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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Related Readings: Twilight

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By ayreesa
Japanese Cover Version

"Twillight" by Stephenie Meyer

I'm sorry if I'm in a semi-hiatus state for about a couple of weeks now because I've been SO obsessed over U.S. bestseller "Twilight" sagas. The story begins with Bella moving in to Forks. She becomes dazzled and soon falls in love with a boy in her school who's actually a vampire. This is like my most favorite book series ever! I've read everything including "Midnight Sun" and outtakes that I'm about to reread it from book one again, which proves how obsessed I am considering I don't have the patience to rewatch or reread stuff. I can't seem to satiate my thirst for anything related to "Twilight". The soundtrack, the movie etc. From the time I wake up till I sleep. I'm afraid I'll scream like a crazed fangirl in the movie house. "I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him!"

There is also another reason why I'm recommending this. The first book...yep just "Twilight" is kinda like a reverse harem since there's about 5 guys interested in her. I'm not sure if all of them will make the cut in the movie.

UPDATE :10/18- Yes! they all made it in the movie. (L-R) Edward, Jacob, Eric, Mike (stock photo), and elusive picture of Tyler. That might not be Tyler. Don't they look like they're from "United Colors of Benetton" ad?

UPDATE : 11/4 That's Tyler indeed based from Paramore's official video of "Decode".


  1. If you're looking at books, I highly recommend the 'Bloody Jack' series by L.A. Meyer. It's a relatively long series thats very reverse-harem-ish, especially as the series goes along.

  2. Twilight rocks!!!
    ..I have some vampire
    mangas/animes listed in my blog
    if you want more vampires~ ^.^

  3. Re: Bloody Jack- Thanks for the recommendation.

    @Tartza- I should have known you were a vampire fan too hihi

  4. Another reverse-harem *and* vampire book recommendation: The Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris. Currently eight books total, and she seems to publish once a year. The next book is due out in May. I chewed through them all in about a week, and while I enjoyed the Twilight books at first, these are consistently good throughout with mystery, drama, humor and, um, well-written adult encounters. :D

    It's also being made into a drama currently running on HBO titled "True Blood" starring Anna Paquin. I prefer the books, now having read them, but the tv show is very good too and led me to find the books. Both are readily available via all conventional means. A really hearty recommendation from me.

  5. I'm watching True Blood too. I didn't know that the book is reverse harem. Now, I'll try it out then. Wee! The TV version is off limits to anyone under 18!

  6. I'm wondering if there are movies also in the related section. Movies are short to actually show a harem but there are series like this that are. Sadly, this was only a reverse harem at first like Temptation of Wolves. Both had the same tone but not really RH.


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