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Friday, January 25, 2008

Reverse Harem Pictures???

"Cinderella Boy"

It's a 2-chapter manga from Makono Yumeno. Riku is part of an all-boys idol group and fell in love with one its' members. The rest of the group were unnamed.

"Honey Hunt"

It's from Miki Aihara of "Hot Gimmick". I'm currently reading this and I think the third guy will be the third wheel basing from the cover and from Aihara's writing style.

"Full Moon Wo Sagashite"

It's from Arina Tanemura of "The Gentlemen's Alliance". I watched the anime before and dropped it at episode 11 (out of 52 episodes!). But I'm having second thoughts as I tumbled upon this picture. For those who have seen or read this, is this a reverse harem?


  1. The Gentlemen's Alliance has a different feel when compared to Full Moon or even Kami Kaze Kaitou Jeanne.

    The main girl IS surrounded by guys, but theres a whole mess of crazy, confusing, and sudden plot twists. I believe there's also a supporting female character that actually has the hots for the main girl...

    There's yuri and yaoi going on in the manga, as well as cross dressing (i thought one of the guy characters was a girl for 3 volumes x.x). Then again..I haven't read enough. It's cute and has its funny moments though.

    Don't know if that helped...x). P.S. yaay..Millenium Snow =D.

  2. he or she has a point but i'll be descriptive.You see,the main character,mitsuki,is suffering from a throat cancer.But two oairs of shinigami(It is said in japan that shinigami are the helpers of the grim reaper.if you commit suicide you will become one)appear in front of her.

    it is the dark haired one and the one with bunny ears.there names are takuto(dark haired)and Meroko(bunny ears).but Meroko is not a boy and is a girl AND does not have the hots for mitsuki.Meroko ays that she loves takuto.

    Shes tells them the story of Her lover,Eichi(upper left).Although,takuto and meroko have an encounter with jonathan(not in the picture)and Izumi(lower right).Meroko is TRULY in love with Izumi(she says she loves takuto just for his attention).

    Takuto and Izumi are pure enemys,but learn to get along.takuto starts to devolop feelings for Mitsuki.and they have aventures all the way.if you want you can read the manga free!If you don't know,the website is called Onemanga.com.I hope this message helped you:)!

  3. Thanks. That's a big help. Btw who's Eichi's lover? And what's the role of Jonathan?

  4. ayreesa: *SPOILERS* Eichi doesn't have an official lover, because he is already dead. But when he was still alive, he was in love with Mitsuki. Mitsuki loved him back too, but she was too shy to admit it so they were never really became a couple. Jonathan is actually Takuto/Meroko/Izumi's boss in disguise. He's a strong shinigami who hid undercover to investigate why Mitsuki was able to see shinigami, and why she befriended the shinigami group.

  5. hey,this is vidya...pls read skip beat & glass mask mangas. they are the best mangas ever..1st preference to skip beat..it is a show biz and reverse harem manga where the main character fails in her first love and tries to get revenge on him and in the course men , i mean great men fall for her


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