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News Round Up: Meiji Tokyo Renka movie, Jack Jeanne planned anime, Sungkyunkwan remake and more!

The official site released the trailer and visual of the movie adaptation of Meiji Tokyo Renka. The film opens on June 21. Check out on ANN for more information.

Brocolli collaborates with Happinet for otome game, Jack Jeanne, which will be released on 2020 through Switch. The character designs is by Sui Ishida of Tokyo Ghoul. Here is the plot:  The game's story centers around protagonist Kisa Tachibana, a girl who had given up a career in theater, but receives an invitation to attend the Univers Drama School, an elite drama school for male actors, where students play female roles (referred to as "Jeanne" roles) in addition to male roles ("Jack" roles). However, to maintain her enrollment, she must land a starring role in the school's play at the end of the year, and also hide that she is a girl. Happinet confirms that it will be expanded to other medium like anime, smartphone games and more. Check out on ANN for more information.

Wednesday Wallies: Diabolik Lovers, Starry Sky and Kaikan Project

【Happy Birthday】本日4月24日は無神家の長男、無神ルキの誕生日です。ルキくん、おめでとうございます♥🎂🎉#無神ルキ生誕祭2019#アニラヴァ — アニメDIABOLIK LOVERS公式 (@anime_dialover) April 24, 2019

+*゚。☆ 4.19 Happy Birthday Kazuki Shiranui☆。゚*+

ぜひ使ってみてくださいね☆#スタスカ#ハニビ — 星月学園広報部 (@StarrySky_hb) April 19, 2019

待ち受けに設定して、夏向をより近くで感じてくださいね♥#快クラ#快感フレーズ#神崎夏向#スマホ壁紙#待ち受け — 【公式】快感♥フレーズ CLIMAX (@kaikanproject) April 17, 2019

Anime Review: Meiji Tokyo Renka

Meiji Tokyo Renka- 12 episodes

Mei keeps to herself because of her ability to see ghosts.  Not wanting to be center of attention she finds herself chosen in a magic trick. She's then brought to the past where she meets popular men of Meiji history.

News Round Up: I★CHU Étoile Stage anime, Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 4 and more!

I★CHU smartphone game gets an anime adaptation titled I★CHU Étoile Stage. It is unconfirmed reverse harem but it is a love rhythm adventure game. The player will act as teacher and producer for the idols and the game has a total of 42 voice actors. Check out for more information on ANN.  

Konami announced Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 4 in 2020 but the platform is yet to be revealed. Tokimeki Memorial was first released on 1994 targeting male players. Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side otome game was created in 2002. It also inspired restaurant smartphone game, Tokimeki Restaurant☆☆☆, and film, Tokimeki Restaurant☆☆☆ Miracle 6. Check out for more information and cast on ANN.

News Round Up: Uta Pri movie trailer, Disney otome game and more!

Check out the trailer of, Uta No Prince Sama Maji Love Kingdom. The film opens on June 14. Check out for more information on ANN

Natsuki Takaya will publish three new short chapters of Fruits Basket featuring the Mabudachi Trio (Hatori, Shigure and Ayame). The chapters will ship out April 20, June 5 and July 20 respectively. Check out for more information on ANN.

Related/Movie Review: To All The Boys I've Loved Before

Lara Jeans wrote letters to all the boys she've loved before but the letters got sent out to the ALL the guys!

News Round Up: Re-cast of PS I Still Love You, The men of Doubt movie and more!

The role of John Ambrose of (To All the Boys I've Loved Before sequel) P.S. I Still Love You was recast from Jordan Burtchett to Jordan Fisher. Watch the announcement below from the author's Twitter account.

At last... I can follow back @jordan_fisher on social media. Ladies and gentlemen, our John Ambrose McClaren! — Jenny Han (@jennyhan) March 28, 2019

Here are the ten men from the upcoming movie adaptation of otome game, Doubt~ Usotsuki Otoko wa Dare? From official Twitter and site.

April Fool's Day!

Here's a round up of April fool's pranks from otome games.

エイプリルフール生まれの「はーとふる彼氏」は今日で8周年を迎えました。今も世界中の沢山の方に遊んで頂けているようでたいへん光栄です。お待たせしているあれそれも仕事の合間に地道に仕込みを続けておりますので、今後トモヨロシク🐦 — Moa (@moa810) April 1, 2019

Hatoful Boyfriend was born 8 years ago as an April Fool's  joke.

【Dream Star Live】Trickstarより明星スバルが出演するSpecial Movie Vol.01 を公開しました。Vol.02 は11:00に公開します! #あんスタ#シャニライ#Dream_Star_Live — あんさんぶるスターズ!【公式】 (@ensemble_stars) April 1, 2019

Collaboration between Ensemble Stars and Uta Prince No Sama

Hello April!

Here are the April wallpapers!