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5-ji kara 9-ji made

5-ji kara 9-ji made (From Five to Nine) by Miki Aihira 3 volumes-ongoing

Sakuraba Junko works from 5 to 9 as a teacher and has no boyfriend. But days before her 27th birthday she's pursued by a monk, officemates and a student. Little girls please don't read this. (due to mature theme) First chapter is now scanlated!

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop 16 episodes

Yang Eun Bi is a 25-year-old woman struggling in career, love and a strained relationship with her only family. Things gets more complicated when a young chaebol Cha Chi Soo keeps popping up in every step of her way all the way to the Flower Boy Ramyun Shop.

The drama has layers and layers of twists and it gets sweeter and at times silly as the layers are unraveled. I don't find the actress that pretty but if you think about it she's not like the usual pretty types pretending to be ugly and she plays her character well. The reverse harem can be two-fold. The three guys who are really after her and the pretty boys she's working/living with at ramyun shop/home. Ironically, my most favorite scene in the series is from Yang Eun Bi's bestfriend and coach during the wedding. Overall, I'd rate this drama as feel good, refreshing series. Something to watch after some bouts of heavy drama marathon.

Twelve Men in A Year Teaser

Twelve Men in A Year releases still and teaser. Yoon Jin Seu stars as Miru. It's based on a German novel and will run for 16 episodes. More info from dramabeans.

Upcoming/ Unconfirmed

Noah by Yuki Shibano (manga)

Noah decided to follow the one she loves to the art high school Saint Rinnell. And then she will start a love story like those her parents used to tell her... From chibi manga via mangaupdates.

Twelve Men in a Year (kdrama)

Yoon Jin-seo will play Miru, a magazine journalist who starts a new dating column where she dates twelve men in a year, one for each astrological sign. The drama will premier in Feb. 15. More info from dramabeans. Very Starry Sky-ish eh?

Happy Chinese New Year!

from the guardians of Seiryuu of Fushigi Yugi

Freshest News: Animate Cafe x UtaPri themed food

Animate opens their first cafe in Ikebukuro, Japan on January 31 with Uta Prince No sama- themed food, drinks and mats etc. The promo will end until February 29. More info from Crunchyroll. I got the dish from unleashthegeek's tweet. Here's the menu and translations taken from CR:

Otoya's If I'm With You, It Tastes Better! Just-So Chicken Curry

Masato's I Locked Up My Overflowing Emotions [some kind of] Stew and Rice

Find Piyo-chan! Natsuki's Crepe-wrapped Surprise

Tokiya's Duo of Song and Love Cocktail Marinade

Ren's Harmony Between Me and the Ladies Rich al Dente Fettuccine

Sho's Aim to be a big star! Full throttle chivalry! Twinkle Salad Plate

Cecil's Garnishing the Starry Sky with Aguna Soul Royal Royal Soup

Haruka's Harmony Everyone Creates Together Trio Dessert

Ringo's Gasping Melty Caramel Finished Apple Moon

Ryuuya's Sweet and Sour Adult Love Flavored Rare Cheese Mousse

Shining Special Sweet Set

Freshest News: MU shuts down due to FruBa..well partly

I've been seeing this in the news and what do you know..Fruit Basket was involved. Get the full news from ANN.

Freshest News: Ooku new TV series & 2nd movie

There's a new TV adaptation of the manga on October entitled Ōoku: Arikoto・Iemitsu Hen which will cover the volumes 2-4. Then immediately after the series ends the movie Ōoku: Emonnosuke・Tsunayoshi Hen will premier in December 22 covering volumes 4-6. More info from ANN.

Freshest News/ Upcoming: Uta Pri Season 2

The second season of Uta Prince no sama was announced last Sunday. More info from ANN.

Freshest News: English PSP Hakuouki Limited Cover & Wallies

With less than a month before the release of the English PSP game, Aksys releases the limited cover look and contents. Visit the official site. Here's also the official wallies:

Freshest News: FY boxed set & StaSky English Comics

Season one boxed set of Fushigi Yugi will be released this April. From ANN. There will be an English shonen comics of Starry Sky coming this April 1st as well. From Lijakaca.

Birthday Wallie

Here's the new look of Starry Sky's birthday wallie for the year. Up until Jan. 19 at official site.

Freshest News: Viki app, Brave 10 in CR, English Hakuouki & Starry Sky Fortunes

You can now download the official Viki app via Samsung Apps so you watch Boys Before Flowers on your Samsung phones. From Viki FB page.

Crunchyroll will stream Brave 10 in January 10. More info from ANN.

The English PSP version of Hakuouki will be released on Valentines' Day with prices ranging from $29.99 to $39.99. More info from Lijakaca.

Get your New Year fortune from Starry Sky by clicking on the omikuj. You can get the translation from Ponytale.

Mystery Pictures/ Upcoming Manga

Mystery picture # 1: From Betsuma. Is this an all-star cast cover or a manga?Mystery picture # 2 from Girl's Style UPDATED: From La storia della Arcana Famiglia

Upcoming manga: 1-nen 5-kumi Ikimono Gakari not yet in MAL. This is a wallie too.

Polls: What you like most about RHG/ Monthly Wallie

Thanks to 315 people who voted. I only found out through this poll that people prefer animes and mangas way more than dramas. I'm guilty with focusing more on dramas nowadays (rh and non-rh). There's nothing much to catch up with animes but I do have a backlog of mangas. I promise to give you more manga reviews this year. On the same note, last year's highlight would be the slew of 4 animes and 3 gender-bender live action dramas for summer. Let's hope 2012 will be have more rh titles! Here's to start of a new year from Hisayo Nakajo's January wallie of Hana Kimi.rundown of scores: anime reviews 221 (70%)
manga reviews 211 (66%)
upcoming, unconfirmed and mystery pictures 140 (44%)
news 107 (33%)
drama reviews 105 (33%)
wallpapers 99 (31%)
polls 92 (29%)
bits of otome 77 (24%)
birthday bishies 70 (22%)
banners 63 (20%)
calendars 47 (14%)
constellations 42 (13%)
christmas countdown 40 (12%)
buttons to other sites 35 (11%)
playlist 32 (10%)

New Year Messages

From Starry Sky. You can also visit their New Year site.

From Miwako Sugiyama

From Yuu Watase

Dara looking RH with Shinee for Etude House

Happy New Year

from Crash!!