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Saiunkoku Monogatari II Episodes 10-16

By ayreesa

Four Leaf Clover released episode 10 yesterday. I also found out that someone has subbed way up to episode 16. Crystalis releases an episode every Mondays. "Saiunkoku Monogatari" is back in business! And Ryuuren is hot when he's not in his full regalia.

I'm No Angel

"Tenshi Ja Nai!!" ("I'm No Angel") Takako Shigematsu 8 volumes

Traumatized from her past, Hikaru is contented to be just a tree in the background. But she was cast in the spotlight when she becomes roommates with actress-classmate, Izumi. Life gets more dramatic as she becomes an unwilling accomplice to protect Izumi's real identity erm gender.

I enjoyed the series from the end of volume 3 straight to finish. I admired how the mangaka worked the characters' weaknesses that you'd feel for them. I sometimes I get irritated with naive and helpless heroines, but in this case I really liked Hikaru (and loved Izumi!). The romance factor slowly build up and the series ended in such a sweet suspense.

Winter Animes 2008

By ayreesa

It's not a surprise that there's an abundance of harem animes this season with "true tears", "H20 Footsteps in the Sand", "Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei", "Rosario to Vampire" and "Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de". But from the grapevine I saw "Hatenkou Yuugi" being labelled as a reverse harem shoujo. There's just a couple of guys in the cover and first few episodes but when I tried to research the manga the other minor characters are also guys. Let's see and wait as it will run for 10 episodes.

Reverse Harem Pictures???

"Cinderella Boy"

It's a 2-chapter manga from Makono Yumeno. Riku is part of an all-boys idol group and fell in love with one its' members. The rest of the group were unnamed.

"Honey Hunt"

It's from Miki Aihara of "Hot Gimmick". I'm currently reading this and I think the third guy will be the third wheel basing from the cover and from Aihara's writing style.

"Full Moon Wo Sagashite"

It's from Arina Tanemura of "The Gentlemen's Alliance". I watched the anime before and dropped it at episode 11 (out of 52 episodes!). But I'm having second thoughts as I tumbled upon this picture. For those who have seen or read this, is this a reverse harem?

Millennium Snow

"Sennen No Yuki" ("Millennium Snow" or "A Thousand Years of Snow") by Bisco Hatori 2 volumes

Chiyuki was diagnosed to live up to fifteen years due to a weak heart. She's now seventeen. She meets Toya, a vampire. Vampires can live up to 800 to a thousand years and can share the same lifespan to a human partner they chose when they turn eighteen. Toya's now eighteen. But we'll never know if she'll get to see a millenium of snow since the mangaka has temporarily diverted her attention to "Ouran High School Host Club". This manga is one of her earlier works and you could see how the characters and art evolved to lovable Ouran hosts. And I noticed the lack of female characters indicates it may follow the reverse harem theme of Ouran or maybe this manga inspired the latter.

Thanks to phatpandax3 for the tip!

Kaze Hikaru

"Kaze Hikaru" ("Shining Wind" or "The Wind Shines") by Taeko Watanabe 21 volumes- ongoing

Sei blends in as a samurai with shaved head and all to avenge her family. She then finds herself falling in love with her mentor, Okita Soji. "Kaze Hikaru" is commercially packaged as shojo manga , bagged Shogakukan Manga Award for shojo in 2003 and published by Shojo Beat. Noticed that the word "shojo" is overused that you'd think of sweet syrupy romance. Love is the driving force but not blatantly misused. It's a love and war story set in 1863. Brush up your Japan history 101 as the mangaka tried (and sometimes failed) to be historically accurate. The art is so neat, but it's hard to distinguish who's who at first as all men sport the same hair and clothes. The English translations is far from halfway from the current volume. And it's far too early to tell as well if it's is a reverse harem or not. But it's a guarant…

The Devil Within

"Tenshi no Naka ni Akuma Ari" ("The Devil Within") by Ryou Takagi 2 volumes

Rion is being forced by her father to choose a husband. Problem is she thinks all grown up men are devils and would rather choose a shota-figure on any given day. I still havn't read the 2nd volume yet but it's keeping me in my toes to what going to happen next. Looks can be very deceiving. *winks*

UPDATED: 10/19/09 I'm done! Moving to completed mangas Very funny and ecchi ending LOL

Saiunkoku Monogatari II Episode 9 subbed by SSF is out

By ayreesa

Happy New Year!

By ayreesa