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Uroboros No Wa

"Uroboros no Wa" ("Uroboros Circle") story by Kanari Youzaburou art by Keiko Yamamoto 2 volumes-complete

Wakaba's school is being overran by a cursed letter which you must send out to two of your closest friends. I liked the beautiful, neat art. Although the story is short it managed to combine fun and sweet moments with disturbing and frightening scenes. The conclusion felt rushed though because you expect stories like this to go on a loop because the 'villain' won't just give up that easily. Thanks to Nor Liana Kamaruzzaman for recommending this.

Winter Season

Sadly it looks like there's no new reverse harem anime this season. But there's two Korean dramas for the winter line up: 'Star's Lover' which is currently airing and 'Boys Before Flowers' which will premier on January 5. We still have 'Shugo Chara Doki' from previous season and still on the lookout for 'Earl and Fairy'. Enjoy the holidays! UPDATE: The second season of La Corda d'Oro March debut still falls within the winter season. UPDATE 2: I'm not sure if LCDO is under winter or spring. :S

Freshest Updates: BBF Press Con and Star's Lover

More pics from dramabeans.

More updates from Star's Lover: live theater adaptation and Lee Ma Ri's first love.

Emperor Day Polls

Today is the birthday of the current emperor in Japan and to commemorate the event here's our own favorite bluebloods and bishies with prince-complexes.

The rightful heir to the 'most favorite royalty' title and the epitome of prince stereotypes goes to Tamaki of 'Ouran High School Host Club' with 57 votes. In second and third places are brothers from 'Saiunkoku Monogatari': Emperor Ryuki with 32 votes and Seiran with 25 votes.

In fourth place is Prince Aram of 'Meru Puri' with 18 votes. Tied in fifth place with 15 votes are Prin... oops I mean the King Guardian, Tadase of 'Shugo Chara' and Emperor Hotohori of 'Fushigi Yugi'. In sixth place is prince-turned-monk Eisen of 'Harukanaru de Hachiyo Sho' with 14 votes.

In seventh place is 'emperor' of the student council Takanari Togu with 11 votes. In eight place is Prince Jeile of 'Meru Puri' with 10 votes.

In ninth place is Prince Rimudo of 'Fushigi Yugi Genbu Ka…

Love Triangles

Here are some of mangas bordering on reverse harem. If a third guy appears then we're good to go. But if no one enters the picture it's okay, I'm still hooked into reading more of these two.

"Rakuen Danshi" of "Beast Harem"- The only girl in an ex-all boy school but there's only two main bishies. V. smutty! UPDATE 1/3/10 already complete! V. abrupt ending and it's still a love triangle.

"Black Bird" - It's about a girl who can see supernatural creatures. She then learns that they will all be soon after her. So far only two guys have appeared interested in her but look at that picture! UPDATE: 2/19/09 The Tengu Host Club had appeared ^_^

Freshest Updates: More BBF Pics

Fromdramabeans:Edited to add poster translations:
Jan-di (Gu Hye-sun): “The Korean people are nothing without spirit and tenacity!
Jun-pyo (Lee Min-ho): “I’m good-looking… I’m tall… I’m rich… How can you hate me?
Ji-hoo (Kim Hyun-joong): “I’m peaceful, oddly fun, and always warm.
Yi-jung (Kim Bum): “I’m definitely cool, but I’m not a good guy.
Woo-bin (Kim Joon): “To me, the most beautiful love is friendship."

Freshest Updates: Boys Before Flowers Posters

Here's the official posters of "Boy Before Flowers" which will premier on January 5. Pics taken from coolsmurf.

12 Days of Reverse Harem

First Day of Christmas ~ Haruhi ~the most favorite heroine of all reverse harems.

Second Day of Christmas ~ from Vampire Knight ~ Although the no. 2 is not in the reverse harem encyclopedia, Kuran and Zero are a popular wishlist.

