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Halloween Polls

Here are the winners of the polls for Favorite Gothic/Dark Characters, Demons and Monsters. Happy Halloween everyone!!!

1. Nekozawa-Ouran 38 (39%) and Kyo- Fruits Basket 38 (39%)
2. Kuruma-Barajou no Kiss 28 (28%)
3. Kyo-Black Bird 24 (24%)
4. Nyx-Neo Angelique 21 (21%) and Toya- Millennium Snow 21 (21%)
5. Taiki-Hana Kimi 20 (20%)
6. Kuoro-Love Monster 17 (17%)
7. Clavis-Angelique 16 (16%)
8. The Devil Within Boys 15 (15%)
9. Sasame-Pretear 14 (14%)
10. Siva-Hanatsukihime 13 (13%), Arios-Angelique 13 (13%) and Jiro Gin-Love Monster 13 (13%)
11. Suou-Bloodhound 12 (12%)
12. Tamahome-Fushigi Yugi 11 (11%), Arikawa-Harutoki 11 (11%) and Robin-CCC 11 (11%)
13. Kaname-Juvenile Orion 10 (10%)
14. Reino-The Queen's Knight 9 (9%)
15. Francis-Angelique 8 (8%)

Total: 97 votes

Freshest News: interviews and discussions

Interview with Park Shin-hye. Read at drambeans.

Reverse harem discussion at ANN.

Freshest News: You're Beautiful OST

The OST of You're Beautiful is a hit which is unusual for dramas. More info from dramabeans.

Koi Suru Tenshi Angelique series and OVA

"Beloved Angelique Radiant Tomorrow" or "Koi Suru Tenshi Angelique ~ Kagayaki no Ashita ~" 12 episodes-complete

"Koi Suru Tenshi Angelique ~ Kagayaki no Ashita" OVA (30 mins)

Ange's new quest is to find the 9 guardians of Seijuu Universe. This is the sequel to Beloved Angelique When Hearts Awaken . The new set of guardians are a mix of new and old faces and each character is dedicated an entire episode. From what I can recall in comparison with the first season, this is easier to watch. Although the story is created purely to serve marketing strategy for the game it's interesting to see the bishie recruiting process. There's an OVA or special too and yes (!) Ange finally gets to pick the one she loves but the creators tried to make it a half open ending story.

Hard to Find

1. Ai Yuugi 2. Meisai Harem 3. Dr. wa Amai Kisu wo Suru
4. Yumemiru Youni Koi Shitai!

Happy United Nations Day

taken from niko-niko

X-Men Misfits Vol. 1

X-Men Misfits Volume 1 (3 chapters) story by Raina Telgemeier and Dave Roman Art by Anzu

Kitty Pryde feels like a freak with her powers. But when she gets invited to Xavier School, it gets weirder when she learns that she's the first female student. Plus the Hellfire Club made her their exotic pet/ official mascot. This is the first graphic novel that I bought. :) I'm such a fan as a kid since Uncannny X-Men cartoons. At first, I feel like I was reading Toon Titans or something. The manga-fication of the characters are interesting to look at. So far the weirdest looking was Colossus, they made him look like harmless bicentennial man with a mustache. My favorite Storm became a punk teacher in mohawk while all the guys became bishies including Nightcrawler and oh except for Professor Xavier. :D Their personalities changed too and they get creative with the other uses of Danger Room. It's kinda fast paced (particularly the boyfriend thingy) and gets serious at the end. The …


Yorugata Aijin Senmonten - Bloodhound - DX by Kaori Yuki 1 Volume (Complete)

Breaking 100,000 yen worth of wine and a host bar. Sounds familiar right? But the resemblance with Ouran stops there. Rion breaks the wine in search of her missing friend who might be taken by a real vampire. It's a vampire host story from the same mangaka of 'Meine Liebe'. There's a live action too. (or read next post)

Related: Bloodhound

Also known as: Vampire Gigolo or Vampire Host 6 episodes airdate- 2004

The manga scans are not yet complete but the live action is. Too bad it's not reverse harem since the other hosts were competely downplayed. The first arc is the same with the manga but afterwards it became a mystery drama with supernatural enemy of the week. It was not impressive but if you have 6 hours to waste then go for it.

I just realized that RH is a bloodtype too.

Freshest News: You're Beautiful and Furuba

Behind the scenes with You're Beautiful from dramabeans.

Fruits Basket' Natsuki Takaya is nominated in The Female Cartoonists and Comic Book Writer's Hall of Fame. More info in ANN.

Related: Tamra Island

Tamna the Island or Tamra the Island 16 episodes (aired version)/ 20 episodes (full version)

The story is set in 17th century Tamna Island of Korea where women are predestined to be divers all throughout their lives. Beo Jin feels she's not cut for diving and finds herself into all sorts of troubles with the exiled noble, Park Gyu; the shipwrecked English William and evil traders.

First things first. It's not a reverse harem but since there are beautiful boys this will be tagged under related. This is the first sageuk or Korean historical drama that I've really watched. I had misgivings at first with the heroine thinking she just a loli eyecandy and I didn't like 'Park Gyu's character in BBF. Both two delivered impressive acting while 'William' improved as the drama goes on. The three of them have great chemistry and in the end whoever Beo Jin chooses I will still be sad since I like them both. It's also funny to take note that Yan is fluent in Englis…

The Queen's Knight

The Queen's Knight by Kang Won Kim 17 volumes- complete

The troubled Yuna escapes to Germany to get away from her issues in Korea. There Reino whisks her to Phantasma to be his queen. The foreign queen and her knights holds the key of unlocking the curse of the land. The story unfolds very slowly but the mystery was well thought of. Thanks to an anonymous visitor via comment and skribit for the tip! For other titles of heroine taken to another world, well besides Fushigi Yugi and Harutoki, you can try Red River and Meru Puri.

Freshest News: Kim Bum in Philippines/ Freshest Rumors: HYD adaptations

Lee Min Ho endorses Pepsi, Kim Hyun Joong for Coca Cola and now Kim Bum is going to make a CF for a local brand Sarsi RC cola. He arrived here in Manila to shoot with local actress Maja Salvador and will also do some charity work for orphans affected by the storm Ketsana. More info from allkpop. (I want to see him!!!! )

There's also some rumors that Maja will be the lead for the Filipino adaptation of Hana Yori Dango to be aired next year. It's supposed to be titled Brat Boys Beyond and in wiki I saw Bulaklak sa Hardin (Flowers in the Garden). Taken from here. Also unconfirmed I kept seeing blogs mentioning that Malaysia is also set to create their version with 'Bunga' but found no legit looking site to back it up.