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Koibito wa Doukyonin

Koibito wa Doukyonin - by Shou Ichikawa 

Yui's mom remarries and she now lives with five strepbrothers. Yui has a secret which she wants to share to the world. It's a cute and sweet oneshot and supposedly based on an otome. I love that one powerful line he said to her. Just one line and it got me go giggly all over. :)

Unconfirmed RH dramas: K-pop- The Ultimate Audition & Happy Michelin Kitchen

Two unconfirmed dramas are being compared to reverse harem dramas. The currently airing K-pop- The Ultimate Audition is being compared to You're Beautiful. See dramawiki synopsis. While Taiwanese Drama, Happy Michelin Kitchen is being compared to Coffee Prince. I'm not sure if it's still airing or already finished. See dramawiki synopsis. If you have seen any of the two let me know if they're reverse harem as I have so many pending dramas and animes to watch and mangas to read. >.<

Gakuen God

Gakuen God! by Ding Bing
Chiyo Ren transfers to China thinking she's going to learn pottery and possibly  breaks the curse. But the title is literally the story. There's a god trapped in the vicinity of the school sealed by the eight guardians. I thought it's just going to be some fluffy manga but I actually like the premise of the story. Sorry only 3 chapters scanlated so far. The drawings looks weird at times when the characters are in unusual angles.

Hana Seishou Wallies

Official Wallies

Freshest News: Lead of Korean Hana Kami

SM Entertainment announces the two lead cast from the Korean Hana Kimi, "Beautiful You" or "To the Beautiful You". It's Minho from Shinee as Sano and Sulli from f(x) as Ashiya. It will air in SBS for the second half of the year and directed by the same director of Boys Before Flowers. More info from allkpop and koreaboo.

Birthday Wallie

Limited wallies up until April 26 at Starry Sky.

Freshest News: Rooftop Prince to air 3 episodes

Rooftop Prince will air three episodes this week after airing just 1 episode last week. More info from allkpop. By the way thanks for the anonymous tip! There's a reverse harem element in it. :)

Arcana: Devil's Bride

Arcana Volume 13: # 13 Devil's Bride by Mr. Agane

Finally there's one scanlated from the Arcana's 13th anthology named Several Men and Love. Otoha is just an ordinary highschool student but the devil fell in love with her and sends his sons to take her. It's really, really short and I was hoping for more. But anyway, let's hope the rest of 15 stories gets scanlated too.

Happy Easter

from Peter White and Alice of Heart no Kuni no Alice


Aruitou by Nanaji Nagamu

Kuko strives to live as strong, cheerful and sturdy. But underneath the exterior is a mysterious pain she's hidden. Chapter 1 is out.


Noah by Yuki Shibano

Noah, a painter, enters Saint Rinnell to find her muse. Ch. 1 is now out.

Happy April/ Special Announcement

I will now be posting harem anime and mangas reviews!!!