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Freshest News: Fushigi Yugi

By ayreesa

"Yuu Watase Perfect World Fushigi Yuugi" magazine has stopped publication mainly so she can start on a material she's been thinking of since 2004. "Fushigi Yugi: Genbu Kaiden" will be transferred to "Monthy Flowers" magazine.


Neo Angelique Phase 12

By ayreesa

Phase 12: Imprisoned Angelique

Jet brings Angelique to Eren who wants to harness her Queen's egg powers. The orb hunters goes after Angelique after Bernard tips them of her whereabouts. At the consortium, the orb hunters are no match to Jet. But from out of nowhere they receive a boost of power from Angelique. The table are turned and the fight comes to halt as Yorgo arrives. Angelique is rescued but another danger is looming as Tanatos are becoming more stronger than ever.

I only realized now that JD actually stands for Jasper Doll. Anyone wants a Chef Jasper Doll? What's with the locket? I guess on the second season Jet and Eren will be converted into good guys.

"Hana Yori Dango Finaru" now showing in Japan

By ayreesa

Freshest News: Hana Kimi

By ayreesa

"Hana to Yume" will have special edition oneshot of Hisaya Nakajo's "Hana Zakari no Kimitachi e Tokubetsu-Hen" on sale on July 5. The sidestory hints a meeting between Sano and Nakatsu.

source: ANN

Red Lion

"Red Lion" by Yong Sun Kim 7 volumes-complete

Eisul promised her mom that she'll be just like any other normal school girl. But her gangster past is fast catching on her as she attracts troublemakers, delinquents and bishies too. I'll be brief with the summary but for a giveaway the heroine is like Yamaguchi of "Gokusen" just make her a student from a regular household. For some reason all the characters' drawings remind me of Shin of "Gokusen". It's disappointing that the plot never progressed to anything outstanding. But if you're looking for light reading, this is it. It's action-packed, no tear jerking drama and a few laughs here and there. The length is just right, you wouldn't feel like the story is going in a loop. Next thing you know, you're done reading it.

Neo Angelique Abyss Phase 11

By ayreesa

Phase 11: Dark Clouds

Erenfried's Jinxes were annihilated by Tanatos. Lord Yorgo finds this out in the middle of interrogation with the Consortium. The Tanatos has been growing stronger. Because of this the elders reminds Mathias of his next step.

The orb hunters have been fighting the Tanatos. In one of the attacks in academy, Jet seizes the opportunity and takes Angelique.

Looks like Mathias going to offer Rene like a sacrifice? And why Rene? Does he have special powers or qualities. Jet seems to care for Erenfried. That's plus points for Jed for showing a soft spot in his robotic blank face. Roche's the only one who's missing in action in this episode. Another highlight, the Tanatos can actually be purified into a normal or good form.

Happy Father's Day

By ayreesa

Shoka of Saimono and Ryoji from Ouran, Dads who also fill in Mom' heels.

Neo Angelique Abyss Phase 10

By ayreesa

Phase 10: Time's Rondo
Rayne as well as Bernard and Roche visits another village devastated by Tanatos and Jinx. Rayne tries to talk his brother, but the director wouldn't listen to him not unless he joins the Consortium. Erenfried overhears the two and feels insignificant again.

Angelique tries to cheer up Nyx by attending the ball with him. At the ball they meet an acquaintance of Nyx's grandfather. Then a Tanatos crashes the party. Before the episode ends, Eren leads Jet and the Jinxes to Tanatos.

Three more episodes to go and there's indeed a sequel on July. The major question for the episode is how old Nyx is? That must be the reason why I see Nyx as a fatherly figure or grandfatherly-like lol. Maybe he was infected by a Tanatos before and by suppressing it, he was able to maintain his youth. I also now have an idea why Eren will kidnap Angelique.

