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Freshest News

Penguin Revolution Manga to End in Japan in December
The seventh and last volume of "Penguin Revolution" manga will be on sale this December 22. The 40-pages finale will be released through Lala, while volume 5 of the English version will come out in January through CMX manga. Last toys for "Fruits Basket', "Fullmetal Alchemist", others go on Ebay "Southern Island LLC", distributor of "Fruits Basket" merchandise has gone bankrupt. The last "Fruits Basket" collectibles will be auctioned on December 11 at Ebay which includes Kyo Sohma Blue and Grey, Kyo, Shigure Sohma, Tohru Honda Busts and Statues, Assorted Figures, Yuki Sohma and various bobble head, plush, and stuffed characters. Source: Anime News Network

Reverse Harem Pictures???

"Vampire Knight" by Matsuri Hino

I read the manga to see what's the hype about. This is from the same creator of "Meru Puri". Forget kissing. Blood sucking and licking has never been so sexy. Nope it isn't a reverse harem, but couldn't resist sharing this reverse harem-esque picture. If it's from the same mangaka then I pray it becomes a reverse harem. "Vampire Knight" will be animated soon. Wee!

"Ai wo Utau yori Ore ni Oberero!" (Blue Roses) by Mayu Shinjo 5 volumes-ongoing

Oooh bishies! Guess again! Those are girls and the brown haired person is the guy. I have been trolled by the picture into reading it! Akira pretends to be a girl to be able to join a girlband while Mizuki pretends to be a guy to gain entry to the all boy's school. I'm not too sure to what direction the manga is heading to but I'll be keeping my eye on this one.

"MidnightChildren" by Mayu Shinjo

I just saw this picture while browsing the …

Never Give Up!

"Neba Giba!" ("Never Give Up!") by Hiromu Mutou 13 volumes-ongoing

Kiri vowed that she would strive to look like a princess for Touya. Problem is, she looks like a prince and Touya is more of a princess-type. Kiri faces a lot of obstacles in pursuit of love but nothing can stop her even from enlisting as a male model in order to protect him.

It took me a long time before I get used to their physical dilemmas. You can only read this if you can endure a long reading without makeout sessions in each chapter. This element seems to be a must in shojos or smuts but in it's absence in "Never Give Up" you will really feel that their feelings for each other is pure. I also have this favorite side story when young Kiri wants to hit her mom with a bat.

Ouran High School Host Club PS2

By ayreesa

桜蘭高校ホスト部 is a dating game of what we non-Japanese call as "Ouran High School Host Club". The game also features the characters of Jean-Pierre Léo, a long-time French friend of Tamaki, and Himemiya Sayuri, a childhood friend of Haruhi. It was released exclusively in Japan. Now if only they release English version as well...

Meine Liebe

"Gin'yuu Mokushiroku Meine Liebe" or "Meine Liebe" (German for 'my love')

Tanbi Musou (Beautiful Dream) Meine Liebe GBAMeine Liebe Yuubinaru Kioku (Graceful Memory) PS2Meine Liebe II~Hokori to Seigi to Ai~ (Pride, Justice & Love) PS2Meine Liebe (Season 1) 13 episodesMeine Liebe ~Wieder~ (Season 2) 13 episodesMeine Liebe ~Eien naru Musou Kyoku~ (Eternal Dream Music) 4 volumes by Rei Izawa

If it's a dating sim or RPG and you're the female character with a lot of boyfriend candidates, chances of creating reverse harem animes or manga as a promotional franchise is high. For example: Angelique, La Corda d'Oro and Haruka 8. Or so I thought.

The Game: Meine Liebe series is created for GBA and PS2. The object of the game is to hook up with one of the guys. I have the GB and emulator sitting in my hard drive for a like a month now. I've been procrastinating because it's a hassle to play in Japanese although I've found a site that …

Saiunkoku Monogatari II Episode 8

By ayreesa

Episode 8 by FLC is out. At last Shurrei and Ryuuki get to talk again.

La Corda d'Oro Special: A Summer Encore

"Its a flower that blooms only one summer night"
The concurs participants all gathered for a summer training camp. This is just an extra stuff after the concours. Nothing special for a 'special'. As usual all the guys get a fair amount of quality moments with Kahoko.

