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Monday, August 13, 2012

Brothers Conflict

Brother Conflict - 7 volumes (complete) art by Udajo and story by Atsuko Kanase

Ema's father remarries and she moves into the Sunrise  Residence filled with spanking new 11 brothers. I've been looking for this since I first saw this from Lijakaca's blog. Finally, I had the time to scour for it again and found translations and it wasn't enough so I've had to read the summaries. It's a light novel turned to otome game. What makes it set up apart from the usual stepbrother fanfare is the sheer number of brothers (brace yourself for more surprises) and the choice of medium. It was tricky at first to know who's who and I had to look at their pictures for reference. But as the story progress the novel form is exactly perfect to build up all the characters. All the stock characters are well-represented too. The glasses guy, the playboy, the twins etc. I also love it that despite the eye candy art and stereotype characters, there's internal conflicts which is not forced and over the top. Just the right amount of melodrama. I really can't decide whose character I should root for and and unlike other stories there's no dead giveaway on who's going to be the one. I can't wait to read the (summary ) for the last volume and the rest of the translations.  


  1. There are 13 brothers. ;) Just thought you should know. And it's amazing!

  2. But 2 of the brothers don't live in the residence so there are only 11 brothers in the house. Love this show!

  3. I didn't realize, is this a manga too? O.O If so, where can i find this?? Looks too good >.<


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