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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Neo Angelique Abyss

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By ayreesa

"Neo Angelique Abyss" 13 episodes

Arkadia is constantly under the attack of Tanatos. Only a few men have purfiying capabilities. Angelique learns that she too has the power to purify Tanatos and not only that she can also heal the victims of Tanatos. Together with the Orb Hunters and friends she tries to fulfill her destiny as the Queen's Egg.

This is based on spin off game of the series. It's an entirely different story with a new 'Angelique' heroine and obligatory bishonens. "Angelique" is reborn with a modern version after more than 10 years since it first came out. By standards of "Angelique", it has evolved into an anime fit to take the throne of the "Angelique" lore. Though it's reminiscent of it's predecessors, they had lessened the cheesy lines, added more action, more fanservice and mecha too.

The original character art is designed by Yuri Kairi who also designed all of "Saiunkoku Monogatari " franchise and the previous "Angelique". For the animation, the character design is done by Fujiota Maki who designed another NeoRomace anime, "La Corda d'Oro. The overall look of "NAA" is like a mixture of all three titles. The story also has it's parallelism with another reverse harem, "Pretear". It's about a girl destined to be the legendary White Snow who can heal and fight the energy-absorbing monsters from a different dimension. The seiyus of the four Orb Hunters sang the theme song of the series.

The winners for the poll: Who's your favorite bishie/s in NAA? Expectedly, the Orb hunters took the top 4 spot. Rayne 189 (66%), Hyuga 91 (32%), Nyx 63 (22%) and JD 49 (17%). Rayne, the no. 1 favorite, took more than half of the total votes (283). Next are Roche 44 (15%), Rene 34 (12%), Mathias 28 (9%), Jet 27 (9%), Bernard 24 (8%) and Erenfried 18 (6%). Roche's popularity rose after his shower episode lol. Let's see if their popularities will change in the next season.

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  1. My favorites are Roche, Rayne and Rene <3333 all so wonderful


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