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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Lunch No Joou

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By ayreesa

"Lunch no Joou" ("Lunch Queen") 12 episodes

Natsumi lives for delicious lunches. For the best omelet in Japan, she even agrees to pretend as a fiancee to a total stranger, Kenichiro. Kenichiro is the prodigal son trying make amends to his estranged father and three brothers.

It's not your regular highschool reverse harem. It's a cooking dramedy with a twenty-something heroine. The story is simple yet pure and heartwarming. It made me realize the truths of life and to look forward to eating as beacon of hope. Great script and great acting by the cast. No wonder it won awards for drama, cast, best actress, best supporting actor and music in 2002. Yep, it's shojo and in one of the episodes they even made a correlation chart of the guys interested in Natsumi. Aside from the mouth-watering food, there's cute Junzaburo and the popular Yamapi as Koshiro. Itadakimasu!


  1. I started watching this one some time again but didn't like it because of the heroines stupidity;
    but if there IS harem setting
    maybe I should try to watch it again~

    thanks for great review
    (as always))

  2. She's not really stupid but more like crazy and street-smart. You're welcome and thanks for the comments...as always :)


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