn had faded. Who knows by the next volume it might change again. I'm sorry I'm so fickle. But one thing's for sure I know all their names now like the back of my hand.

Finding similarities to mangas and dramas are like Easter eggs. There are pheromones from manga, makeovers straight from drama, butlers and  I realized just now that the doctor reminds me of the doctor in Hana Kimi. I feel like Domyouji was split into two. Mirren got his bully side, while The Royal got his spoiled side. Dante also reminds me of Tamaki of Ouran. He's clingy but the mother type instead of the father type. But Spearwood Academy has its own quirks and charms without looking a rip-off. It's more of paying tribute to reverse harem.

The reason Harry Potter is endearing to me is that you could read it again an again and still get amazed like its always your first time reading it. Rereadability is one of the greatest factors of a classic. Trust me I don't have the patience to reread or rewatch stuff. I'm always on the hunt for the next title. But this re-reading exercise just proved to that Spearwood Academy is also one of those books I would want to read over and over again. I could get lost in this world. There are a lot of small details that you could easily forget and discovering it again is part of the adventure.

And now it's time for my miscellaneous musings! (It sounds like a hashtag topic lol)

1. I think their secret place is too far away. The traveling eats much time in the story.
2. I find the revelation between Avvi and Amr lacking but I didn't see that one coming.
3. I'm also curious of what the other boys were thinking when they saw her in their birthday suit and the effect of the pheromones to Kearn and the Padens. By the way, there's going to be a spin-off which is, Spearwood Boys. I hope it includes that! 

There are so many burning questions. What are the marks for? What is the alliance? I still prefer a finished, complete book, being the impatient person that I am. But she's really good in ending the volumes in a bang that makes you look forward for the next one. By the way there is an option to either buy it by episodes or to wait for the volume.  Oren has a new upcoming book, The Splicing Project. I saw her tweeting this as Hunger Games meet Divergent, Reverse Harem and as well as Erotic Adventures and Adultreads. So if you're a tween and teenager, you know what that means 'kay?     

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