Saiunkoku Monogatari II Episode 7 and harems

The latest subbed episode of "Saiunkoku Monogatari" has finally been uploaded by Sweet Secret Fansubs. The other group, Four Leaf Clover, will be releasing the next episode anytime soon.

"Saiunkoku Monogatari" is the only reverse harem that is currently airing in Japan amidst onslaught of harems for fall such as "Da Capo II","Prism Ark", "Myself, Yourself", "Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun" and "Clannad". Correct me if I'm wrong since I haven't seen them yet. But the point is we need more reverse harems! Sorry, just rambling.

By ayreesa

Ouji Sama No Tsukuri Kata

"Ouji Sama No Tsukuri Kata" ("How To Make A Prince?") by Momoyuki Kotori 2 volumes

Yuri was tasked to turn the four devilish students into princes while masquerading as her brother. The art is too cute but the story is not. Who knows if the second chapter can squeeze in a miracle. It badly needs one.

Uwasa No Midori-Kun

"Uwasa No Midori-Kun" (No official translation yet "The Legendary Midori-Kun", "The Infamous Midori-kun", "The Supposed Midori-Kun", "The Much Talked About Midori-Kun" by Ikeyamada Go 6 volumes- ongoing
Midori lives in a small remote island. Her childhood friend who taught her soccer returns and becomes a catalyst in making her enroll to an all-boy school in Tokyo to play soccer. They cut down to the chase and goes straight to business and I was like this O_O?! It manages to stay cute and scandalous at the same time. And unlike gender benders this girl haven't heard the words: bind or bandages or vest. I'm not sure if there will be 11 princes after her as written in the picture above, but as of last count there are 9-10 bishonens. The art is cute and I love the vivid covers and the strategically placed inserts on the magazine. Another unconfirmed reverse harem but I got excited that I can't wait to post about it. Nintendo …

The Day of Revolution

"Kakumei no Hi" ("The Day of Revolution") by Mikiyo Tsuda 2 volumes

Kei Yoshikawa founds out that he is actually a girl only after 15 years has passed. Gender benders in anime/ manga usually entails magical or physical change. In this case there is no cross-dressing or hocus-pocus involved, blame it on genetics. I don't want to divulge any further than that since it's only two volumes short. And for it's shortness I felt like the character's motivation is weak. I had mixed emotions relating to the character in the confusion of his/her supposed gender. Nevertheless it was fun.

Penguin Brothers

"Penguin Brothers" by Ayumi Shiina 5 volumes

Hina is the newest school transferee. She learns soon enough that the students are divided. They see the world in "Black" and "White" with no gray area in between. But they'll be in for a surprise on how her sense of justice, brute force and simple-mindedness can upset or restore (?) the balance. Another manga that I can picture as a funny live action with just the right tinge of drama. I love the natural pace of things. It doesn't seem rushed and although there are unresolved questions I felt good and satisfied with the ending. Nothing fancy but I simply enjoyed this one. Like "Hana Yori Dango" I was also hesitant to label this as revere harem as there are also a few supporting female characters. But I justified it on the recurring emphasis of the main characters on the covers by mangakas.

The Gentlemen's Alliance †

"Shinshi Doumei Cross" ( "The Gentlemen's Alliance †" ) by Arina Tanemura 8 volumes-ongoing

Haine Otomiya cleaned up her act and entered Imperial Academy to follow the boy she loves, Shizumasa Togu. She used to be delinquent out of resentment to her father who "sold" her off. But Shizumasa has changed from the boy that she fell in love with since childhood.

I was spacing out in the first few chapters. Maybe because of the abrupt scene transitions or maybe it was just me. Then I was caught off guard with all the surprises and mini-stories. The harem will slowly appear and by far, this is the weirdest mixture of harem with disqualified member/s. It doesn't look innocent as it looks. Aside from their ready for cosplay clothes and ribbon fetishes (serialized in Ribon), there's a very brief flashes of yuri, loli and for the first time I was all thumbs up for some BL action! The story behind the title is amusing. I wonder what will happen next.