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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Legend of Basara

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By ayreesa

Legend of Basara- 13 episodes- based on the manga "Basara" by Yumi Tamura

The story is set in the future that resembles the Dark Ages. It is about Sasara, a girl who just wanted to protect her village from those who are in power. Sasara will learn the dangers and cruelties of fightings and amidst that, she will find her love. Beware, this is not your usual romance fare as this is also an action-adventure anime. The quality of animation in the nineties doesn't quite give you the futuristic feel. But nevertheless, the twists are like from a soap opera executed effortlessly. Just expect the unexpected. This one would leave you wanting for more. Seriously, I'm having second thoughts in this anime to which is better: to give spoilers or to be very vague.


  1. narita_sama@yahoo.comDecember 27, 2007 at 5:28 AM

    be vague but not too vague.If you've read the manga then you know that the anime is a big disappointment in comparison but still good. I think you should let them know about sarasa's "relationship" since they tell you anyways in the first volume. *kyyaaa* I really,really,really,really,REALLY love this series (its so sad how it ends though T_T)ooh can we talk about the series? please if so e-mail me k?

  2. I have been planning on reading this for ages.... and a lot of other things. I really wish I have the time. I'll email you once I've read it.

  3. trteresa@hotmail.comJanuary 2, 2008 at 10:02 AM

    it is a good series although i highly recommend to read the manga better because in the series the story ends when all the things are really begining.... the sad thing is that getting the complete manga is kind of difficult since on internet you can only download till vol#20 i think ....and there are 27 in total... but it it is a really good story.

  4. I have read the manga up to Volume 20 and watched the anime. Trust me when I say the anime is no where as near good as the manga. It really misses the depth of the historical context, character development but most importantly, the depth of relationship between Sasara and Shuri ;). But I feel this is the case for alot of mangas. Usually, the best mangas I've read are not purely romance as seen in Basara, but make everything as developed and rich as possible.

  5. The anime's really good, except, unfortunately, the ending... It's a really open ending... And plus it's short (13 episodes) -_- I've started to read the manga (picking up from where the anime ended). It's really good! :) Everyone should watch it! XD lol


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