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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

BBF F4 Special music drama ep 1 & 2 & BBF in Japan

Episode 1 and 2 features Kim Bum and Kim Joon respectively. For commentaries and dialogues visit dramabeans. The second half of the F4 after 5 years will be released next week.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Clip from their promo in Japan. They sounded cute when they spoke in Nihonggo.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Freshest Updates: Blood and Meteor Shower

Live action "Blood: The Last Vampire" will open in Japan in May 29 under the name "Last Blood" and then June 12 in UK and 17 in France. 'My Sassy Girl' Jeon Jyi Hun or Gianna Jun will play Saya. More info from ANN. Update 2: Sony will release the movie in US this summer.

The movie is based on the anime film and not on the anime series so there won't be chevaliers. ;(

'Meteor Shower' is slated for a summer release. More info and pics here.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Freshest News: F4 MV

The 25-minute music video will feature F4 five years later from the story. It will air in mnet.com on April 28. Full info from dramabeans.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Freshest News: HK oneshot to be released

Hisaya Nakajo's oneshot manga of 'Hana Kimi' in commemoration of the magazine 'Hana to Yume' 35th anniversary will ship out this April 20. The story is about the successor of Minami Nanba's role in Cherry Blossom Alliance. More info in ANN.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Freshest News: BBF in Japan

Gu Hye-Sun and the rest of F4 will arrive in Tokyo in April 15 to promote 'Boys Before Flowers'. which premiered in Japan last April 12. Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Joon will also perform the drama's theme songs with their respective group: SS501 and T-Max in the presscon. More info from javabeans.

BBF F4 Talk Show Special

Finally watched the F4 Talk special between episode 17 and 18, when Gu Hye Sun had an accident. It showed the start of the production, recap, NGs, the set and more behind-the-scenes. We also see the actor's real personalities during the interviews and mini-games. They're like the opposites of their roles. The quiet type is actually talkative while the strong types are shy. If you're a true F4 fan don't miss this out.

Pic taken from javabeans

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Gokujo!! Mecha Mote Iincho

"Gokujo!! Mecha Mote Iincho" started airing last April 4. Saw this posted by maji_saikou on RH MAL.

From ANN:

In the story, Mimi Kitagami is a kind, level-headed girl who aims to be the best, coolest student council president of her high school class. However, three trouble-making boys are always causing her grief — and she has a one-sided crush on one of the boys, Ushio Tōjō.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Freshest Updates: AND manga prequel

'Bessatsu Margaret' magazine will feature a 2-part manga by Mizuno as a prequel to the "Atashinchi no Danshi' . More info from unleashthegeek.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Freshest News: AND presscon

Horikita Maki plays the mother role at the age of 20 among the six ikemen. More info from unleashthegeek.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Boys Before Flowers

'Kgotboda Namja' ('Boy Before Flowers') - 25 episodes

This is the third remake of Yoko Kamio's 'Hana Yori Dango' manga. First, the Taiwanese drama 'Meteor Garden'; second, jdorama 'Hana Yori Dango' and third, the kdrama 'Boys Before Flowers'. Geum Jan Di is a swimmer, part time-waitress and a daughter of a drycleaner who suddenly finds herself enrolled in the prestigious Shin Wa High School and the target of the F4 , meaning of the whole school.

Kudos to G8 for producing a very addictive drama. The kdrama version tweaked the original story to their advantage and made most out of the stories of other minor characters. Even if this is the third time that we've seen the story, it doesn't feel predictable and it still has a sense of familiarity. You'll feel a lot of deja vu's especially in scenes like kissing againt the sun or GJP running after the bus. Acting-wise and drama factor, the jdorama is still the best but BBF was able to make it's own magic with great casting and over the top production.

At first, I think Lee Min Ho is just a mixture of Jerry Yan's look (but hotter) and (inferior to) Matsumoto Jun's acting. But as the story progress I totally fell for his character. He was able to own Gun Jun Pyo with his potrayal and built. Koo Hye Sun also has a different attack to being Geum Jan Di. I think it has something to do with cultural differences. 'San Chai' and 'Makino' actesses have different treatments to the character like facial expressions or acting natural to their country. Kim Hyun Joong's acting is the only thing that I hated among the characters especially when he makes his eyes pop. But as the drama goes on his skills improved that I began rooting for him too. I'm still not convinced if the third crying scene was real or fake. First it was raining. Second it was all sounds and no close up and last it was a close up with a single drop of tear. Kim Bum has boyish charm but I find his acting exaggerated at times. I felt bad for Kim Joon's charcater who had no backstory at all. I wish they added more comic scenes like when he was dancing by himself and I find his English words funny. I was awaiting for the Jin-Sun-Mi trio but they never made an appearance maybe as not to address that Sunny character has passed away while the drama is still filming.

The casting, direction, scenes, clothes and music are all glossy and eyecandy. The over-all casting and stylized fashion is distracting at times. Everybody looks like they stepped from magazine covers. Even the layman clothes of Geum Jan Di looks so made up in a cute ways. There's a lot of elements in the cinematography, location, props and direction. I can only imagine how many shoots, wardrobe changes, editing etc. that they spent. They maximized the lifestyle of the rich from the sportcars, the overseas locations, the instruments, sports etc. I felt bad that I didn't watch it in HD right away.The music is very poppish and I read in one of the reviews that it was overplayed but it really grew on me. There was a backlash with the use of CGI effects, in the first half but it's not new at all. Remembere the very fake chopper with roses in 'Meteor Garden' and how about the F4 plane in HYD movie? I felt sad that the deal is for 25 episodes only. I felt it was short-lived but worth watching again. The third time is indeed a charm. Sa Rang Hae Kgotboda Namja.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Freshest News: Hanasakeru Seishonen oneshot sequel

The mangaka/creator of upcoming spring anime 'Hanasakeru Seishonen' will create a special supplemental booklet on the next issue of Melody that will be out in June 27. More info from ANN.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April Fool's Day!

I can't tell who's who but I don't mind. The twin factor doubles the fun and increases the bishie sparkles times two! I also have an idea for a reverse harem plot. It'll be based on the controversial octo-mom -- of course the 8 boys all falling in love for one girl. Now drumrolls please for the winners of the polls for favorite twins!

At first place, no surprise, it's the Kaoro Twins of Ouran High School Host Club. They certainly fooled your hearts with their twincest antics with a whopping 250 votes (73%).

The cursed Kiryu Twins of Vampire Knights trailed in second with 117 votes (33%) I don't usually include characters from VK in the polls, but it still provided a weak competition to the previous duo.

Tied in 4th are the only fraternal twins among the bunch, the Minimatanis of Honey Hunt with 38 votes (11%) and the axe-swinging Tweedles Dee and Dumb of Heart no Kuni No Alice with 40 votes (11%).

In fifth place are the gentle Amiboshi and child-of-war Suboshi of Fushigi Yugi with 29 votes (8%).

In sixth place are the shadow and emperor tandem, Shizumasa Twins, of The Gentlemen's Alliance with 27 votes (7%).

In eighth place is the triplets collectively known as Setsuna Ran of Saiunkoku Monogatari with 22 votes (6%).

In ninth place are the twins from sports themed mangas: Ayuhara Twins of My Heavenly Hockey Club with 15 votes and S.P.Y. Twins with 17 votes (4%).

In tenth place are two halves of the character ~ Urumiya Twins of Fushigi Yugi Genbu Kaiden with 13 votes (3%).

In eleventh place are rockstars pair, Ryuutaro and Tora of Midnight Children with 9 votes (2%).

Special mention to the Shinahara Twins of Akarui Kazoku Keikaku. Thanks for voting!