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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Millennium Snow

"Sennen No Yuki" ("Millennium Snow" or "A Thousand Years of Snow") by Bisco Hatori 2 volumes

Chiyuki was diagnosed to live up to fifteen years due to a weak heart. She's now seventeen. She meets Toya, a vampire. Vampires can live up to 800 to a thousand years and can share the same lifespan to a human partner they chose when they turn eighteen. Toya's now eighteen. But we'll never know if she'll get to see a millenium of snow since the mangaka has temporarily diverted her attention to "Ouran High School Host Club". This manga is one of her earlier works and you could see how the characters and art evolved to lovable Ouran hosts. And I noticed the lack of female characters indicates it may follow the reverse harem theme of Ouran or maybe this manga inspired the latter.

Thanks to phatpandax3 for the tip!

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