Third Day of Christmas ~ from Hot Gimmick

Fourth Day of Christmas ~ from The Wallflower

Fifth Day of Christmas ~from La Corda d'Oro

Sixth Day of Christmas ~ from Ouran High School Host Club

Seventh Day of Christmas ~ from From Fushigi Yugi

Eight Day of Christmas ~ from Harukanaru Toki No Naka de Hachiyo Sho

Ninth Day of Christmas ~ from Angelique

Tenth Day of Christmas ~ from Neo Angelique Abyss

Eleventh Day of Christmas ~ from Uwasa no Midori-kun

Twelfth Day of Christmas ~ from Saiunkoku Monogatari

Reverse Harem Picture

By ayreesa

Remember Gogo Yubari of 'Kill Bill'? She's the pianist in the all-male band "The Tightsmen" in the movie "GS Wonderland". The movie premiered in Japan last month. Hiro Mizushima is also in the movie. I wonder if there's a romance theme to complete the equation of gender bender = reverse harem.

Summer Days 17

By ayreesa

Summer Days 17 by Mayu Shinju

Seventeen-year-old Ishimori finds herself alone with three boys for a summer trip. This is a tame oneshot by Mayu Shinjou. What do you expect ? It's a oneshot after all. XD There's no need for the pics of bishies because the mangaka always have the same style for the main man.
Thanks Lolly for the tip.

Freshest News: La Corda D'Oro ~secondo passo~

The TV special "La Corda D'Oro ~secondo passo~" (subject to change) have been confirmed by the official website for spring airing. The story is a continutaion of 'Primo Passo' and with new characters: "brusque boy Etō, the new youthful school board director Akihiko Kira, and the mysterious transfer student Aoi Kaji. " More info from ANN.


Makoto was forced into joining the weird Beauty Research Club even though she can't literally stomach beautiful people. But she tries to cure her beauty-hating sickness to be able to stare at the face of the one she likes. This is the very first Oda Aya manga that I've read way before 'Shonen Harem' and 'Boy's Kingdom'. Among the three this is the story that I like the most. The story is sweet and quite naughty unlike the other two. But I'm only posting it now with a new guy in chapter 11 . But who knows if he might have a different agenda.

Freshest News: La Corda d Oro 2 Forte: Game and Anime

Game Star posted that 'La Corda d' Oro 2 Forte' PSP game will ship out on February 26 and an anime is also in the works which is set to air on March. The game also introduces a new character named Eto. More info from ANN.

Fun Fun Factory

"Fun Fun Factory" by Yoshitomo Watanabe 4 volumes -complete

Michuri eats the 'witch berries' dessert from Fun Fun Factory. She learns from the owner that if 10 boys also eat the 'curse a la mode' within 24 hours they will be cursed and become the servants of the witch who possessed her. The hunt for the possible servants is kinda slow but their characters and powers are amusing. There's also some kind of a shonen-ai going on within the reverse harem. I can imagine this as a kawaii anime like Shugo Chara with magical girl, bishies, nekos, and desserts that made my sweet tooth ache.

Freshest Updates of BBF and SL

Here's peek of "Boys Before Flowers" in New Celadonia, New Zealand (and not in New York). The cast and crew are currently filming in Macau. More info from coolsmurf.

Choi Ji Woo volunteers to lower her rate by 30% for the drama "Star's Lovers", to help the entertainment industry. Choi Ji Woo is the highest paid actress for television with 48 million won per episode. More info from coolsmurf.

Heart no Kuni no Alice~Wonderful Wonder World~

By ayreesa

"Heart no Kuni no Alice~Wonderful Wonder World~" by Soumei Hoshino 1 volume-ongoing

Alice becomes a player of a mysterious game in Wonderland. There she meets an assortment of shady characters. Now with the anime being delayed, it's a good thing that at least the first chapter of the manga was scanlated. This small bit of the manga makes my heart pound with excitement for the anime with the popular seiyus, very cute art and clothes and bad, bad beautiful boys.