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English otome Blue Rose and Other Fun Stuff

Indie publisher, White Cat, have released English otome game, "Blue Rose". It's about a girl who wanders off in the mountains. From Otome Jikan.

Play the Brothers Conflict Click and Drag Game at Funimation tumblr. Okay... I cheated several times to get Subaru.

There's a fat-burning moe-tivational app called "Burn Your Fat With Me". Via Crunchyroll. I already installed it but I can't understand Japanese :S

I've also downloaded this app a long time ago in Android, Vitamin X Sleepytime Boyfriend Tsubasa. If you're listening to it with your headphones you'll get the goosebumps as if he's really whispering closely in your ears! I just have to uninstall it though because it also appeared on my music playlist and there's this part where the bishie suddenly talks in a loud voice and it surprised the hell out of me. So much for sleepytime app. There's a lot of other Vitamin X app that I still have to try in iOs.

Manga Review: Sweet Girl

Sweet Girl - 3 Volumes (Complete) by Haruka Kanda

Masaki Aoi's androgynous looks made her the target of her girl classmates to join the Confectionery Club and to find out why they refuse girls. Problem is she thinks it's actually a Molesting Club. One chapter scanlated so far. I think it's rare that we get glasses guy as main lead.  

Anime Review: Uta Prince No Sama Maji Love 2000%

Uta Prince No Sama Maji Love 2000% - 13 episodes

After Starish's successful debut, the group now enters the Masters Course under the guidance of their seniors who are also idols. Will they also have a chance to get nominated for the Uta Pri Award given to the best newcomer idol group? Can Nanami find the missing piece of Starish to make it?
I hate to admit it but I wasn't a big much of a fan of the first season. And just like Neo Angelique and Hiiro no Kakera, I was bracing for the same indifference. But for the first time, I got schooled and I found a sequel that is actually better than the first. I think the reason it got more exciting now is that they are now working together as a group and not competing against each other. The let's-feature-a-character-per-episode is standard formula but I really enjoyed how they made the characters shine with glitz but still with a heart. The series wasn't just talking big when they used 2000%. They really doubled the entertainme…

Manga Review: Futei de Furachi na Ani desu ga

Futei de Furachi na Ani desu ga (My Handsome Brothers) by Yuki Shiraishi  5 chapters (complete)

Ayumu feels like a goose with her clingy and school's popular Shiratora brothers. Only 1 chapter is available so far. I wonder if the scanlators meant duckling. Anyway, the animal reference is not something new since it's from the same mangaka who wrote other two reverse harems: Ookamidomo no Shitsukekata (wolves) and Bokura no Himitsu wo Kyouyuu shiyou ka  (animal love story). I don't remember really liking her art before but I sure do now.

Freshest News: Diabolik airdate, Amnesia stageplay, Hakuouki movie updates

Here's the opening theme from Diabolik Lovers. The anime will air on September 16. From Crunchyroll.

Amnesia will have a stage musical on January 2014. Hakuouki PS ports will also come with Amnesia MV. From ANN.

Check out the new art above from the official site of Hakuouki movie. Meanwhile, the title of the second movie is "Shikon Soukyuu" meaning "samurai's spirits in the blue sky". From Hakuouki LJ.

Happy Birthday Leo

Grab the wallie at Starry Sky. Up until August 18!

Manga Review: Watashi ga Motete Dousu n da

Watashi ga Motete Dousu n da  (Boys, Please Kiss Him Instead of Me) by Junko 1 chapter- ongoing
Serinuma is a chubby fujoshi who has unusual connections with the hottest boys in school. What will happen now after her extreme weight loss? That's my question too! Chapter 1 scanlation is out! I wish I could lose weight too in just ONE week. You might want to check Love Revo manga and otome about a girl who sheds off the pounds too.

Anime Review: Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku: Kinetograph

Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku: Kinetograph - OVA - 2 episodes

Haru works as a maid for the Miyanomori family. The head of the clan is a powerful man in Japan in the Taisho Era. He has six sons from different wives and he will name the heir of whoever makes him the happiest. 
At first, I didn't like the angular art and harsh palette. Even the music was weird. But I realized that I find it refreshing it after being used to fluffy and colorful reverse harems. The music has a nostalgic and retro vibe. I also like how they didn't try to squeeze in everything in just two episodes. It ends in a way that it will pique your interest to go buy and play the otome. Still, I wished it was a series instead of OVA. It was hard to choose my favorite bishie in just a short time but yet I find myself looking forward to the three brothers who are always hot-tempered. The anime also has also an unexpected good mix of seriousness and silly randomness. Overall, nothing fancy but not that bad either…

Freshest Updates: Diabolik Lovers on September and Hakuouki movie plot

Diabolik Lovers is set to air on September. No announcement of exact date and number of episodes yet. From Otome-Jikan.
For those wondering about the plot of Hakuouki movie, here's the interview with the director at tokio-fujita LJ.

600,000 hits and Amnesia Day

Wow! Thank you all for 600,000 visits and please come again! Let's also celebrate August 1 as Amnesia Day! The ground zero for all the mysterious events that happened in the anime/game.

Hello August