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Manga Review: Megane Apato

Megane Apato (Glasses Apartment) by An Tsukumiya

Haruse was requested by her grandfather to be the landlady of the Haruse Apartment or better know as the Glasses Apartment due to the glasses-wearing tenants. I'm not really into the glasses-type even though I wear glasses. But there's more to the story than meets the eye which I find very cute. It looks like a oneshot manga but I'm not really sure.

Kdrama Review: Reply 1994

Reply 1994 - 21 episodes
The drama is set in 1994. It's about the lives of 7 college students from different provinces who lived in a boarding house in Seoul. Among the male boarders, is Sung Na Jung's husband in the present time. The story will teases you with hints as it moved back and forth from the past to the present. 
This is the drama that I equally love and hate. I didn't know it was even possible. I give it a perfect 10 for direction, acting, and set/props. But the ending left me all heartbroken. She didn't end up with the guy I loved! But I've moved on now so I can finally post this without anger.
I enjoyed the overall themes and that's coming from someone with zero knowledge of Korean history, geography and Reply 1997. I love how they interweave the past events, pop culture and regional differences in the story. The drama was nostalgic for me too since 10 years ago I was in 6th grade. Do the math, yes, I'm old! The last lines hit the spot that …

Happy Birthday Capricorn

Here's the first wallie for this year from Starry Sky. They're offering mobile phone formats too but sorry it already ended yesterday.

Happy New Year

UPDATED 3/5 added Trick or Alice and Kami Aso