Freshest News: Heart No Kuni No Alice

By ayreesa

The otome or dating RPG "Heart no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful Wonder World" will be adapted into OVA this November. Quinrose first made this for Microsoft Windows in 2007 and now Prototype will be bring it into PS2 this August. The game has also been adapted into two novels this year. source:ANN pic from Quinrose

The cast:
• Katsuyuki Konishi (Gurren Lagann’s Kamina) as Mad Hatter
• Jun Fukuyama (Code Geass’s Lelouch) as Tweedles Dee and Dumb
• Tsuguo Mogami in his first major role: the March Hare/Elliot March
• Yuuko Kaida (Hevlaska in D.Gray-Man) as the Queen of Hearts/Vivaldi
• Kouki Miyata (Kyo Kara Maoh!’s Ken Murata) as the White Rabbit/Peter White
• Takehito Koyasu ( Gundam Wing’s Zechs, One Piece’s Admiral Aokiji) as the watch seller/Julius Monray
• Daisuke Hirakawa (School Days' Makoto) as the Ace of Hearts
• Noriaki Sugiyama (Bleach’s Ishida, Naruto’s Sasuke, Fate/Stay Night’s Emiya) as the Cheshire Cat/Boris Airay
• Kenyuu Horiuchi (Metal Gear Solid’s Rai…

Freshest News: Neo Angelique Abyss ~ Second Age

"Neo Angelique Abyss" will end after 13 episodes but a sequel is confirmed for July entitled, "Neo Angelique Abyss ~ Second Age".

From: ANN

Lunch No Joou

By ayreesa

"Lunch no Joou" ("Lunch Queen") 12 episodes

Natsumi lives for delicious lunches. For the best omelet in Japan, she even agrees to pretend as a fiancee to a total stranger, Kenichiro. Kenichiro is the prodigal son trying make amends to his estranged father and three brothers.

It's not your regular highschool reverse harem. It's a cooking dramedy with a twenty-something heroine. The story is simple yet pure and heartwarming. It made me realize the truths of life and to look forward to eating as beacon of hope. Great script and great acting by the cast. No wonder it won awards for drama, cast, best actress, best supporting actor and music in 2002. Yep, it's shojo and in one of the episodes they even made a correlation chart of the guys interested in Natsumi. Aside from the mouth-watering food, there's cute Junzaburo and the popular Yamapi as Koshiro. Itadakimasu!

Neo Angelique Abyss Phase 9

By ayreesa

Phase 9: The Wharton Vacation

Bernard visits the part of Wharton blasted by Jinx while Angelique visits her friends within the area. Angelique walks out from her friends after she had a disagreement over Jinx and rans into Roche. Roche shows Angelique the best and worst parts of the lower Wharton while secretly taking shots of her. Roche also shows to her that not everything is straight good or evil. After Angelique left, Roche goes to Bernard to sell the photos of Queen's Egg. The following morning Angelique receives a package from Roche, who had a change of heart. René, Mathias and Erenfried are also briefly shown.


The quality of the animation suffers as the characters look distorted at times. All the guys appeared except for Jet, but clearly the episode revolved around Roche. Roche is surprisingly a dynamic character. I'm sure he's going to be more popular than ever. He's also a healthy competition for Hyuga in terms of fanservices. This is als…

Freshest News: Rockin Heaven and Uwasa no Midori-kun

By ayreesa

"Rockin Heaven" is to end at 8th volume or 32nd chapter on Ribon's next month's issue while Uwasa no Midori-kun will end after 10 volumes or 44 chapters.

Unsorted: Shugo Chara!

By ayreesa

"Shugo Chara!" ("Guardian Character") 51 episodes- currently airing

Amu is the cool and spicy transferee in Seiyo Elementary. But beneath her image is a confused and shy girl. One day she discovers three eggs or charas which will be her would-be characters when she grows up. Then she meets the Guardians who has also has charas who aims to protect students' dreams from becoming X-eggs.

I've watched this thinking it's a reverse harem. Then I dropped it but then I saw a spoiler that it's suppposedly a reverse harem so I started watching it again. The 25th episode nailed it...more or less. I hate it tough that it was a major spoiler but I am enjoying this kawaii magical girl anime.